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  1. I was so sad my sister was dying of cancer, I had pulled my back and was in severe pain, but after a short medical leave I had to go back to work. A job I hated and a boss that made going to work just miserable. As I was waiting for the light I was going to run to the store that was across the street before work and buy a blouse I had seen. I still remember the blouse a pink silk with black pin dots. As I was rushing to cross the street the light turn red. I was so annoyed due to by back walking became a challenge. I look above to a beautiful sky I don’t ever remember seeing such a celestial blue sky with beds of clouds so fluffy and crispy white you can almost feel that you can touch them. Then all of a sudden I see a plane over me and heading towards the World Trade Center. I was annoyed thinking they were filming a commercial during rush hour in New York City. You see at that moment it did not seem real because it would never cross my mind that something as horrific could ever happen in the USA. When I realize that the plane crash and sense some danger I felt a sense of relief I am going to die and I will not have to feel any more mental or physical pain. However, God had other plans for me. I felt the presence of Angel hands on my shoulder and turning me around and lead me to the opposite direction. Did I physically see the Angel, no but in my heart I knew it was an Angel with all horrific glass shattering, smoke blowing in the sky that just in a couple of minutes the beautiful blue sky was now dark haze of smoke. Why I am telling you this story because I now know there is a God and Angels to protect us. I managed to get home safe without even a trace of suit, smoke or seeing any horrific deaths. I am now in a happier place in my life. I was able to retire, I accepted my sister passing and know one day when God calls me I will see her again. And until I will live my best life and focus on being kind. Because when I lift you up I rise higher. God bless you and your family and continue to chase you with blessings.

  2. So true…… when I was in my early 30s, I used to worry about getting breast cancer a lot. I guess the trigger was having some friends going through this experience and I would think if it could happen to them it could happen to me. So now, I am 70 years old and guess what? I’ve been incredibly healthy all these years. My worry was for nothing! However, five years ago my husband was diagnosed with a rare cancer that took his life in less than ) months. I want to share that though this was not the outcome I wanted, God was with me every step of the way giving me peace that passes all understanding. He absolutely is my refuge and has blessed me in so many wonderful ways! Love you guys too!

  3. My favourite video of yours yet. Your prayer at the end of the video was one I need to pray often. Is there a printable for that one too? If not, I will write it out for myself.

  4. Love you both! You really need to check out “Dressing Your Truth” to figure out your type. The clothes you’re choosing don’t fit your personalities/energy type I’m sorry to say😖. You could look and feel so much better if you were dressing your truth. I’ve used their advice for 6 years and found my style through this program. www.dressingyourtruth.com. Try it!

  5. Love seeing you 2 and listening to you 2 on Sunday morning!!! Thanks for doing this for us!! Dawn we're glad you are back , we did miss you!! Glad you had people to fill in for you!!! Happy Sunday!!!!

  6. I’m not a shopper either! I reallyyyy have to be in the mood to shop. And I typically will only shop if I need something specific. 👍🏼👍🏼

  7. Good morning! Thank you! I look forward Sunday mornings to these faith videos and prayer. God bless all of you! ❤️🙏

  8. I love grocery shopping, but no other kind of shopping. And you are so right, I used to be the queen of buying things that would fit in 5-10 pounds. 😂

  9. I have been practicing scripture writing, and ideally i would do it daily, and some weeks are closer to that than others, but this morning I wrote out Psalm 91, and then y’all shared from Psalm 91. And just yesterday I prayed for some anxiety to be removed from me. I love how God works. Thank you for sharing.

  10. We are very glad Dawn is better and back at full strength! But I also was blessed by your fill-ins, Dawn, because it shows your network of loving family and their support of you. And they are also very nice people!
    I believe it is essential that as Christians we stand strong against societal pressures such as others expecting us to worry all the time to be good parents. To state instead that you pray for your children and you trust them to the Lord and then you move on with your day/life in peace might be one of the most powerful witnesses you can ever give to friends and your community in general. Imagine being consumed with worry then hearing from another "regular" mom like yourself that there is another way to think and live. Your peaceful, prayerful attitude might spark another's curiosity and longing enough to cause them to seek this God in whom you have found such peace. 🙂

  11. I guess it depends on what I am buying, as to whether or not I will like shopping. Psalm 91 is one of my favorite passages. I have prayed it through some pretty hard times.

  12. Thank you for psalm 91. A priest reminded me that if it's not love, it's not from God. God is love. It helps me put anxiety and fear away.

  13. I’m a new subscriber, and God is already using you two to change my life! Thank you for these faith videos, each one I have watched has been perfectly timed to match the season I’m in.

  14. Thank you for reminding us that Jesus is the Lord of our life and in this crazy world, there is only one way, JESUS! I am new to your channel. Have you covered your faith in other videos, and also, I'd love to know what type of church you attend. Thanks for this dose of inspiration.

  15. Thank you so much for the reminders… I just imagined drawing up close to God for him to protect me!!’ WOW
    He reminded me the scripture that says draw nigh unto me… Thank You so much for ALL you are doing!!!
    Side note I have been praying the prayers from the power of a praying wife for 21 years… It Works!!! Love you both!!!

  16. You ladies are amazing and I get to hear you talk about our precious savior too! Thank you! Blessings!

  17. Shopping is the worst! I used to love shopping, but now that I’ve discovered minimalism, it’s lost all appeal for me and it’s more like a chore that I dread. My husband still loves to shop, but even he is going less and less as the minimalism mentality has really infiltrated our home. Glad you are feeling better Dawn. I really look forward to your videos.

  18. Amen!you 2 are such precious sisters in the faith and I loved the message and prayer.
    I'm a new subscriber and I already noticed we have so much in common.thankyou for sharing your hearts,home and faith!!!

  19. Thank you so much Dawn and Diana for your beautiful message. Having faith in God is so important for us parents. For me the biggest triggers are the bad news in the media. So praying helps me really a lot for not worrying too much.

  20. I'm finally in THAT phase. My closet has been streamlined. A month ago, I bought 90 velvet (flocked) hangers and limited myself to THAT number of clothing articles. It's been a process…but one I've been so excited since embracing BECAUSE in trying to fit my clothing into a 90 hanger system, I've said things to myself like "do you REALLY love piece?" and then suddenly I was asking "do you FEEL GREAT and COMFORTABLE in that piece?" So, over this month, I've really slimmed down to the absolute best of my clothes…not name brands or "one day wear" or even numerous sentimental items….just kept the pieces I can count on that make my day to day my best. I even made myself use a hanger for my wedding dress AND the dress I wore umpteen years ago that my husband wrote a song about (some things are special like that)….it was mandatory I fit EVERYTHING into this 90 hanger system. No extras. I have found myself enjoying my clothes way more. It's also been way easier to get dressed. Less STUFF to choose from equalled less STRESS each morning. Ahhhhhhhh, it's been so.so.so Nice! Thanks, girls! And AMEN!

  21. You are both very intelligent, your messages are thought provoking and you have been blessed by faith in the Lord. Thank you for your messages, we are being blessed by you both!

  22. I sometimes love shopping mostly hate it. I totally agree about not keeping the stuff you don't love! Ive gone through and got rid of alot of clothes. But I really like what I have now.

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