1. FUN DRINKING GAME! take a shot everytime i say 'and then' or 'super simple'

    actually, don't. you'll die. HOPE YOU LIKE THIS ONE GUYSSSS!

  2. I did the clown for my friend and she got drunk then looked in the mirror than scared herself Lmao

  3. So cool girl oh and Your awesome i wish i new this halloween makeup so cool girl your rocking it so cool 🎃🎃🎨🎨😎😎😎😈😈👿👿👹😺😸😾😹😿🙀😼 the Devil face means the last face im not being mean

  4. I really liked it but I couldn't do them because I did not have any of the stuff I only had the make up every one uses

  5. pretty video i saw your channel for the first time and i love your videos so im am subscribe love youuuu

  6. Hey gurllll.. I didnt have makeup at my place and was invited to Halloween party.. and couldn't find any suitable makeup video.. And then I did your look at 3:12 and looked the scariest in the party.. Even some of my other friends complimented me on that look… Your the best, Thank you!!!

  7. Labas.chelovinas imituojancius mirusiuosius.As ne megstu egituoja ziauruma.As mokausi kaip myleti zmogu.Jausti roju, meyleje.As suprantu prie jusu viksta daug metu chelovinas.Taip moka kurti meniskai tuos vaizdus.❤👍🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  8. Great video you can see the hard work! I loved this last minute inspiration 🙂 thanks lovley

  9. Just recreated the popart look, impressive but simple. Hope it makes a splash at work, thanks for the ideas!

  10. its the 30th of October

    its 11pm

    last minute Halloween tutorials

  11. This was actually REALLY helpful considering I'm going to a party tomorrow last minute. Wowow. Thank you so much and I'll be watching more of your videos. I love how you explain every single step!

  12. I love Halloween and gonna be the clown in your video. Love you so much❤️❤️🤡

  13. This honestly just blessed my life because I'm too poor to buy a costume and new makeup rn (bills 😂). Plus I'm a beginner so I need not so hard things to practice with. Thank you for this omfg

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