10 Garments, 10+ Outfits | Hot Weather Travel Lookbook | Slow Fashion

10 Garments, 10+ Outfits | Hot Weather Travel Lookbook | Slow Fashion

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  1. I missed you! Do you like Florida? I don't like it I'm from Puerto Rico! Your so close Bella! This was great CIAO!

  2. Ten by ten is a really nice way to travel but like you I like keeping shoes,scarfs, acessories and sleep loungewear out of ut but matching – that way at a sudden chillI I can layer up and I do mean layer! Oh and yes make that 11 because who am i kidding- always cold there will be an extra sweater and or cardigan in there =)

  3. I loved everything! I will try build a capsule wardrobe for my next travel to Portugal! You give me really nice ideas! Thanks!❤️

  4. Alyssa I love the first shirt dress and the long white dress on you, so elegant and sporty!! I think the blue shorts look better than the white shorts!! I personally am not a fan of white pants and shorts but you dress classy and like a proper young lady should

  5. Nice ideas and challenge! You are right about you kept your style. I like to be a little more dressy when I go on vacation as well. This will help me to my upcoming trip to Europe. Thanks! Oooh and thanks to whoever make the clips of you while traveling.

  6. Alyssa you looked AMAZING in all of your pieces. I love that long vest –and tell me you aren't naturally that tan-did you spray tan or self tan?

  7. I don't have a capsule wardrobe at home, but always travel with one. I love how it limits luggage and makes it so much easier to get dressed. I also 'dress up' more on holiday. I live in a tiny country town where just about anything fancier than jeans is 'dressed up', so I love taking the opportunity on holiday 🙂 Thanks for another inspiring video x

  8. How long were you there? Did you ever wear the blue sandals? Did you feel the need for a summer dress? Love this capsule, I never know how to pack for a holiday.

  9. You have incredible style! I liked that you only used ten pieces but were able to create a lot of unique looks, I doubt anyone would notice that you reused the same pieces.

  10. Ah! I hope you had a wonderful vacation in our sunny south! ☀️.
    Lovely choice of outfits, and amazingly they all worked together perfectly!
    Hope you brought your sunscreen:)
    Hailing from Emerald Isle NC this beautiful Memorial Day!

  11. My favorites were the three outfits with the two longer pieces (striped shirt dress & white tunic) used as layering pieces! A lovely video!

  12. Hi, loved the video. I just wondered if you've heard of an English company called Shore Projects (www.shoreprojects.com). They sell watches that have leather, metal or canvas watch straps that are interchangeable. Additional straps can be bought separately. I know an extra watch doesn't take up too much room but you can add a different accent colour through your watch strap. I have a silver watch with a number of different straps including a navy leather one with white spots!

  13. I will never do a capsule for every day life because like you I want to enjoy all my clothes and like multiple options. That said I love capsules for travel and have done them a lot. I have some trips this Summer and may give the 10 x 10 a try.

  14. Welcome back! 🙂 Your 10×10 wardrobe was realistic and pretty. Excited to try my own 10×10 capsule this summer.

  15. You looked amazing. Just goes to show you that quantity is not a necessity when your pieces compliment each other. Even on the limited amount you brought you were able to maintain a freshness, playful , chic vibe. Alyssa you looked like you were a native Floridian. Tan and all. lol Loved this content best so far.

  16. YES! I love it when there's a reflection/followup included for an experimental capsule wardrobe. I love that this showed how you truly wore things during a trip and not just a montage of theoretical possible outfits you had thought up only. Seeing how things got paired up "irl" when you are faced with the actual weather and readying for trip activities is so much more helpful that a "this is what I could wear in my temperature controlled home while not having to brace for a day of activities in this outfit".

  17. Heeeyyy Alyssa, I'm in Florida too just got off a cruize ship in Miami now we are in Tierra Verde on the gulf coast. Needless to say I was unable to pack so little. Enjoy your blessedly warm weather.

  18. Loved your capsule wardrobe. It’s the best way to travel, it’s so much easier to pack for. I only do it when I travel because it helps me be prepared for any weather or occasion.

  19. Love the color palette! I ALWAYS try to pack as few items as possible and just use something as simple as shoes and a watch to dress up or down the looks. I went to Vegas last summer for 4 days with 2 bottoms and 2 tops 2 shoes and just flip flopped the pairings each day and switched out my sandals and leather watch for loafers and a metal watch and it made all the diff!

  20. This is the video I’ve been waiting for, We are off to Hawaii in September for 11 days and I’m only wanting to take a few outfits with me…Thank You for All the Effort you put into your videos….Much Love from Queensland Australia 🇦🇺🤗🤗

  21. I don't see myself as a full-time capsule wardrobe person but it is such a helpful tool for vacation and packing light. I just got back from vacation and I literally packed half as much as my husband did. He claims it is because his clothes are larger. Whatever

  22. Great video, I travel to Florida too and I tend to take too many items and end up only wearing the same shoes or the saddles all the time. Thank you for the 10 + challenge ideas I will be traveling again next week and I am going to try it. Great video. Not going to take too many pairs of shoes, but I love clothes so I will try to minimize on the clothes. Thank you again

  23. I'd like to try the capsule wardrobe as a way to really explore my own wardrobe. I feel like you apply the principles of a capsule wardrobe to you "extended" one, but I notice others use it to let some clothes rest while showcasing less used pieces that are still loved. I think I've maxed out my wardrobe and now I am starting to feel like I have too many options and need to play with what I have more. 10×10 might be the way for me to do that!

  24. I adore your tunic, and it definitely belonged in your capsule. And some of your shots are in Charleston! I would have loved for you and Audrey Coyne to meet up and do a video. 🙂

  25. Great shooting of this video, Alyssa! Really enjoyed the holiday feel of this vacation shoot. The accessories were stars.👠👠🍷👜👚

  26. I have never heard of the 10×10 wardrobe but I like the concept for travel. It helps you stay focused and not go overboard when packing. I like how you mentioned what worked and what did not as well. The pieces were all doable and obtainable and what most of us probable already have in our closets. Thank you again!

  27. Didn't know this was a thing! I subconsciously do this – 3 bottoms, 6 tops, 1 piece location specific – always, and has to fit into a small backpack (so 1 pair shoes). And same as you. I lay everything out and make sure the colour scheme is cohesive. Oh, and washable. I always bring a tiny bit of detergent!

  28. You did a great job with what you chose, and it will help me pack for my trip to Greece. We will be there sjx weeks but washing clothing is doable. Last time I used 1/2 of what I took as we go to an Aegean island and it was so windy I never wore a fuller skirt or dress. This time I thrifted a long slim striped beachy skirt. My wardrobe is navy, white, black and a few natural linen colours, so that part is easy.

  29. Lol. I could do the 10x for 10 for clothes but am right there with you on shoes! I need options! Great video.

  30. Wow this was such a cool video! On vacation I aiways take tons of clothes with me and shoes…. thousands because to me that is the time that I get to wear all my nice clothes. But seeing this I think my next vacation will be a subtle one. 10 by 10?

  31. Just what i need! South of France in a month with two toddlers so no space for mommy 😝 Thank you!

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