【TWICE】Mina充滿笑容的MV拍攝過程!化身為新郎與新娘的Mina和彩瑛|MiChaeng as Bride and Groom|Mina Feel Special MV filming

【TWICE】Mina充滿笑容的MV拍攝過程!化身為新郎與新娘的Mina和彩瑛|MiChaeng as Bride and Groom|Mina Feel Special MV filming

[Rehearsing before the shooting] [Ta-da] [Moving toward the center of the set] [Touching] [The twinkling trees
which will be loved by MINA] [MINA’s beauty + Cool background
=Phototime] [MINA fell in love with the tree branches] [Smiling] [Q: What was the concept of your scene?]
For me, I am in the forest. I’m lost like Alice in Wonderland. And I’m now shooting the scene where
I encounter CHAEYOUNG. [Break time. MINA is smiling] [Again, time for photos] [MINA has a good moo] [Ppu] [Twinkle]
[MINA twinkles like a star] [Holding hands tight]
[CHAEYOUNG appears with MINA] Hi. They enter the site, [like bride and groom]
– You look like the bride and groom. – Exactly. [Groom- CHAEYOUNG]
Bride and groom. [Bride- MINA] So pretty. [I have to take a photo] [A baby tiger is surprised by
the beautiful photo] [Wow] [Code Blue: Beauty alert!] [Wow] [Like an art masterpiece] I’m shooting a scene where I meet MINA. [Tingling, tingling, tinigling] I discover MINA. I made this forest. And I find someone. It was MINA. [CHAEYOUNG becoming special someone]
And I become special. And I smile, “hehe”. [Pretty MINA and CHAEYOUNG] [Rehearsal before shooting. MINA and
CHAEYOUNG laugh when they saw each other] [Can’t stop laughing when she sees CHAEYOUNG] [Acting seriously…] [But suddenly laughs] We never had a chance to look directly
at each other and smile. It’s a little sad and awkward, but a little cheesy. I felt embarrassed. I couldn’t look into her eyes. We looked at different places. [Embarassed] But I worked hard. [That pretty smile] [Oh no. MINA is worried about not being
able to hold the laughter] The last MV, was “FANCY”, with a girl-crush concept. We wore black outfits. This time, we’re dressed like dolls. We are wearing dresses. I love it. I love the sets too. I’m looking forward to the MV. [Finally successfully filming the smile scene] This MV, took the longest to shoot. Which means, the MV would be great. I’m so excited. ONCE, please look forward to it.

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  1. Mina的笑容終於。。。回來了😭

  2. 哇阿阿阿阿 是南南
    笑起來很美❤ 好好休息喔 ❤
    等你回來 企鵝❤

  3. 我要大哭一場~Mina~彩瑛~


  4. 天啊!很久沒有看到Mina的甜美的笑容了,兩個月了,可憐的Mina希望這個企鵝能够快一點好起來哦!

  5. 終於見到企鵝南南笑了!真是安慰……😍😍😍😚😚
    Mina 名井南加油!…
    Once 會很期待妳的歸來……😍😍😍💓💓

  6. 等到妳了!從影片一發布就在期待木子大大的翻譯了😆

  7. 我覺得mina的眼神看起來還是有點憂鬱,然後鏡頭還是有點怕怕的,不過也希望能慢慢好起來,畢竟最近也有悲傷的新聞怕影響了mina😥

  8. After what happened to Sulli please love this angel… And have respect for JYP taking the initiative to make Mina not only rest but get her the help she needs and JYP also went after the negative commenters that were attacking Mina. Actions that SM should've took for Sulli. Jeongyeon asked that everyone continue to send Mina letters and show support. Stop spreading hate because you are behind a screen. Hopefully laws & regulations for out internet reality will come into play

  9. 看到mina久违的笑容总算放心了,真怕mina看到相机就像看到舞台一样害怕😕,希望mina这个小企鹅🐧可以尽快好起来♥
    mina 我们等你回来😘

  10. Mina真的好正 😂 好好加油💪


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