10 Amazing ‘No Wipe Top Coat’ Chrome Pigment Powders – Magic Colour Changing Powders

10 Amazing ‘No Wipe Top Coat’ Chrome Pigment Powders – Magic Colour Changing Powders

HI i am Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails and
in this video i am gonna show you our brand new, Brand Spanking new chrome powders. We
have got ten, it is lucky that we have ten fingers so that i can show you all of them
and you can see how beautiful and rich the colours are and we also have some abracadabra
magic white powders, Keep watching. So i have here a gorgeous Ballerina shaped
nail and we have applied swat team from the urban graffitti gel polish range, and then
we have applied Mega Gloss. So these chrome pigments stick to mega gloss, you don’t have
to put on a soft top gel like the urban graffiti top and base and then take the sticky layer
off with a dry lint free pad, you haven’t gotta do any of that messing around it is
gonna stick straight to the mega gloss which makes it a whole lot easier for us to do and
it’s less time. So i am gonna start with one of my favorites,
which is the mirror chrome, which is the super super gorgeous silver, So you get a sponge
applicator with it and they are not like, you can get some really cheap sponge applicators
and the holes of the sponge are really quite big compared to these, these are more like
a silicone sponge, you literally gonna press into it and start to rub that on, you don’t
need a great deal, you only need a little bit, just rub it straight in, and you can
see the magic happening, oh my god, just look at that mirror, i can actually see myself,
HI. So i am making sure that has gone all the
way around the nail and it has covered all of the black, the more you rub it the shinier
it will be. Now what you are doing when you are rubbing it is making those particles all
sit right next to each other, if you didn;t rub it they wouldn’t go flat and they wouldn’t
sit next to each other and as soon as they sit next to each other and there’s loads of
them millions of them on their they create that mirror effect. Just gonna dust off any excess, what i did
then is i caught it with my nail, so i scraped some off so i am basically just rubbing that
back in, just patching up, you were being clumsy again, Yes Adam, Now we are gonna seal
that, with the Mega Gloss, gotta make sure you cover all of the chrome, so go right to
the edge. I am gonna cure that in the lamp. Now we are gonna apply a second coat So we
are gonna rub in another layer of chrome, which is gonna make it even more mirror like,
so by applying a second layer of the chrome, it completely blends all of the particles
together so it makes more of an even finish and that’s what gives it the effect of being
even more mirror like. Dust off the excess and do the same again. we are gonna put mega
gloss on. You can also seal this with top base from the urban graffiti gel polish range
if you want to, gonna cure that in the lamp I am just gonna clean over the next nail now
with some gel residue wipe off solution, Just gonna clean the nail. and the fingers, mainly
the finger to be honest because it just gets everywhere. a little bit of cuticle oil to
finish, look you can see me, you can see me in there. Can you see me waving. It’s like
a fun house mirror. It is, i look very strange in it. So yeah, like all. I look very thin,
i like myself looking in here i look dead. So we are gonna move on to another colour
now, gold, always believe in your soul, is that what he says? So this one is called Chic Gold, and we are
gonna do the same again, rub it in, look at that, I love the fact that it just sticks
to it straight away, and you haven’t gotta mess about with anything, you just rub it
straight on. I am just gonna dust off any excess, gonna seal this with mega gloss, making
sure i am going right to the sides and i am capping the end aswell, i am gonna cure that
in the lamp, If you look here, you can see a little bit of the black, coming through
the top there, so i have made ssure when i have put the mega gloss on i have gone right
up to there right up to that cuticle, i haven’t flooded it, so when i put this second coat
on that is just gonna go, so we have covered that. So we are gonna rub the second layer
of colour in. Dust off any excess and seal it. So i am just gonna wipe over with the gel
residue solution to remove anything from around the finger because we know the chrome gets
everywhere and then i am gonna finish with a bit of cuticle oil. Now i do, when you pull
it over the nail i think it diminishes the shine, so all i do is get the lint free pad
that we have got the gel residue solution on and just wipe that over, clean the actual
nail. For this one i am gonna use the Copper a bit
of Chic Copper. Same again we are gonna rub this in, oh my god just look at that, That
is something special, just beautiful, it’s a very nice on for this season, i think this
