別再穿Dad Shoe了!小屁孩大膽預測下一波的球鞋風潮 [Eng Sub] What’s the next trending sneakers?

別再穿Dad Shoe了!小屁孩大膽預測下一波的球鞋風潮 [Eng Sub] What’s the next trending sneakers?

I want to talk about chunky hiking shoes today. How bulky can they be? Wassup everyone, this is Futuremade Xiao Pi Hai. This is a popular shoe type in different era. The type of shoes I am talking about here does not refer to a specific shoe of a brand. It’s about the overall shape of the shoe. Once a particular style is popular, different brands will go to this design direction. For example, in the 90s, chunky basketball shoes were popular. Later it evolved into knit, skate, and even dad shoes in previous years. According to my personal observation with precise calculations. I think the next popular shoe type is…
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Hiking shoes. But this is merely my personal observations. If hiking shoe is not the next wave. You can slap me in my face with this video. Alright? I’m at Shanghai to participate in the event of several hiking shoe brands. I really am a rain god. The rain will follow wherever I go. Am I right? Yes, don’t shoot me. Due to the dad shoe trend. It changes everyone’s preference for shoes. If you compare dad shoe with hiking shoes. Hiking shoes’ design is less exaggerated, and acceptance is relatively high. The outdoor style has always been there, especially in Japan. But in terms of global trends, It is not very popular, But I am boldly predicting that outdoor style will be popular next year. I think the trend will bring hiking shoes together. There should be quite a lot of people who would like this style. Compared to the dad shoe, the shape of the hiking shoes is more acceptable. What is the difference between dad shoe and hiking shoes? If you think they are the same. Then you are wrong. Let me have some Pei Pa Koa first. Been sick for a few days and my throat is very uncomfortable. The biggest difference between cross-country shoes and dad shoe is that, Most of the time, cross-country shoes are designed to be functional and practical. Instead, dad shoe is another story. They often add a lot to exaggerate the visual effect, which I think…… At this stage, these cross-country shoe brands are not very active in the scene yet. Their designs are too sporty sometimes and can’t satisfy the appetite of casual fashion. Today we come to the fashion / trend perspective. To explore the brand of several cross-country shoes. Check out the pros and cons. This brand that produces cross-country shoes and ski equipment, Salomon How could they consolidate reputation in the scene? The easiest way is. Like Nike, they didn’t do any (clothing) collab in the early days. Until 2001, they were interested to present in the scene. They started a collab with Stussy for the first time. It was a success and continued collab with different brands to consolidate their reputation. The Salomon now is similar to Nike at the time, finding different brands to do collaborations. Like 11 by BBS, Beams, and Palace, they all have a collab with Salomon. And, they are all pretty good. Then, what do you think of Salomon? Do you want me to answer in Cantonese or Chinese? As you wish. Every time I go to lower ground of DSM (Dover Street Market) That has shoe display. The only shoe that gets my attention is Salomon. As for their Advance series, you take it as Salomon’s ‘NikeLab’. It is relatively high-end, and the material/design is better. Of course, the pricing is also more expensive. I am looking forward to their next move. Next, the second one is Hoka. Compared with Salomon, Hoka is more popular recently. This brand was founded in 2009. Unexpectedly, they are such a young brand. Check this out. This is the 3D printed keychain that I got from Hoka event. This is a remarkable replication of a black pair of Kaha shoes. Joey, can you throw it to me? Don’t break it, be careful x2! This is very precious. How did you make it a big one? Ring ring, new phone, who this? Now I am concerned about where to put this oversized Kaha shoes. My face looks small here, I will take it with me every time when I take a photo. There are 3 pairs of Hoka One One in front. The sharp-eyed must have spotted these 2 pairs of shoes. Because these are their collab with Engineered Garments. Especially this Tor Ultra Low. This is the shoe that made Hoka popular. However, there’s one thing I feel pity about. After Hoka started to gain popularity, their tenacity is not as good as I expected. They didn’t do any collab with other brands, not even launching more silhouettes and colours. They only launched some limited edition of Japanese colourway and this pair of Kaha. I think these are good, but if they create more innovative collabs, the result would be better. If you want a collab with Futuremade, I am very happy to do that. There is no doubt that The North Face is one of the best outdoor brands. Almost everyone on the street would know about The North Face. I love that brand, and I also have a close working relationship with them. However, one thing I have to say is. Their shoes are too sporty. It’s not a bad thing since I hiked an active volcano with their shoes. But it’s difficult to make it a part of a fashion piece. With their resources, design team, and the experience they have. I think they can produce a nice looking, casual cross-country shoe. Let’s take their clothing as an example. Their main product feature is for snow mountain They also have Purple Label or Urban Exploration. These are casual and more relevant to the current trend. Since they can do that with the clothing line, I wonder why they didn’t launch a leisure series for cross-country shoes. Maybe they want to keep it low for now. I am looking forward that North Face will launch another arm for leisure cross-country shoe in future. I know that New Balance is not an Outdoor, cross-country shoe brand. But this time, they collab with Hershel. Using a cross-country series of New Balance shoe. This is the one. 801 But this collab verifies the trend of cross-country shoes. New Balance is co-branded with Hershel. Hershel itself is a brand that is quite active in outdoor series. If I have a chance to collab with New Balance. I will definitely choose the 990 series. But the collab with Hershel this time. Did not use the popular 990 series of New Balance. So I personally think that New Balance. For cross-country shoes or outdoors series. They are in fact quite interested in stepping into it. While I am filming today, I saw NB has released A collab with an outdoor brand in Japan called Snow Peak. The capsule collection is quite cool. I believe that I didn’t mention all the cross-country shoe brands. But those I mentioned are all that I have tried. These are all my personal opinions. Because I think the cross-country shoe type It’s quite new in current trend. The development space is still large. I still believe that it’s the next wave up until now. It will be brought up by the outdoor trend. Alright? If the next wave is not the cross-country shoe. Just pretend that I didn’t shoot this video. OK bye Congratulations to SneakerLah. On their collab with Asics. The theme for this collab I heard that it is about a very famous dish in Malaysia. Called Nasi Lemak, as the design theme. Firstly, the print beneath the cover is the banana leaf. There are only 500 pairs in total. And I am very lucky to get the first pair. Oh my god, it’s too cool. Everybody We are going to reveal this shoe. Opening the box lid. This is it. GEL-Kayano 5 The colourway is inspired by the colours of the Nasi Lemak. The red part is the chilli. The yellow part could be anchovy or peanut. Then the green, of course, is the banana leaf. The white part is the coconut rice. If you’re in Malaysia If you want to know more about fashion and sneaker trends. I suggest that everyone go to check SneakerLah out. There is not just selling and reselling shoes, there are also many brands there. So, I will see you next time.

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  1. 把自己目前喜歡的風格說成絕對會爆紅

    但hoka one one還是超帥我還是買單啦!!

  2. MERRELL有几款也是很漂亮又功能,COLUMBIA还需要努力点吧。总之小屁孩的这波预测,我觉得完全同意!

  3. 哈哈哈 你手里的Salomon我下单的灰色刚好到了 老实说你的这条视频灵感有没有来之nel哥的第一个视频(虽然你之前拍过Salomon开箱文

  4. Personally, hiking or trail shoes in street fashion is like driving a tractor in F1 circuit. Imagine wearing Salomon Speedcross in shopping malls 😂😂 Anyways gotta give a shout out to the OG NB H710!

  5. 從HOKA流行時就覺得小屁孩開始在引領一股風潮。

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