Вязание спицами. Кардиган / жакет – ПОЛОЧКА /// Knitting. Cardigan / jacket for children

Вязание спицами. Кардиган / жакет – ПОЛОЧКА /// Knitting. Cardigan / jacket for children

Greetings my dear needlewoman and is the next step knitting children’s cardigan is knitting the left ledge the main dimensions of the
details height 42, 5 – 43 cm then from the prior gum
cut 24 cm armhole from this place from the beginning of the closing loops
to the top should have 13, 5 cm width is 18 cm and here the remaining loop
it is 11 cm shoulder this item quickly and
easy fit It is a simple scheme with added 1 Wrong
loop to connect with headboard during the course of knitting
class put on this video and write comments like you is in the process
knitting and so we take the number of spokes
4 for rezinochki 4, 5 and start the main part I take yarn and knitting needles number
4 and the Italian way 36 loops 35 loops and the last dialed
36 loop conventional manner performed Now crochet unfold
and perform knitting 4 full gum wherein the first edge
I will shoot and the latter an edge provyazyvat
purl loop 1 shoot and look tubercle
no front loop – knit it
front loops next loop with tubercle remove it with a thread
working – before work and so on front hinge
knit the wrong shooting before working thread and how to perform knitting
4 rows completing 4 rows of knitting
gum then go on gum
2 2 at the same time will start
with facial and facial ranks edge the first and last I shall
provyazyvat facial loops backstitches in rows purl
loops first facial one face 2 loop interchange I picked up the front return The first face a second front
a loop purl 1, 2 2 face – the first face two loop interchange facial purl 2 – 1,
3 knit to end of row At the end of the first row 2 purl look facial
this loop, I also provyazyvaem facial and also the front bead
loop knitting, expand 2 number of gum 2 2 a number of the first loop backing
and the last loop provyazyvaem purl loops We continue to look loop
– tubercles – purl loop tubercle not – facial hinge and so fulfill knitting
10 rows gum 2 2 associating 10 rows gum
2 2 I will continue to move
the number 4.5 needles and already provyazyvat pattern
shelves jacket at the same time, we note that shelves will have two
symmetric so I’m going to knit now!
left shelf I show at the beginning of a series of
do increase and accordingly it will
provyazvat and the second shelf fit
similarly only gain will be done
at the end of a number of Left shelf and gain
It will be done at the beginning of number will raise broach
knit and purl it loop therefore an edge first
here I will now also provyazyvat
in facial purl rows loop Why raise and provyazyvaem
crossbones purl loop and then carry out the very
pattern 2 for facial symmetry 2 purl 2 face 6 backstitches loops 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 2 facial loop 2 purl loops and 2 central facial
loop then 16 loops rapport
pattern Knit 1 more time At the end of series 1 2 facial loop and watch while knitting
second – right front lift here broach and knit it crossed
seamy respectively, an edge
also will provyazyvat wrong here and I have left is the shelf so I an edge loop
here knit the front loop and then knitting unfold knitting all backstitches
series knitting shelves run
all hinges on drawing bead is wrong
loop tubercle – Wrong loop tubercle not – front loop Knit 2 row shelves to
the end of 3 row crochet shelves Wrong loop bead 1 Wrong loop 2 loops for the facial symmetry rapport pattern 2 purl loops 2 facial loops on auxiliary
Before work 2 purl loops with the supporting face 2
I return to work knit loops of facial 2 purl loops next 2 purl
an auxiliary for the work The following 2 facial loops with auxiliary return
labor and knitting needle their seamy 2 purl loops 2 central facial 16 loops knit rapport
one more time a back row – all loops 4
by drawing 5 number pattern bead – seamy
loop 1 Wrong loop 2 facial loop now he pattern 4 purl loop 2 loops on a supporting face
Before work The following 2 purl
an auxiliary for the work The following 2 facial loops with auxiliary return
2 purl labor needle knit purl them 2 facial return on
needle work and knit their facial loops 4 purl loop 2 facial loop 16 loops rapport pattern knit again 6, the back row all loops
by drawing 7 number pattern bead loop – Wrong
a loop 2 face rapport pattern 2 purl loops 2 The following purl
the auxiliary loop at work The following 2 facial loops return 2 purl
hinges on the working needle provyazyvaem their seamy 2 purl loops the next 2 to supporting facial
