[ОБЗОР] Стресс тест формы Триарий SURPAT SRVV / [REVIEW] Stress testing TRIARIUS uniform

[ОБЗОР] Стресс тест формы Триарий SURPAT SRVV / [REVIEW] Stress testing TRIARIUS uniform

Hello dear viewers and subscribers, you’re
on channel Survival Corps again and today we’ll tell you about our new combat uniform
Triarius. The tough part of Velcro on the collar is hidden to prevent friction with neck or chin. 3D mesh lining on shoulders provides comfort while carrying of equipment. Two slanted volumetric chest pockets with hook & loop Velcro closure are made flat in profile, but are very roomy due to the folds. Above the pockets are sewn Velcro tapes for fastening of badging. Integrated elbow pads with removable ergonomic damping inserts sheathed 1000 Den CORDURA outside that guarantees high wear resistance and have fleece lining inside for comfort while long wearing. Shoulder pockets with YKK vertical zipper closure are offset slightly forward and fully covered with Velcro outside. Cuffs are adjustable with Velcro hook & loop. The jacket fastens with two-way YKK zipper. We have declined to use Velcro in the zipper flap for more comfortable use. The flap is not disclosed and Velcro never hooks. Triangular folds on the back for free movement of hands. Trousers fastened with a zipper and two snaps, and have two elastic tightenings at sides. The belt has soft damping inserts for comfort wearing hard pistol belt. Also it increases thermal insulation however it doesn’t prevent ventilation. Two slanted side pockets. 2×3 M.O.L.L.E. webbing platform on sides for attaching pouches. Two side pockets which acquire volume when filling. This allows you with empty pockets not look as a man in bloomers and also reduces the chance somewhere for something to catch hold. There are two elastic bands inside of each pocket for fixing AK mags or a bottle of water. In addition each pocket is equipped with small internal pocket which can be used for small thing like smartphone or keys. The pockets equipped with vertical YKK zipper which gives you a quick access to things inside the pockets while sitting in a car. Two zipper front pockets for IPhone or etc. Reinforced knee pads made in complecated 6-layers configuration including outside layer of CORDURA® 1000 Den, with ergonomic damping inserts, with 3D mesh and with soft fabric inside. Adjustable in height knee pads remains continuously in place while moving or when lowering on knees thanks to three external folds, internal inserts stretch fabric and two side flaps with elastics inside. Nylon tape to tie bottom of the trousers. Then, taking the opportunity, we have decided to make a stress-test. To sum up: after all the abuse went through, the main fabric of the uniform well as the integrated inserts have coped with their task excellently. Being scuffed by brick, the collar is left only with slight abrasions. Glass was the only obstacle that has caused serious damage to the uniform. Here we can see several through holes. But that will only concern you in case if you are planning to roll around in glass. Knee pads are just slightly dirty and have a few scratches. It should also be noted, that all details subjected to increased load are stitched with additional basting seams. On the whole, the uniform has shown good performance. It is well suited for short-term operations as well as for long-term usage. The uniform has being tested for the whole day and was revealed no discomfort neither in the elbows, nor in the knees. If you have any other questions, you are welcome to contact us in the comments to the video or on our VK page or Facebook. And please remember. Good quality equipment can save your life. Take care of yourselves and hope to see you again on our channel.

19 Replies to “[ОБЗОР] Стресс тест формы Триарий SURPAT SRVV / [REVIEW] Stress testing TRIARIUS uniform”

  1. а где поджог в описании было написано что будет попытка сжеч

  2. а куда дели этот комплект? подарите мне его пжста!

  3. Камок, безусловно, хорош. Но цена его, скорей всего, астрономическая….Значит, я так и буду носить свой старый камок образца 90х годов. И в армию такая униформа поступать не будет.

  4. Но простите же,быть у меня комп глючит,но обе ссылки не отвечают!(((

  5. Пс- пользователь: ткань хорошая и незаметная и покрой более мене хороший , а вот нитки Говно – Гниют , торчат : спустя пол года носки от велкро осталось одно название что оно тут было (распушилось и отвалилось)а так же через пол года – год можно слегкостью оторвать допустим карман , так как нитку попросту сгнили и стали хлипкими.

  6. но скителем ты перебрал владельца формы этой я думаю не будут таскать на тросу

  7. Есть дешевый аналог на пуговичках такой же материал кармашки есть для вставок но самих вставок нет.ФСБ в такой гоняют.

  8. Расцветка только одна. В A-TACS FG взял бы. А так, пока на O.P.S остановлюсь.

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