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  1. I would love to know which look is your favorite and how you style dresses to take them from casual to dressy. For more, visit my corresponding blogpost https://dailyconnoisseur.blogspot.com/2019/05/1-floral-maxi-dress-4-ways-casual-to.html Thank you and Happy Memorial Day. Thank you to the men and women who have served our country past, present, and future. We appreciate you and honor you today! ~Jennifer

  2. Great video! And perfect timing for me, as I'm looking for a new dress to use at a wedding- but I still want to be able to use it elsewhere too. This is a great way to get more use out of one dress.

  3. This video reminds me of old school advice in books and magazines on how to dress for the office then for your evening out. Love your hair in the closet shots, it looks so glossy. Missing your usual style of music.

  4. Im feeling very inspired and motivated to wear maxi dresses during summer. So simple and easy. Im definitely trying to bring down my wardrobe size. Thank you for this!

  5. Beautiful video Jennifer! I really enjoy gaining inspiration like this! Neutral shoes are a must for me because they go with just about everything. Your dress is so pretty and you look stunning ever way you paired this outfit!🌹

  6. This was a fun video. You looked gorgeous in each outfit ! Great reminder about using what we have to make our daily items more dressy. I love the look and elegance of high heels but I can’t walk comfortably in them so stick to (lovely) flats 😁

  7. I can’t stop thanking you for all your suggestions! Reading your books and watching your videos has made me discover new music (5 new albums of classical and jazz music that I absolutely love!), books (just ordered the first Mapp and Lucia book, Queen Lucia! Paperback and in Italian, for an easy and relaxing reading 🙂 and ways of dressing! You’re elegant and classy but so kind and humble!!! You rock! 🤗

  8. This video illustrates my wardrobe perfectly! I wear the exact same dresses going barefoot around my house during the week as I do with curled hair and fine jewelry for church or date nights. Maxi dresses are my love – so comfortable and versatile! 👌

  9. I love all of your looks Jennifer! What a great illustration of how we can wear one dress so many different ways. My favorite is the casual look with the sun hat – so elegant and classic! 💛

  10. All versions looked very nice. I really appreciate how tasteful and beautiful you looked in all versions without showing skin. To me these are quality and polished looks. I cannot wear high high heels as I have small narrow feet ( 6AA) with no padding. I am finding it difficult to find narrow shoes that look stylish. Any ideas? Thank you for sharing.

  11. Do you go barefoot inside your pumps? Whether the shoes are expensive or affordable, that's just uncomfortable any time of year– cold in winter, sweaty and blister inducing in the summer! Or do you wear what used to be called "peds"? I'm older (66) and frankly confused and put off by the bare legs and feet with closed shoes. I just stopped wearing closed dress shoes because I don't know how to wear them. I wear boots or casual shoes with socks or open shoes/sandals. It's easier now that I'm retired and don't dress for the office, but someday I'm going to be invited to a winter wedding and not know how to dress my feet!! We have real winter here and I can't see tiptoeing through snow dressed up with bare legs and bare feet inside pumps. Tights aren't dressy but bare legs/feet are cold. What do people wear??

  12. I remember seeing your gemstone necklace in one of your very early vids…yes I have been hanging around for that long 😜 I just adore that jewellery set 😘

  13. What a delightful, instructive, and inspirational video. Jennifer, you make that dress look good every way you wear it! 👏

  14. Love these looks. Are the high end shoes that much more comfortable than a more affordable pair? I have trouble wrapping my mind around heels that high not hurting your feet.

  15. I liked them all except the least casual. I am not fond of leggings with a longer dress, but that's just my preference. You look beautiful in all of them. Thank you for sharing!

  16. I found this very inspiring. I tend to stick to wearing items only for casual days or only for dressy occasions, but I'm going to start thinking about ways to make them work for multiple situations. Thank you for sharing!

  17. You look so beautiful in this dress no matter which jewelry you paired it with just gorgeous! It really makes me want to try a floral maxi dress now.

  18. Very cute Jennifer. I have several pair of ankle and cropped summer pants that I do the same thing with. They go from dog walking to a night out with a switch of shoes and jewelry. I like that you showed your whole self modeling instead of holding your phone, gives us a better view of the entire look. I'm jealous of your heels, I'm 6' and my husband is also 6', so I don't go too high. Also, I've been wearing more of my jewelry since your last chic assignment and wondered why I had not been wearing it before!

  19. Loved this video! Like all the other videos 😉😉 Accesoiries really changes a look. Pls do more videos like this. Great inspirations.

  20. I really am greatful for getting that "for special occasions only" mindset out of my life. Life is too short to not enjoy our nice things all the time. My grandmother died with brand new things wrapped in plastic, while only wearing worn out clothes daily, I guess it's that "depression era" mentality that that generation had. Thank you for another fun and inspiring video. Have fun at the wedding! Are the kiddos going too, or will this be a date for you and Ben?

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