38 Replies to “10 injured in New Jersey bar shooting”

  1. 27 people shot dead in Chicago on Memorial Day weekend 2019 alone. That's not a "mass" shooting though. Seems legit.

  2. Mayor claims lax gun laws and poverty is responsible for the shooting in this wonderfully (52%) diverse population. Surly that’s what the problem is…🤔🙄🥴

  3. This is what you get when we listen to Republicans, more shooting. They love to see dead Americans, especially the children.

  4. Surprised? When they won't mention names or anything it's always not white folks so easy to tell with MSM. Nothing to see here folks just more blacks killing blacks as usual and can't say anything or your labelled a racist. Such a sham.

  5. 10 shot and no one dead, that makes it a good day in a sad kind of way given the never ending violence.

  6. The population of Trenton, NJ is 48.6% Black, 36% Latino, and 13.1% White. 38.1% of the people in Trenton, NJ speak a non-English language, and 81.5% are U.S. citizens.

  7. New Jersey has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. HUH. Wonder why they didn't work at all.

  8. New Gun Laws
    1. Regulate how old you should be to purchase a gun
    2. Check your social media history for any terroristic threats
    3. Check internet history for any radicalization or any criminal history
    4. Get checked for mental illness and drugs

  9. Looked like a real classy joint!!! One that most of us would probably wouldn't go in to….it does really suck that a person can't go to a place and have drink in peace without some psycho shooting the place up like it's the wild wild west.
    Hope everyone is ok!!!

  10. Not complaining but shooting vids r more interesting when there r multiple deaths reported. 😏

  11. This is a normal behavior where wild animals live.
    We have plenty of them unfortunately.
    US is not a spiritual society at all.

  12. So when white men shoot groups of innocent children and families, that’s okay because they have mental problems?

  13. Why do these shootings keep happening?! But I’m grateful no one was killed

  14. So another black mass shooting but of course the LEFTIST Media won't label it that way because it doesn't fit their anit white agenda

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