35 Replies to “10 Most Inappropriate Wedding Dresses Ever Worn”

  1. I guess all of theese woment does not have any idea of what really a marriage is and just want everybody to look at them, also they dont have a clue about class and uh… good taste

  2. does someone know where the building at 2:15 is located is looks so verry nice and i would love to know where it is

  3. why do you need to have a fuckin introductory paragraph with a thesis statement for everything on the list

  4. As long as the bride's happy on HER big day you shouldn't judge her odd sense in faction and that's not very trendy for a show called the trendy😑😑😒😒😕😕

  5. If my bride showed up to church dressed like any one of those whores Id leave her at the altar.No respect for the institution family or most of all THE SACRAMENT. DISGUSTING.

  6. If were a priest none of these brides would get half way down the isle; if it were a cavil ceremony as a representative of the state I would ask her to cover herself until I had married them and I wouldn't be hanging around for a piece of cake !! Selfish, opinionated, no sense of of respect………

  7. “Stockings and suspenders”?
    Ummm, if you’re going to be the expert on what not to wear, you better know what the things you’re talking about are called. Suspenders are a men’s accessory for holding up trousers. Stockings are are held up by garters. That is a garter belt in the final shot.

  8. Just because you don't agree doesn't mean its inappropriate. Ladies wear what ever dress you want. FCK what everybody thinks is appropriate.

  9. if l was the priest or minister I WOULD REFUSE TO MARRY THEM.proves they haven't a clue about the sanctity of marriage!!

  10. Sometime I think y do girls even dress when they want to showoff there body….better not to dress no matter it is your wedding

  11. Honestly the flame dress was the best and actually looked decently designed. All the others r ridiculously revealing. Don't get me wrong I'm all for wearing what u want on ur wedding day, but why would u wear something that shows to much for the comfort of ur guests? Especially if children r around, think of the children, what kind of example r u setting for them?

  12. My opinion….those females in their underwear will no doubt sleep around …. the new husband can't complain as he married her in that (those) revolting "dresses" …. They look like hookers…..

  13. Weeeellll, since everyone in the comments section seem to have the same vulgar ideas for these monuments to bad taste, I just think that I'll mosey on outa here and find a more suitable group wedding gowns…🙄🙄😏✝️⚜️

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