what's going on everybody Jim Butler back with a thrift haul video to my right I have 30 men's clothing items that I'm going to list on ebay Poshmark grilled and Mercouri and have sales so let's go over the items today I went to the goodwill and I spent one hundred and nineteen dollars on these items many were half priced that was awesome really excited about the half-price blue tags average price $3.97 pretty good for Goodwill considering some of these items had the special price tags on them they're getting smarter and smarter every day over there goodwill hello goodwill lots of people over there at the store today lots of people in the parking lot but I went to the men's section not too many people in there and I was happy about that so what do we have first I like to sort my items do you guys sorb your items we've got shorts jeans pants tea no t-shirts polo shirts short sleeve button front shirts long sleeve button front shirts and then sweaters pullovers and actually two sport coats as well here's the shorts is doing so good with shorts lately I'm actually wearing a pair of these right now I really like them these are the Nike dri-fit running shorts there's absolutely nothing special about them and they're even a little bit dated I think these ones they are a size extra large and they are blue I sold pretty much exactly the same item just a couple months ago and you know what I really got these for me they have that mesh actually it's not really a mesh it's a um it's a liner it's a brief if you will and it's just so easy to throw on a pair of shorts and be done and be good to go while I do know a little bit about fashion for men I don't really care I'm not walking around wearing suits and blazers and sport coats and waistcoats I'm just not guys but I do like comfortable clothing and these are super comfortable navy blue running shorts from Nike I'm gonna definitely wear them but they will probably sell as they tend to sell fairly quickly when priced properly it's all about proper pricing these days guys I'd rather sell something a little bit cheaper and faster than a little bit higher and in 2020 cuz today is Sunday July 28 2019 let me just double-check that I never know what day it is I didn't even know I called my grandmother yesterday and I knew she was like in her 90s but she's actually 95 it's crazy time is just flying by we're all getting older and we're all getting younger too depends on how you view it so these are a pair of shorts that I also bought at the goodwill they are on target shorts here's the tag on tuck it untucked is one of those brands guys and started off hot and now we're seeing the decline of untuck it you can still sell their shorts I'm sorry their shirts for good money not as high as the past we'll see how the shorts do I like these shorts I think they're pretty nice the thing about shorts is you don't really have to tuck these shorts in you tuck your shirts in so I took it branched out into other things besides shirts I just want to see if these are linen blend I always like to have linen in my shorts cold wash okay oh there they were yeah 68% linen and the rest is cotton that's not bad been doing good with shorts lately I've never thrift did a pair of untuck it shorts so we'll see how these do you know my my price is typically around $30 for the items I thrift unless it's like a something really special or really high-quality we're really rare then I raise the price even higher but I do like to sell stuff for right around 30 bucks here's a pair of linen shorts from Tommy Bahama these are much smaller but you know what guys these are right up my alley another pair of shorts that I'm probably gonna wear they are size 34 Tommy Bahama super small but they're reversible check this out we have the madras check multicolored checked pattern on this one and I'm gonna do a little magic trick and then well edit that we have the other two in one you know that's I've been doing good with reversible shorts they seem to me much more rare in the land of shorts so I buy them even if they're not a typical best item for that particular brand smaller sizes with Tommy Bahama they don't do well but these are 100% linen and I'm definitely going to wear them and the pockets go all the way through I kind of confused here I'm Trust trying to show you guys the tag I do like to show the tags on all my items the Tommy Bahama logo you're gonna look for that embroidered sail fish it's a selfish or Marlin I don't know I can't find this tag in the next three seconds I am going to move along I swear I had a tag no it was a tank it's inside these pocket and yeah size 30 in the pocket so um you know guys you might want to experiment with reversible shorts I found them a couple times this year and I think I've sold them pretty fast and high these are living reversible shorts it's not every day that you find linen reversible shorts now for those of you watching I do appreciate it I'm gonna be going over the comments at the end of this thrift haul so thanks to all three people watching I really next up a super recent j.crew item guys we are in the same year that these J Crew shorts were released they are flat front checked multicolor shorts from j.crew and they feature grey and blue and black or something like that Glen plaid checked I think there's a lot of jokes being said in the comments and I definitely