47 Replies to “10 Rules For Wearing A Tank Top & NOT Looking Like A FOOL!!!”

  1. Where did Alpha get the tank tops in the video? The type of tank tops he tells you to look for in the video are actually very hard to find!

  2. Ok .. what is so bad about showing off a little?
    I’m not offended if someone does…
    Have some fun in life! 😉

  3. I live in Florida where is always hot. I haven't seen anything about wearing shorts I try to keep my shorts above the knee or at the knee. I would like to hear your opinion about shorts and flip-flops.

  4. Do you think that now that your channel is getting bigger that your content can apeel to all gender types better? Because I love to watch your vids but there isn’t any content for girls (it is upsetting)

  5. 20 years ago, women will never give it a thought about a guy having hair over there torso. Bodybuilders have done it for years to show their muscles shapes more. Now a days, it's all about body shaming. You are always paranoid to a negative reaction. What's up with that? Because bodybuilders do it, it doesn't mean everyone should do it. There is no way I'm going to shave my body. Period! Stop people pleasing. This is a desperate approach to getting laid. So sad.

  6. Omg thank you so much for making this vid! I'm that guy btw that rocks a wifebeater/muscle shirt or shirtless 80% of the time lol. I also live in Houston Tx (all year around hot) and I am a total jock/pretty boy :). I am 5'9 185, naturally smooth with 9% bf and a 6 pack that actually shows thru my tank tops (I wear medium). Do I do it for attention? Fkn A right I do and I get it too. I also hit the gym 6 days a week for 1 hour to 2 hours so I'm paying for it. Guy's if you wanna rock the tank top/wife beater look please, please, please be able to rock it! This means (like mentioned) no disgusting body hair showing, no fat or rolls hanging out (so gross), no guts or baby guts/ beer bellys, and it helps too to have a handsome face to compliment a badass body. Do I sound like a total douche? Probably so fellas but I'm stating facts that people think but won't say. Now time for me to go for my am run (shirtless obviously) and see how many honks I get 😉.

  7. Manscaping? huh? tf? whatchu mean with eliminate the hair, be hairy ass fuck and it's fkn sexy! HAVE SOME FKN TASTE GENTLEMEN!!

  8. That moment when you're a girl and you can use baggy ripped up jeans and 90's styled stop and nobody can say a thing cause they'd be sexists

  9. I work out more than 10 years, 6,3 and 240lb never in my life did i wear tank top in gym or public. Its for people who seek atention,and wanna show off. All the time i see these scrawny dudes in gym wear string shirts and tanktops and its just lame.

  10. I wear a tank top to the pub on these hot summer days, as it gets the girls attention away from my face 😂. Only real downfall is that it also attracts idiots who want to ruins everybody's good time out.

  11. If tank tops are a focal point of your wardrobe in any way shape or form, you are a douchebag. Rules for not looking like a fool? 1) Don't wear a tank top. 2) See #1.

    Douchebags and 10 year olds wear tank tops.

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  13. Well..Well..Well.. There is no rule in Australia to wear a Tank Top.
    Most of them just wear and you will be in the heaven during summer. No matter what!
    Cheers : )

  14. You can’t wear tight tanks but girls can wear tight yoga pants lmao nah anyone can where what they want

  15. 0:31 "faux pas" j'adore ton français, ton accent est super ! (love your french, your accent is super).

  16. Just have noticeable scars. You look like a certified somebody not to mess with person in a wife beater. I guarantee you

  17. Do one on getting young gentleman to clean up and dress up.Our twin nephews are 12 .They are little pigs on the threshold of 🚹 manhood with no style.

  18. I'd say avoid plain whites though. Not only will it easily get dirtier especially on a summer day but you run the risk of looking like you're wearing a wifebeater.

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