hi I’m MALINNIK is a timer and through
five minutes you will know all about diesel, let’s go! externally resource
looks like an ordinary black barrel, only instead of breaking
she just goes up to inventory actually this is how a diesel engine looks in
inventory, and so if you throw it away as see nothing special max
stack size 20 pieces. now consider sources of diesel fuel
there are 6 of them start with the easiest way therefore
one number buying a diesel in a peaceful city so
one barrel of diesel costs 300 fuel poor quality, if translated into scrap,
that is, first buy low fuel for scrap, and then diesel then the price of one barrel is 150 per
thing and now the important point is if you buy
diesel for scrap to mine on excavator metal fragments – this
pointless because one barrel is one and a half thousand metal fragments on
excavator, and for 150 scrap you and in peace can buy these one and a half
thousands of metal fragments so buy wisely. ok with the peaceful city finished
go to source number two sphere on two diesel engines spawn and spawn
exclusively on top the spawn spread is small, easy to find
approximate positions shown on the screen landmark when searching for diesel it
wooden stairs downhill ok go to the third source junk yard
or in Russian landfill it spawn up to two diesels
for example at a plate and here at a helicopter get to know this denchik with your friends
and they will now show the points at which diesel appears. so, in a landfill
two diesel engines will spawn, but it happens that There is not a single dump. Now I will explain with
what is the reason. diesel in landfill spawn in place of barrels, respectively
if the barrel is spawned, then the diesel on top of it does not rise, that is, physically
he sometimes has nowhere to spawn what does it mean. firstly breaking barrels
in a landfill you give a chance to spawn diesel through
some time. secondly, the spread of places spawn is great is all rt.
because barrels spawn around rt so if you decide to hunt
diesel fuel check every corner and break all the barrels
thanks to the sensor and his company we are moving next is the fourth source
small oil tower on it as on past rt
two diesel barrels and this diesel, unlike the sphere, is not just
standing at the very top randomly walks around all tiers of the tower except for the pier in
mostly spawn next to ordinary barrels on any floor in general
we stretch each tier if we hunt this resource is excellent, and here is the fifth
the source of the big oil rig is apollo among sources because
as many as four diesel engines can be confused on this rt surpasses any of the past in
two times well, however, and the rest of the loot here delicious. this cake with spawn barrels
only on the upper tier main place spawn diesel here
and the last way he is the most unpredictable sometimes simple sometimes
difficult – take someone from this resource and so the sphere is a small oil derrick dump in two
barrels are big oil industry 4. scope on my look of the top because diesel
appears stably in almost one place unlike landfill and swim and kill
scientists here do not have to come saw won. Now I’ll tell you about spawn time
focus on 30 minutes with this step we will definitely loot at least one
barrel three useful facts about diesel it is not
processed it can be put in the closet and it cannot be learned. one more observation
this is the diesel icon, this is the oil icon, i it seems to one that oil should be
a barrel, and a canister of diesel, if you’re with I agree answer please in
comments, so the truth will be more logical but in general the appearance of diesel fuel
perfect solution. firstly the developers fueled interest in landfill and in the field
to mine them was more difficult. in second smashing barrels in a landfill also
will become more popular And in general, diesel as one of the types
of currencies do you want to recycle on an excavator,
do you want to buy, for half the price and go refuel excavator, you want to just sell for your price. Well, in general, everything is in your hands and the main question is why do I need diesel
fuel its main purpose is gas station giant excavator guide
which you can watch after this video on my channel like me and
said we met in five minutes thanks for attention comments and fingers
2019 malinnik one love


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