appreciate that really enjoy you guys because you guys you stick around because you have my kind of humor that kind of caustic sarcastic snarky basically making fun of people humor and isn't that what all humor is it's all making fun of something and you know comedians get paid millions and billions of dollars to do it but then when someone that's not a comedian that's getting millions and billions of dollars to do it does it then everyone gets mad I never understood that slim fit shorts look for that slim tag with the J Crew shorts guys these have some interesting Portugal Portuguese fabric there's a Portuguese company right there so so MELAS woven in Portugal j.crew Ludlow shorts guys J crew Ludlow shorts not the best style and pattern you know multicolor shorts can be risky okay but I couldn't resist because these guys were also a linen blend and they are from spring 2019 happy about that happy about the shorts that are super recent no one's gonna be able to argue about with me about how old these shorts are and that's what I'm always doing is them nearly always looking for very recent items because buyers know when these items came out they're looking for recent items they're looking for stuff that is current modern hip trendy and actually in still really good conditions so if something's really recent most likely it's not gonna be in bad condition and now I want to really want to start talking with my hands notice like how people do that and they have like a lot of views so you know when you're watching a video in silent you still see the hands so you're still getting stimulated by the hand movement okay guys how about Rod and Gun that's right I said gun an evil word today for sure but that's the name of the brand don't look at me it's just the name of the brand Rod & Gun took a chance on these a lot of experimental items in here guys these blue shorts washed look which I typically don't like but they are woven in Italy and it seems like an English brand so UK people you Australian people let me know what you think about the Rod & Gun I also saw this slim.i I saw this slim-fit tag and I mean I get the same question from buyers so often is this slim fit is this slim fit so that's why I'm always trying to buy slim fit items because that's what guys are looking for now even if they're a triple XL they wanted in slim fit uh so we'll see how this rod and gun item does i've never purchased this brand before did check this Klumps a little bit took a look at the comps cops are solid cops are definitely all over the place they always are and you never know what to do with that Hey thrifty miser we're gonna give you a shout out because I appreciate that super chat super check for $1,000 I just crushed it guys I'm taking the rest of the week off sincerely do appreciate it now I did leave a note out there on social media just yesterday or the day before saying I need to not I need to stop skipping Levi's 501 jeans because they have been selling so well for me especially internationally so with that in mind I saw these today and I picked them up they were half price too so I couldn't go wrong they're a little bit a little bit beaten and in response they are I guess they were black and now they're kind of faded into great but they are the 501 classic button-fly jeans 34 in seems to which is pretty good like I said I've been selling these so fast and high lately here's the button fly that I just couldn't pass them up they're not even made in USA so we'll see how these particular pair do they're made in Guatemala so you know I don't even know but again the average price for everything in this thrift wall just around three dollars and seventy seven cents per item which is pretty good so next up a couple more pairs of jeans this is a rare find for me a nice crisp dark pair of Brooks Brothers jeans don't think I've ever found this it's hard to remember when you've drifted over 10,000 items but we've got a pair of Brooks Brothers red fleece jeans and these are from 2016 nice dark wash on them and a size of slim straight fit which is good 35 32 and I checked the date tag on these and interestingly enough the date tag is right in this bunch of tags right here so if you see these tags look underneath them and oftentimes you will find a date tag and this says January 2016 so we're right around three years old with these jeans not too old they were in great condition that's why I bought them you know not gonna sell for too much I'll probably price them right around 30 bucks and they'll sell in a good time frame here's another pair of jeans I kind of lump in with citizens of humanity although the coh might be a little bit higher on the totem pole than this brand it is seven for all mankind here's the back tag for seven for all mankind they call this the stand gee and these are a size 38 a little bit bigger made in the USA and there's all kinds of crazy style numbers that you can look up right there well you can't see it so you're not gonna be looking up these were actually also button-fly so people seem to like the button-fly jeans more than the zip fly jeans I guess it's safer right okay here they are they're pretty good um let's get the length on these maybe like a 32 33 on these guys I hopefully hopefully the longer the better today I believe I sold a pair of Lucky Brand Jeans 36 by 36 for $35 I was happy about that sale