🎨What I Wear in a School Week at Art Uni. 🎒

🎨What I Wear in a School Week at Art Uni. 🎒

hello! this is what I wear in a school week. I just wanna point out that I always have on thermal wear with long tops and pants, when it’s not hot summer, and my outfits are influenced by my school routine so on mondays, it’s silkscreen studio, where pigments and dyes are involved, but, they’re not opaque enough to stain black, and when it could, I feel like that the floral print makes it less obvious? and, I wear clunky boots in keeping with all-black, and these glasses are to keep me from having headaches from the very bright white lights in the studio. and also, I have to make sure I have something comfortable to stand around in for my shoes, and you’ll come to see, for each class, I have separate bags organized with materials, it’s just the best way not to misplace anything between the courses, and, off to class I go. Tuesday is another studio day, but this time, it’s oil painting for 5 hours, so I have in my french braids because it’s a comfy way to put back my hair out of the paint, and I definitely wear clothes meant to get paint on. this is my “established” studio outfit, very comfy, I love crewnecks, this one I designed in high school, along with these moccasins I’ve had since highschool as well, they have holes and tears in them now, but, it’s so close to being thrown out, I just wear them, I’m not afraid of getting it dirty. then I have these culottes and also the oversized hoodie that I stained, so now it’s part of my studio outfit.. wednesday is a nice midweek break. I only have a morning history course, so the rest of the day is finishing weaving work due the next day, since that’s basically all I’m up to, I stick to my go-to mom jeans, and a crop sweater. I have several pieces of the same sort, so it’s really interchangeable, and I have that whole rack of yellow sweaters, so some days it’s this, some days that, each week really varies, you get the gist of it and, since I don’t do much walking on this day, I wear heels, and since half the time is spent weaving, the most important is having shoes that slip on and off quickly, so I can feel where I’m stepping, in my socks, on the loom, zippers, or shoes with straps are just not covenient. I do my morning readings for history, and then, off to class, but- not without my weaving toolbox. and then thursdays, I try to wear something that’s really cute, because this is the day I dread the most, it has a really long class period ahead, and it’s right before the weekend, so I basically have an outfit that I’m excited about in order to motivate me to go about my day, and make the best out of it… and since I’ll be spending a lot of it out of the house, around other people, it’s a chance to wear something I really like, and I can show others as well, and currently, this is my favorite outfit, it’s just so colorful, comfy, and soft here I have a couple bags for all my weavings and the supplies, I grab them, and then I head out. and lastly, this is like the start of the weekend for me. I don’t have class this day, so it’s spent at home, in my pajamas most of the time, I take Friday to catch up on editing, that sort of work, and relaxing, and then I do schoolwork both saturday and sunday to catch up. and I LOVE this antique Dior gown, I shuffle around in my fuzzy socks- that just make me excited about life- I love them, and then I have my buddy Herschell, so this is it to my school week outfits, thank you so much for being here, I love sharing this with you, I hope that you have a great, lovely week ahead of yourself, and I’ll see you soon! love you, bye bye *bloopers* *sneeze* *screams*

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  1. new subscriber here! your content makes me so warm and fuzzy. you put in so much love and effort into the things you make, whether it be your artworks or these videos (which i would consider art as well- did y'all SEE THOSE TRANSITIONS????) anyway! thank you for existing.

  2. Thanks for this! I’m dying my hair a peach color and I wanna know if it restricts my outfit choices! This lets me know what colors I can wear! Thanks!

  3. Where do you get all those yellow sweaters? I've been looking for some but I'm not sure where. I mostly just shop in thrift stores

  4. I love your fashion sense! I’ve rewatched this video numerous times. Everything is so cute! Hope you can do another one of these whenever you feel like it <3

  5. Shameless plug : I'm a small youtuber with 0 subscribers 🙂 Looking for youtube friends! Just uploaded an aesthetic lookbook so please check it out!

  6. Your videos are so polished and you can see how much time and effort goes into them which makes me fall even harder in love with you woah

  7. Im personally so tried of wearing uniform im head to highschool soon for art school and im excited i can express myself finally

  8. i really, REALLY hope that you do more of these videos… i think you have a really nice fashion sense and is always able to put together a really cute outfit with bright pops of colour,, but we don't get these a lot :'(
    anyways amazing video, very comforting and the editing is really cool!

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