🔥How To Dress Streetwear Like a Hypebae ft. My Brother🔥

🔥How To Dress Streetwear Like a Hypebae ft. My Brother🔥

oh what a pleasant surprise I didn’t mean to see you guys over here this is obviously not my channel it’s my newest channel the reason why I’m here today is because of one reason not because the skin care but you try to make my sister look like a hype BAE in the end though it was both like a collaboration because I was like hey nandai here’s a shirt do something about it first we’re in a transition phase from winter to spring especially if you live in Chicago that’s why I decided for the first one to make her Rock a hoodie it is the undercover x supreme [Music] don’t go there bottled water Oh [Music] we just talked about undercover supreme but let’s talk about the brand undercover okay so my sister got this as a gift for me however she doesn’t really know I sighs therefore it fits like a crop top I gave it back to her but we couldn’t really return it so might as well make a video out of it right wait wait wait but I’m a figure Channel not a fashion channel how can I incorporate figures into this video oh this is a cool figure whoa now this is Apes figures fashion all right now we’re [Music] but how can I incorporate my channel more into this video oh I just did a project about the Supreme Box logo I also got made [Music] so far so good any plus in my projects a plus in the Fitz a plus all around wait no no but aren’t you going there to Korea soon yeah today oh man but you gotta go back in style that’s why Supreme Box logo part 2 baby [Music] good luck Munna try to edit this video and it’s kind of petty that you’re leaving America just to watch endgame before me goodbye [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

100 Replies to “🔥How To Dress Streetwear Like a Hypebae ft. My Brother🔥”

  1. YES JOAN saw the thumbnail with the heels and streetwear id never think the two would look so classy but bad (bad meaning good lol) it looks so good on you!! lol im so lazy i just wear sneakers all the time ik thats a part of streetwear too but i cannot splurge big bucks on the shoes

  2. Abeee! 🤣🤣🤣
    Should have seen the Supreme clothing coming. 😆
    Honestly, Supreme should just sponsor him. 🤧
    Joan, you looked so good in everything. 😭♥️🔥

  3. Hi Joan I love that you're rockin the hype bae style. All of the outfits were so cool. ❤️✨👍 Love love

  4. 🔥🔥🔥 wooooow yes to model Joan! you look like a total Hypebae (though i don't really know what that means) but basically you look stunning in every outfit, A+ for the styling. Ohh and Abe is hilarious 😂😂😂😂 such a subtle promotion of his channel

  5. Spend more time reading funny comments about Abe than actually watching the video 😂 I have no regrets


  6. Abe was so funny 😂 though I love it how you just like “pose pose pose… ok i’m done next outfit” hahaha ❤️

  7. I think Abe secretly did a fashion design course bcos he got style and it's classy 🔥 Joan you are a perfect model for Abe's style. Both of you nailed it.💕

  8. This video is so amazing with your brother, girl ! And I really really really love your smile at 3:05 3:06, it make me feel so good ! I love you !

  9. Let me tell you, this Chicago girl just woke up to snow this morning and is NOT PLEASED! Of course, these videos ALWAYS brighten my mood!

  10. I like the first look and the "A" project look since I love hoodies and the way its styles doesn't make it overly baggy but look nice and clean in a way 🙌❤

  11. okay the abesfigures outfit just told me i need to invest in leopard print pants,,, i seriously love that outfit! i never was the biggest fan of supreme/hype bae fashion but those shirts are nice, wow!! oh, abe, his commentary and everything, he’s hilarious. joan, you look fantastic as always! 🙂

  12. What a great video! Abe is so cute! I loved all the looks! The last one at the airport made Joan look like an idol!

  13. I love the fourth outfit, you should wear more pants like these ones ❤️ So basically you’re just a moving billboard for Supreme 😂

  14. So funny!!! Abe is such a good actor 😂. I miss the vlogs on joan day channel. 😭😭❤️❤️😘😘😘

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