poke their lemon in the house all about the slim fit let's take a look at a couple of not a couple but okay here's another pair of Levi's that were pretty long they are a 34 by 36 5 for one fit what's up with the five for one fit is that the athletic fit I don't know I'll have to look it up but I like the length of these 36 inseam I just sold a pair of lucky brands for 35 so still doing pretty good on the 36 inseam jeans these are tan colored and probably like a 99% cotton blend yeah 98% cotton on these five for one Levi's jeans I do look around at people they still wear the other colors of jeans sometimes the tans sometimes the grays sometimes even the plums the Maroons the Burgundy's does happen but for the most part you want to stick with very very dark raw if you can down okay now this is definitely an experimental item of only purchased and sold this brand once in the past and it's piranha pronto let's get some prana that's all about okay guys here's the tag yeah has this cool little Lotus type of symbol and these are like a red stretch jeans I don't know guys they also say slim fit so I was happy about that and they are 36 by 32 now unfortunately I do think these are a little bit more recent but the person cut off the style tag so I can't look up the information about these you guys know definitely let me know they seem to be like a kind of like a stretch jean type of pant and I pick a pair of prana pants up recently they sold super fast on two sites and I had canceled one so I figured what the heck let's do another experiment these look a little bit more recent I know these are sold alongside North Face and a lot of other outdoor brands so maybe prana is is doing big things now I always kind of laughed at it in the pet in the past but we'll see how these do we'll see you know I'm probably gonna price them right around 30 I don't want to get too greedy as I don't think there's anything too special about piranha red polyester stretch jeans okay very happy about this half priced item goodwill goodwill for dropping the ball Oh some really weird price tags in the goodwill today and then a pair of Lululemon black new you not at the business guys sorry I just had to do that for the dislike these Lululemon pants nice the tag is right next to the Half Price goodwill tag right there I was looking at these pants thing caught my eye and I'm almost getting to the point where I can know the feel of Lululemon it's polyester yes it's totally synthetic yes but it has a higher quality polymer base or uh you know petroleum material based feeling to it and I was happy to find these black pants I believe I've only gotten these once in the past from a viewer sold them super or high and I am gonna so I'm gonna price these up SuperDuper high every guy needs a pair of black stretch travel pants versatile pants and eyes gonna need these oh very excited about that half price pair of pants uh now thing about these thrift stores is they can't price Lululemon high because they don't look for the they're only looking for the pony logo or the I don't know what they're looking for anymore I've saw some really funny tags but very nice now this friend I don't know what it is I'm gonna have to do an RN number Google that's their way laughing in the comments I can't wait to read the comments guys uh I'm have to do a RN number look up on Google for this RN number it's probably nothing not really a good company but I'll Google that number there because I don't have a brand tag for these tall seersucker pants always doing well with seersucker guys and these are pretty much unfinished trousers they are super super and long they can be cuffed or hemmed by the buyer but these things are touching my feet and they are up to here they're probably like a 37 38 you can also list them as unfinish if you want they also have the breeches or suspender buttons on them and they don't look worn at all so they're pretty much do without tags and these were also half-price with that blue barb seersucker pants always doing well for me guys always doing well for me that's why I buy them even if they're gonna be you know like a cotton polyester blend that they're still doing well for me and these are a 60/40 cotton-poly blend with the flat front right now one plea yeah pleated okay of course that's always doing well with seersucker kind of considered buying a seersucker sharps item today but then I gave up on that so next up we've got an older pair of LL Bean vintage pants these pants are total like military-style I mean the color and these little accents here by the pockets might be leather smells like leather tell vanilla I don't know the materials here guys I couldn't find a material tag somebody cut it off but these are made in the USA LL Bean pantsed and I've done very well with vintage LL Bean pants in the past so I figured I would give these a try on for size they are a little bit more heavyweight and definitely high-quality and in excellent condition considering their age they're probably at least 20 years old if not 30 years old maybe next up the classics standards you know listen Ella's the Brooks Brothers that's what I'm always picking up and buying pleated and cooked great vanilla Bennett pants these were also half-price I believe they are Bennett you just look inside the hem there and you can find yours Anela tag it looks like this and these