spoke before work 2 purl loops 2 facial return on
needle work and knit their facial loops The following 2 purl
loop 2 facial loops – central 16 loops knit rapport
again row 9 bead loop – seamy
loop 1 Wrong loop 2 facial loop 16 rapport pattern This movement is not made 2 purl 2 facial loop 6 backstitches loops 2
facial loop 2 purl loops 2 central facial loop after a number of knitting 10 See further under the scheme 11, 13 and 15 series provyazyvaetsya
just like you Now tied number 9 then 16 rows at me now
connected after which the pattern rapport
starting with number 3 It is repeated in the required height
number of times These knit 14 rows in height
to a height of 24 cm I have it turns out as
on the back of the total number of 52 series 52 I have linked a number of and two shelves tally virtually
equally except that at the loop on the right shelf, it performs
this side and then knit 30 rows while this left shelf decrease the loop for neck
It will be on this side for the cut will armhole
closing the loop with this hand and that I will continue to do loop here and I will
bred and Wrong diminish These 2 facial loop I will continue to knit and this element – pattern also
I will knit The report begins with a series of 1 1 and a number close to the beginning
number 3 loops first loop rented the second knit, her omit
– 1 closed loop following knitting, her omit
– 2 closed loop knitting, I omit – 3 loop closed Further to these provyazyvaem
2 facial hinge switch Now 2 purl loops
an auxiliary for the work these 2 loops facial 2 purl return
their knitting purl loops continue to provyazyvaem
This all hinges places like there are the drawings dovyazala to left
4 loops will do subtraction after the subtraction is always
It remains bead and 2 face loop at the same time I see knitting
loop grandmother’s way and my face is located
So so I unfold it
the return loop back knit 2 sts along the front 2, the back row – all loops
by drawing 3 series in the beginning of the series Bates
one loop rented next provyazyvaem
facial to omit screening
– A closed loop decrease this side
No longer does the and provyazyvaetsya this item
height so knit to 2 facial
loops inclusive bound to this place 1 front loop is a loop
transforms us in the wrong loop Further, these loops purl
these 2 loops facial provyazyvaem to 4 remaining
loops here also do ubavku
one loop wrong retake front loop unfold return hinges on the left
needle and knit together the front 2
loop front loop and bead
Loop also face knitting number 5 bead loop is wrong Wrong loop This year I have more movement
not performed so I knit to 2 facial
inclusive this is now the front loop
also converted into the wrong loop and the remaining 4 to provyazyvayu
loops These are now on the drawing as
there is Wrong and facial 4 left facial loop 2 facial flip
I return back knit 2 together face
loop 1 front loop bead loop, too, face knitting number 7 in this series I have movement
loops bead loop – seamy
loop 1 Wrong loop 2 face before work 2 purl loops 2 facial return provyazyvaem their facial
loops 2 purl loops The following 2 purl
to additional needle at work 2 facial loop with auxiliary return
2 purl provyazyvaem 2 purl
loop and 2 facial loop provyazyvaem further up the remaining 4 These loops purl and this year also do
as in the previous ubavku row picks overturn return back 2 along the front loop 1 front loop and bead
– Front loop and look further turns
we have provyazyvaetsya pattern height and here made ubavki necessarily provyazyvaem
until the remaining 4 here 2 loops along the front and perform further knitting at the same time, we note that ubavki I do only to
21 number of inclusive that is, all this is
hand It is 11 times ubavki and knitting this piece, taking into account
scheme Knit 22 series and 21 make the last row
ubavku I left on the needles
22, the total number of loops Further I have provyazyvaya
30 series inclusive thus this side ubavki
I do not and the pattern continue provyazyvat
according to the scheme first closing and subtraction
loops I just knit 30 rows and now these 22 loops
close closing hinges perform
in the following way 1 remove the following provyazyvaem
facial omit to knit provyazyvaem face, omit and so fulfill the closing
All these loops performing loop closure Left shelf in my ready if there were some
write questions for this Video on Youtube class put on this video and I’ll pile for the shelf
on the ironing board I will fix the needles,
moisten it is dry, it will be I will proceed to the second knitting

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