1/144 HGBF Powered GM Cardigan | REVIEW

1/144 HGBF Powered GM Cardigan | REVIEW

42 Replies to “1/144 HGBF Powered GM Cardigan | REVIEW”

  1. 4:15 you only get ONE extra right hand? And the only left hand is an open palm? Then I would only buy this to get the backpack

  2. Great review bro!!! I know I'm super late to the game but I love the look of this Gundam and absolutely need this kit…

  3. Now that the GM/GM is released… I'm gonna try to kit bash the two… If I'm skilled enough… Integrate the GM/GM into this to make its articulation better.

  4. With all the attention Fumina has been getting from Bandai and fans of the Try series…somehow this stands up as a great kit for bashing. "Big, fun, and full of guns" is exactly what a kit-basher wants as extra parts for a custom. If only the recent Fuminas offered the same kind of flexibility for interchanging parts. Some may be useful, for "creative expression", but this one works better with other UC kits in general. Its a great diamond in the rough for anybody to work with.

  5. Hey type I'm thinking of getting the powered arms for my gundam NT-1 would you recommend any other arms set's other than the powered?

  6. The Powered GM Cardigan was the embodiment of Fumina and her Gunpla club's troubles at the start of the season. Just look at it. It's clearly designed to fight a one woman war.

  7. anyone else noticing the hinges for the shields and guns pop apart as soon as moved? Any tips for this?

  8. I've recently decided to start going beyond straight assembly and into painting and detailing, would you say this kit is a good starter kit for customization? I do enjoy the more dakka nature of the Cardigan, and bulky mass production mobile suits are right up my alley so the base model is fine for me.