are a forty waist and they say Bennett on them all sanella pants are made in Italy for the time being and they're pretty high-quality double pleaded grandpa style with the cuffs okay oh well you know I probably only bought these because they were half price sanella pants are just not selling as well as they used to I think they become more and more flooded in the resale market as more people have learned about that brand name and vanila shirts I skip quite a bit actually I don't like buying other types of designs in Ella items for the most part here's the these are the Brooks Brothers pants these are in need of a little bit of an ironing these are Brooks Brothers Madison pants and the interesting thing about these is they have the Loro Piana fabric here's the Loro Piana wool tag on the inside of the pocket and there is the Brooks Brothers older 1818 Madison tag with a 42:32 bigger taller size but these are definitely not 32 they're probably closer to a 30 but I'm a broken record guys I'm always selling the Brooks Brothers Madison pants sometimes for pretty good prices and usually for decent prices I figured with the Laurel piano tag those should do pretty good and here's another pair of Brooks Brothers these are the Country Club edition grey trousers probably have the pleats and cuffs on them as well grandpa style but I like these because they have this special saxon wool and I've sold these well in the past sold these will in the past Saxon is the type of wool and these are country club madison trousers by Brooks Brothers 44 made in Italy made in USA so I've sold I'm fair a pair of pants very very similar to this for in the 30s or even 40s on Poshmark I believe in the past not bad they feel like supreme quality I don't mean supreme the brand cuz I've never felt supreme the brand one day one day right sure this is a unique item in a no-name kind of a brand but I figured I would pick it up it was another half priced blue tag item some waistcoats still doing well for me guys I've been selling them you know just all the time and that's why I had to buy this one multicolored kind of like a houndstooth Shepherd Czech shepherd chick I don't know somebody tell me you guys are the experts gentleman's Gazette this is a large-size waistcoat it does not have the adjustable back but it does have 56 percent silk 31 percent rayon and 13 percent wolf so I like that blend mostly silk and wool on the blend and I'm happy about that that's why I bought it other than that you know riggings riggings brand i don't know about riggings or j riggings but i like the materials next up a trio of Travis Matthew polos shout out to the goodwill for knowing your brand's we've got a pair a trio of expensive pillows here this one was $5.99 at the goodwill Travis Matthew tag looks like this it's a size large blue Pope there are some logos here on these shirts wait a minute I thought this one had a logo like a golf igloo you know what I mean no there is no logo on this one that's dude I will raise the price a little bit there is the Travis Mathieu logo right here on the chest and that one should do really really good unless Travis Matthew has died I haven't found it in a while so you guys let me know how Travis Matthew is doing I've always been able to do it to sell it pretty well 35 40 maybe even 45 here's the purple one this one has a golf logo it says Turtle Bay we'll have to look up Turtle Bay where is that golf course located I'm not sure for button Travis Matthew a polo shirt in light purple here it is you know nothing special about this Travis Matthew brand I know people liked it I don't know if they still like it cotton polyester blend lightweight comfortable polo shirts but I don't know if it's anything too special made in Thailand where most clothing is made and this one is grey from Travis and has a little bit of that strike they know I haven't have a lot of stripes in this style on their shirts I think it's kind of cool like a blue almost retro styling and a little bit of a pocket there and then the Turtle Bay logo on this sleeve not a big deal nothing bad about that really and yeah this one $6.99 and a good well shut up to the goodwill getting those bowl over ends uh love you guys all right next up by the way I rounded up today a linen shirt blue from LL Bean not even half price I just liked it because it was a large tall it was a LT size and it was 100% linen so I like this shirt really really excellent condition I always do better with toss and I like the material color those combination of things it was a buy for me not saying it's gonna so crazy I I sold this shop for $1,500 no no guys 30 it's all good maybe even less just telling the truth not pump hyping things I just I don't like hyping things except for yeah I don't know I'm just living a positive life that's hyping itself right I don't know anyway guys FedEx Ground a little bit of an experimental item here from FedEx this is a 4 XL long sleeve polo and I might lose on this one I might win I don't really know look at that FedEx purple uniform shirt very very size 4 XL I'm just gonna not gonna judge it I'm just gonna say 5 size for it so that's what it is and big and tall sizes 10 sell better but with FedEx Ground I know we'll see just an experiment by yours truly here's another linen shirt and another untuck it item there it is medium sized maybe I can rock this one