😂💀 Bill Burr – Black Friends, Clothes & Harlem | Reaction

😂💀 Bill Burr – Black Friends, Clothes & Harlem | Reaction

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  1. As a white suburban dude, I’m not personally afraid of going in the hood or whatever, but I will say that when you live in the suburbs, certain neighborhoods can come off as scary because A. You hear about them once a year on the news because something fucked up happened or B. You know of someone who goes there to buy drugs, therefore they’re telling stories about drug dealers who are potentially dangerous but only represent a small portion of the population. Where I live, there’s a motorcycle gang who runs drugs and break people’s jaw with chains, so idk, fucked up shit happens everywhere. If you live a lifestyle that makes you vulnerable to it, it can happen to you. I don’t know where I’m going with this, and I hope I didn’t come off as an asshole

  2. We Are cautious, not agraid
    Rightfully so. Black people steal and rob violent assault.. Just look up statistics

  3. I love Bill Burr so much , there's something about him sooo funny in a way you can't teach or learn

  4. There's more black than white people where I live, so we don't trip if we go to the hood, but then again it's not New York or LA hood lol. I think this is harlem like 20 years ago he's talkin bout

  5. Around here (Michigan) the black neighborhoods thing is definitely a thing, especially with the generation that lived through race riots. The bridge is the historic dividing line here in town (Saginaw) and if you're riding in a car with old people, you can count on them locking the car doors and rolling up the windows the minute you cross the bridge. Which seems crazy because I've never seen a car-jacker try to get through a half-cracked window or check the doors of a moving car to see if they can get in.

    The one time I ever saw anything that was "a thing" at all wasn't even in town, it was next town over (in legendary Flint, MI). It was maybe 30 years ago and we were going to the planetarium and got lost. We pulled over and asked a guy where it was, and his answer was "you on the wrong side of town." Which we weren't, we were like a block and a half away down some side street. I've since come to understand that was meant to be understood as "you're on the wrong side of town, white boy," but who acts like that at noon on a Saturday?

  6. In the hood whites don’t feel like they belong not in a economic way but as in you can tell every black dude and they mamas is watching us

  7. You'll love Patrice O'Neal as much as Bill Burr. They we're super close friends and he's unbelievably hilarious. Try Patrice O'Neal "talks about women" or "high quality white women" is a great place to start. Keep killing it bro.

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