colour, it’s autumnal, wintery, we will do two coats of this. Now gonna wipe over with
the gel residue solution. gonna clean that finger. of all of the pigment, finish with
some oil, oh just look at that. Catching flies, I’m catching flies, because it’s that nice.
Now we have got some bronze, gorgeous bronze, oh look at that. I love it. So just gonna
wipe over with the Gel Res Solution, cleaning that finger up and finishing with a bit of
oil. I am not being funny right but, I aint seen, I aint seen a bronze that good, out
there, you know this is the best one. Time for some super sparkley shiz, Holochrome
time. So we are gonna rub it on, So that it the gorgeous Holographic, oh look, we are
matching now Jay, me and you matching, Nail sisters.yeah. We are nail sisters. Sister,
not only besties we are sisterrs So that s two coats of Gorgeous Holographic
chrome powder. Gonna show you how to use the blue
topaz chrome, It’s absolutely gorgeous it is everything is gorgoeus everything that
sparkles is definitely gorgeous So when you look at this, it looks white, it’s not just
white, let me show you. Look at that, That’s like magic, Its magic in a pot, that was white
but now it’s blue, why why is that, does that happen. Because Magic.
Hello, so this isn’t Chemistry with Kirsty, It’s not Chemistry with Kirsty it’s just David
Blane, Magic With Meakin. Yeah, I am Just like David Blane, you know it’s a secret i
have been holding for a long time, That is so strange i am getting a bit freaked out
by that. Would you look at that, so that white powder, turns blue, So now i am gonna seal
with mega gloss. Just look how gorgeous that is, I am not gonna put a second coat on, because
i thin it looks amazing with just one coat and why would we waste more product, no reason,
so i am gonna leave it like that, i am gonna wipe over With some gel residue Solution,
Then that is the blue Topaz. This is the Emerald So you can guess what
colour this is gonna change to, so it looks white, look at the magic white powder. Magic
Marching Powder, Magic White POwder, not for sniffing. Are you ready for the magic, are
you though. brace yourself, look at that. We’re off to see
the wizard the wonderful wizard of oz (singing) Gonna wipe over with gel res solution just
to clean that up and finish that with a bit of oil, this is the nice vanilla oil, not
for eating, just for moisturising skins. What colour is this gonna be, lets have a look.
here we go, The magic powder it turns blue, because obviously sapphires are blue, gonna
wipe over now with gel res solution just cleaning that finger up more than anything. Because
there is now sticky layer on this i am just cleaning the finger. Bit of cuticle oil.Look
at that, So i have already got a nail prepared for you, got a ballerina shaped nail with
Swat Team on form the Urban Graffiti gel polish range and the we have put on mega gloss, this
product sticks straight to mega gloss you do not have to put on top and base from the
urban graffiti range you can go straight on with mega gloss, and it works a treat. Lets
see what colour this magic powder is going to change to, so it is white, are you ready,
abracadabra, oh my god, Jay Jay i can’t show it to you, i can'[t show it to you Jay Jay,
she has seen it already,She is gonna wet herself with excitement. This is called Ruby and i would definitely
say that this is like a Rose Gold, JJ has a little bit of an obsession with Rose Gold,
everything she has is rose gold, it was her Birthday the other day and we had a fabulous
party didn’t we, and everything that she had was rose gold, even the wrapping paper her
best friend got her, her presents wrapped up in rose gold, she had everything she got
bought for her was rose gold, That is beautiful, Just cleaning around make sure it is nice
and clean. So we have got the Amethyst chrome powder, which looks a shimmering white, at
the minute, though that is gonna change, That is gonna be nice, I think your are right,
I’m not looking, You aren’t looking, yeah, Ready, Oh My Days, I think i could eat this one,
I don’t think you are supposed to eat it though, not say that you should, bit of oil, I love
it, Beautiful. I have really enjoyed doing that video for
you, with those gorgeous Chromes i would definietly say that, they are the best chromes i have
ever worked with, they are so shiny, so rich with colour and the magic ones, well they
are just something else, They have that extra suprise, I you want to check out the description
box below all of the products are there, that i have used today, don’t forget to check us
out on instagram and facebook and my snapchat Kirsty Meakin Nails, No its not, It’s Kirsty
Nails, I don’t even know my nown snap chat, That’s crazy, yes but anyway, we’ll see you
in the next video, byeeeee I have got wore, more wagic. I’ve got more
Magic White POwder Here.

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