yeah I think I can actually that's still a little bit long and big for man just kind of a small guy these days well there it is linen untuck it shirt in a size medium I think this should still do pretty well what do you guys think let me know in the comments drop a comment down below oh man I'm trying to be a youtuber guys I'm trying to be a youtuber oh such a jerk okay we haven't here an Orbis 2 XL blue houndstooth check cotton tensile shirt I like this shirt because of the size the condition the color other than that you know these Orbis button-front shirts they are not really to be trusted guys you got to be careful with the Orbis don't try and sell them you know these orbits shirts for a million dollars the style number will be found inside the hem on the side so this is a 63 percent cotton and 37 percent lyocell which is maybe they have some kind of a special tree style too SC k I'll look that up and see what they're trying to get for it Orvis is one of those brands recently that you can find at Costco crazy but they did it they sold out so many brands are selling out you have to be careful still a pretty big shirt too XL here's a slim fit shirt from Ralph Lauren with a more recent tag extra large slim fit extra large there it is I got it because it was white it was slim fit and you know typically this isn't really a classic dress shirt but I list these kind of shirts as dress shirts am i doing it wrong probably like everything else but it is a white shirt with an embroidered blue pony logo I think it's pretty nice pretty nice not too mad about any of these pickups because they were all good average prices for those Travis Mackie polos those were a little bit high goodwill ah here's a very familiar item you guys remember this item well I I just sold it and I found another one this is a little bit older Fred Perry sportswear this is this is gonna get listed much higher than the last one worn out tag I think it's acrylic but it's an older Fred Perry sweater vest tennis preppy cable-knit eighties style and there's the Fred Perry logo in case you didn't know I've been covering that a lot lately and I believe this is made in USA it's just double check there is a tag inside here says Union made in USA it doesn't have the size on it but I'll just probably estimate or guesstimate the size maybe a medium let's take a look here yeah I think it's safe to say this is a medium get into the end of the thrift haul that is and then I'm gonna be going over the comments and I'm probably gonna have a lot of laughs this was super fresh and crisp coming out on those new goodwill racks and as I was making my way to the register I kind of diverted I pivoted and I took a look at the new clothing that they were putting out and I saw probably still so well it's so crisp so fresh the brand is spider now hopefully this item is not a Costco spider item Costco is also selling spider items now guys you gotta be careful they're selling Levi's North Face I think spider Patagonia they've got it all at Costco and it's not like the older original stuff oh gee stuff gotta use those cool terms Oh G here we go for the tag and then I'll show you the price tag from good old Goodwill spider very nice pullover I mean this thing is nice I wish this was just a little bit smaller guys $12.99 at the goodwill whatever I still bought it and I'm still happy with it I had a 20% off coupon by the way guys that's what brought the prices down I saved 20% off my entire purchase plus a lot was half-price so that was good I think it's still a nice item I checked this out with Amazon and I think Amazon is starting at 50 to 100 somewhere thereabouts but you know with Amazon and clothing sometimes they have like a small to XL and you know they're sold out of all the other sizes so Amazon you can't always really trust it with the clothes but this was really nice really really nice we have another pull over here from PD mill our golf pullover from pine needles Golf Club golf course pine needles I don't know where that is size extra large very nice blue color crown sport edition nice synthetic blend on it but these colors and I usually do pretty good with these Peter Millar pullovers I don't find them too often I really don't I usually find the cotton polos which I skip stretchy nice very very fresh crisp and an excellent condition and no one can complain about or try and return for loose threads watch out for those Roose those loose threads here's the brand that I see all the time I skip all the time I've known about it for so long I know that they sell stuff cheap but I bought it because I like the type of item it is it is a lightweight linen blend blue sport coat from Uniqlo size large let me show you the tag oh and yet another slim fit item answering the question from every single buyer on ebay and grilled and everywhere else does this slip it well yes yes it is oh I want to find a Uniqlo tag for you guys so I can show you right there it's in here Uniqlo one of those brands that's come on the scene lately with very very cheap price clothing kind of similar to HM H&M so I don't know how good this is gonna do and I don't know how good this is gonna focus but I'll leave it at that Uniqlo it's a 54% linen 46% cotton these Blazers these four coats have done very well for me from many many various brands these ones that are not lined so there's really no lining