Hey guys this is videoeppo and in this video
we are going to look at 10 COOL THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH A COAT HANGER Please subscribe to my channel These coat hangers cost Rs.120 for a dozen. That makes it 10 rupees each and there are
cool things you can do with it. It’s made of aluminium which is very durable and malleable metal. You can twist these, bend it and just get creative You want someone to hold that torch whileyou are at work. Make a quick table lamp or a lamp holder. Wrap it around the torch and
make some loops for the base. You have a peg board..(aka holes board) and need to make some clips for the same here is quick idea.Cut 16 cms of the hanger. Bend it the center. Now use a table vice to bend it in three places to create a shape like this. This is for hanging individual tools.
Get creative and you can make a wide variety of them. Mouth organ holder.
A very cheap and easy mouth organ holder that can help you do your practice.
Make a big loop that goes over your shoulders, bend it along the neck. Bend its height according
to your mouth and use alligator clips to hold the mouth organ. There is a detailed video on how I make these clamps to hold the light. Here is another
option. Add an alligator clip or any clamp with a
bolt to the Table lamp made earlier. It becomes a clamp light. Make a loop about 8 to 10 cms in diameter and pop a hair band on that. It quickly turns into a pop filter. Make that loop a little smaller, dip it into soap solution and blow some air into it. You can make pottery clay tools by tapping on these and getting the desired shape. Bend it like this. Two of them big, and a smaller one Use a fence wire, aluminium tubes or
any metal tube and turn this into a survival stove. What if you have other things to hang besides a shirt. We can convert one coat hanger to make multiple things drill a hole on a wooden piece and fix
it like this its going to act as the helping hands you can also make a soldering iron stand by looping the hanger and fixing it like this. There are many more things you can do with coat hangers if you have any ideas please
leave in the comments below-or mail it to my mailing ID.


  1. hi there, im not sure where you are from, but your hangers are made out of aluminum I believe. I wish I had access to some like this for cheep because I do enjoy working with aluminum. those are still very great ideas. thanks

  2. I wouldn't have thunk it with the peg board. I have one that's been sitting around for over a year and I want to do something w it but it gets pricey buying the hooks especially when I won't need but a few of every shape so I'd have a lot of waste. Thank you for this video and the idea with the peg board

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  4. can I make a spring for my RC airplane front nose gear out of a wire coat hanger the problem would be to temper it can yow help me

  5. We don't have aluminium coat hangers in New Zealand, but it's easy to get old steel wire ones for free. Thanks for the vid, I like the peg board idea best. Been looking to tidy up my workshop 🙂

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