10 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses Of Bollywood Divas

10 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses Of Bollywood Divas

10 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses Of Bollywood Divas

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  1. So pathetic to even think about spending such amounts on a dress but then again when one has loads of money it really wouldn't matter.

  2. All of them are to cheap for me. I can buy all in one go. But to be honest sonam your dress was beautiful so is yours anushka but all of them to cheap

  3. ये तो लूट लिए किसीने इतने महंगे तो है भी नही ये ड्रेसस 😋

  4. Sonam kapor ka dress itna sasta kui??? Only 5 lak!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Wedding pay tk bacchay bohot. Samajder larki…

  5. Ye log sach me stupid hain kpde ke cost dekh k kpde lete hain,,, dress ki looking style dekh k kpde lene chahiye phir uska price jo v ho lekin ye log sirf paise paise paise

  6. No surprises there guys… There is a lot of "Sentiments" attached to the Indian bride's sari basically… After wearing it for the first time on their wedding day, it's worn on every year on Karwa Chauth in North India and same during the Karadayan Nombu (Savithri Vrath) festival in Southern India…. The SENTIMENTS behind this wedding dress can't be described in words…. Such that every women would love to carry/wear it till their last (to the grave)….

  7. It's not the question of money that matters to any girl… it's the SENTIMENTS behind it that's actually WORTH… costly/not costly never matters…

  8. Hamare yaha to pore shaade 4 lakh me hi hote ye log ke khali dresses lakhs ke hai ek dam bakwas jitne simple utna hi log pasand.karte hai

  9. fazol lg rhi sub…..asa phana hua sub jasa ak e dafa phan lana hy ….pakistani bridal look lovely …..ya to uffff

  10. my wife shimi and my sisters if i ever get wealthy il let them run a store but have hyde and oldham to have a share the more you give tge more you get insha allah big up to my bro mohammed amir ali vasana clothing and mehedi fashions aysha saree emporium

  11. Iske phle wali video me inki dress ki price dusri thi anushka ki Phle wali video me 10 the ab Jada ho gai price kitna jhuth. Bolte h yr sale juthe log

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