to it maybe the sleeves yeah the sleeves have a lining guys want these lightweight Blazers where they want to dress up a little bit but they don't want to be sitting in the hot you know stifling thick sport coat they want to be in a lightweight one where they can you know be out in the hot weather if they have to for a minute and not break out in a crazy sweat and that's what I'm that's what I'm thinking at least this vent is not even separated yet so this is who knows if they'll even who's even warm but I really like it it's a lower end brand for sure it was half price also lower end brand for sure but I think a good item anyway let me know what you guys think about the Uniqlo and lastly another huge half priced sport coat from Joseph otherwise known as Jose and banks Jose and banks here it is right here Signature Collection now when you see the Signature Collection you'll often find silk wool camel hair even cashmere so you got a check your tag this particular sport coat is a size 51 good size it's a good size to sell and it's 51 percent silk 49 percent wool very very nice nice check pattern and gray and blue so we'll see how that does I'm not gonna price it up to you by but gonna price it up fair gotta get the whole thing in the shot here look at this thing so I sniffed E long sport coat very nice last item in the thrift haul now let's get into some comments okay here how did we do this oh that's funny now I don't want to do that let's just do this I don't want to do top chat alright grill fest yes guys grilled fest is coming swipe up you guys and Joanne thank you for watching hello aryen street candle hoarder hello Jodie Jay Bell swordfish yeah I'm gonna be a fish wipe up my I think yeah swipe up you guys 13 people watching right now yeah 13 likes that's cool I do pick up a lot of j.crew it does pretty well hello Daniel yeah tug my hands do some French Guinea I gotta keep doing that I'm trying to touch the Commons you gotta talk with your hands because it's think about it guys if you're on social media you're scrolling through and you see somebody going like this you're gonna stick around and you're gonna watch that video more it's true psychology guys psychology hello BD poker lemon one of my favorite names first time who loose Annie you made it to the live show I think the piranhas are bridger Brio that is that the name not to check into that Bridger hello goodwill yeah Lululemon you sold over 30 how do you even get 30 hoodies from Lululemon hi Laurie hello Cindy thank you for watching appreciate it love those emojis guys drop some emojis in the comments l.l.bean jeans poker lemon I pretty much know I don't pick up l.l.bean jeans ever mmm maybe if they were brand new and for a decent price but l.l.bean is one of those brands I'm really really it's you know you got to be careful with l.l.bean I did pick up an ala be an item to actually but very very picky with the LL Bean yes okay jeans jeans slim fit for extra bigs loving the purple love purple too hi Tracy thank you for watching closet clear out swipe up closet clear out guys everything's 98.3% off for the next three hours um looking forward for that yeah I really want to find the Gucci the Louis and the off-white we all know how to get the off light right oh the balance er yes actually guys I may have a high-end shoe brand coming soon for you guys if I can get it the channel tags I swear I have channel tags Jodie I'll double check that I really do think I have channel tags and do I lower the price by 5 to 7 if it has a Golf Company embroidered on this sleeve no not really those Travis Matthews will probably be priced all around the same price actually the blue one with no logos maybe I'll price at 40 and then the other ones I'll price at 35 so yeah I guess I am gonna do that but my pricing always changes it's always sometimes I get really greedy and then other times I just I don't get too greedy turtle bays in Hawaii Thank You Qinglin I didn't know that is that true hello tall 27 that's a lot some people like them better yes some people are looking for certain golf courses guys some people are looking for one guy the other day said he had to buy the polo shirt because it had this certain golf logo on the chest and you gotta love that slim fit for extra big can't wait to find that mm-hmm Frank Perry's gonna sell well Fred Perry is still very hot and yes Jodi it does sell one Poshmark I'm gonna have to remember I don't know I'm gonna think price this 245 I think 45 you know who cares this is 40 every time I have Fred Perry it sells like mad so I got to price some stuff up James I am not a shoe person I really don't like selling shoes didn't really work out for me at just the shoes around here I really beat up there's not that many good ones and I don't want to clean them I don't want to refurbish them I don't want to restore the restoring these Stefan Jordans I restore them you know it's just not my game it's just definitely not my game I collect a lot of dust you can put them in poly mailers and all kinds of stuff yes but I don't like shoes a lot of turns on shoes that the fit is wrong the size is off not good spider is good and lucky jeans new with tag spider snow pants for 15 not bad that's good yeah the linen sport coat is really nice even though it's a lower-end brand the other day I listed 25 items in one day my very productive process how did I do it how long did it take me well I took a couple days actually what I do is I I will draft all my items that means I do the measurements I do the descriptions and all that for example all these items right here are drafted every single one of them I believe it's 20 something items all have to do is take the pictures and I sit down for hours and hours and blow them to four sites I pretty much break my listing down into three processes here are the three processes you need to know per listing one drafting type a title type out a description fill out the 18 million forms of eBay asks you to fill out now measurements a little bit of descriptive language then you get ready for the next step the photography which takes place right out underneath my feet that photography studio take the pictures next do do a little bit of cropping with pictures and then finally upload the pictures in step three upload the pictures do all the listings do the eBay listing the Pasha listing the gray listing or Akari listing and then repeat and then do all those listings that's how it works pretty easy pretty simple and in between try to have a personal life with a billion other things going on that I never talk about because I'm you know I I'm a real person not a robot Uniqlo is in demand are good to hear yeah it's definitely like an Asian brand I don't know exactly what but yeah you gotta have Jody's giving some good tips there you want to batch everything yes yes hello Terra and Joe England's in the promised neighboring bloomin love it oh cool okay yeah British Columbia Alberta yeah it's totally over there 3000 in one hour sorry I had to do it okay so it says you don't my man well I'm gonna have to look into my channel tag so I can start going viral to do hello hot cakes hot cakes there sell it like Oaxaca $40 45 yeah 65 for brent Barry oh man that will just get a million Watchers yeah I have some serious OCD and with smelly shoes that's just not I mean I don't care about dirty things that much but shoes are just not my thing I just I don't know like it's a whole nother brand to brand but yeah I am running my Poshmark bot how many times a day Sherpa house my closet yeah Lori I use a Poshmark bot Poshmark but somebody will block me for using for for saying that people block me all the time I don't even know who they are and they block me think okay I use a Poshmark bot called simple posh shirt and it shares my closet as many times a day as I can usually five nine 20 times a day I share my closet using that bot it works very well it works automatically and it saves me a ton of time do I still have a dedicated area for toffee yeah right here is where it's going to yeah so if we pan over pan over for my cameraman we have the lighting kit lighting kits I take these lights I put them on the floor right underneath this screen and then I set up the photography setup which only takes a minute or two and then I get down to taking those pictures so that's where it all goes down right in here in this warehouse oh that's so bad it keeps getting worse it makes these probably plots me yeah I don't know I always wonder how they feel about me like Brooks Brothers and stuff because I'm talking about them quite a bit coming in I've had text coming in the whole time because you know I have a real life unfortunately or fortunately and you know real life has to be every single day was just helping my mom do a indeed and Craigslist posting for her for her job for her business so anyway guys I gotta get going it just never ends around here the genes of shifting supplies the sweat swap the things behind not you'll want to do yeah I'm swapping all kinds of things and I don't know twat me but yeah there's jeans or shorts there's mailing yeah it's it's a work in progress I gotta go I am so thirsty and dry I don't know how people speak for hours cuz and she's calling again to decline it one more time thank you so much for watching guys smash that like subscribe the couple people who get mad make sure you hit that dislike and I will for sure talk to you soon I got some different videos coming out stay tuned yeah

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  1. This was my kind of haul. Plentiful and solid with standard good sellers at a sub $4 price point. #Profitable!

  2. Mr Butler
    I have a dress shirt tagged as Madison…everytime I look at comps it shows Brooks Brothers "Madison"…so my question is is there a brand called madison?
    Any info will be very helpful…your vids rock…I am big a fan…

    Big Jim

  3. Jim! Rodd & REDACTED is a great brand to pick up! Brand is based in New Zealand, definitely high quality so look out for Rodd & 🔫!

  4. got a good laugh out of that lulu at the bins line. I found a lulu mens tank in the womens tank section of a platos closet for $10 this weekend. was a decent find, I'll be wearing it.

  5. Looks similar to my Goodwill hauls. Travis Mathews sell fast for us but price is dropping a little. All the fast food uniform shirts that were there a couple of days ago are gone. Including the Circle Ks and 7-11s. I agree on shoes.

  6. Fav the reversible men shorts wild :)… you really scored some great brands today LULU lol TFS!

  7. How much would you price Zegna jeans? I picked up a size 42 today and thought I'd try them. I only sell on Poshmark

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