10 super popular Chinese costume dramas plus 5 personal favorites, Xing Zhaolin new drama Marry Me

10 super popular Chinese costume dramas plus 5 personal favorites, Xing Zhaolin new drama Marry Me

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update August 18th 2019 edition. In this episode, a list of 10 super popular
Chinese costume dramas plus five more of my favorites, but first.. We Are Youngis an upcoming
modern drama starring Johnny Huang and Wu Jinyan and the drama recently wrapped filming
after 106 days of shooting. It tells the story of two childhood friends
who enter the e-commerce industry together and overcome challenges to fulfill their dreams. It is said that Johnny Huang’s character,
the male lead, is based on Wang Sicong, the real-life son of the richest man in China. Johnny Huang was recently in The Thunder where
he played a narcotics officer whereas Wu Jinyan was recently in The Legend of Haolan. She, of course, propelled to fame in the palace
drama, Story of Yanxi Palace. Fans of The Untamed might recognize Xuan Lu
and Cao Yuchen in the supporting cast. They played Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan respectively
in The Untamed. Marry Meis an upcoming
costume drama starring Xing Zhaolin and Shane Xiao and they held their booting ceremony
at Hengdian Studios earlier today. At the moment, there isn’t any info on the
drama on Mydramalist or Wiki but I’m sure eventually there will be especially after they release production stills. The drama is based on a novel of the same
name which tells the story of blind girl who falls in love with a rich and calculative
businessman. The blind girl investigates a murder case
which she thinks has something to do with her losing her sight
and proposes marriage to the rich businessman for protection. Not sure how much the drama’s gonna stick
to the novel but it does sound one of those fun and whacky
romantic comedy web series that we see so often. Xing Zhaolin was recently in Blowing in the
Wind with Eleanor Lee whereas Shane Xiao recently completed filming
My Roommate is a Detective with Hu Yitian. So I recently did a video of the 9 top
dramas to break 25 billion views as a way to recommend dramas. And although the list was dominated by costume
dramas it also had it’s share of modern and political dramas. In this segment, I’ll present a list of 10 recent costume
dramas that I feel are the most popular among dramalovers. And when I say recent, I mean within the last
two years. Additionally, I will recommend five costume
dramas that might not be everyone’s cup of tea but are some of my personal favorites. So here, in no particular order, are 10 recent
and super popular Chinese dramas. Legend of Fuyaostars Yang Mi and
Ethan Ruan. It tells the story of an orphan who meets
and falls in love with a crown prince and together they tackle political issues
and discover secrets regarding her birth. This was Yang Mi’s follow up costume drama
to Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms so there was much anticipation leading up to it’s release. The Rise of Phoenixesstars
Chen Kun and Ni Ni. It tells the story of a respected court scholar
who must choose between avenging her family and staying true to the prince she loves. This drama is available on Netflix, so it’s
accessible to a broader audience which I’m sure contributed to it’s popularity. The Story of Yanxi Palacestars
Wu Jinyan, Nie Yuan and Xu Kai. It tells the story of a palace maid with street
smarts and a kind heart as she maneuvers inner-palace machinations to become a concubine. The drama was a huge hit and was named the
world’s most Googled TV show in 2018. The Untamedstars Xiao Zhan and
Wang Yibo. It tells the story of two friends who create
a strong bond as they work together to solve a series of murders. Fans of the drama seem to be passionate about
it and fans of the source material have expressed their delight that the drama remained faithful
to the novel. The Story of Minglan
stars Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng. It tells the story of an unfavored daughter
of an official and how she rises to become a respected noble. This was Zhao Liying’s follow up costume drama
to Princess Agents and it premiered around the time she married her co-star Feng Shaofeng
so there was much fanfare surrounding it. The King’s Womanstars
Dilraba and Vin Zhang. It tells the story of the disciple of a military
commander and how she tries to assassinate the man she loves, the first emperor of China. The drama came out soon after Ten Miles of
Peach Blossoms blew up and at the time Dilraba and Vin Zhang were hot stocks on rise. Ashes of Lovestars
Yang Zi and Deng Lun. It tells the story of a flower goddess’ daughter
who is unable to feel or express romantic feelings but falls into a love triangle between
a heavenly prince and a night deity. This drama is certainly one of the most popular
fantasy romance costume dramas so if that’s your thing be sure to check it out. Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms
stars Yang Mi and Mark Chao. It tells the story of two deities and their
love that spans three lifetimes. This drama really needs no introduction; you’ve
probably already watched it or have heard of it and plan on watching it at some point,
it is the most watched Chinese drama of all time. Princess Agentsstars Zhao Liying
and Kenny Lin. It tells the story of a slave girl who is
saved by a prince and eventually trains to become a special agent. Another drama that needs no intro, it is the
second most watched Chinese drama of all time. Ever Nightstars Arthur Chen and
Song Yiren. It tells the story of a young general and
his loyal maid as they arrive at the capital to investigate the masscare that destroyed
his family. The drama firmly established Arthur Chen as
a rising young star in China. The sequel to it wrapped filming recently and also stars
another rising young star Dylan Wang. So while the aforementioned 10 costume dramas
are ones that I think most people will like, here are five that are some of my personal
favorites. Nirvana in Firestars Hu Ge and
Wang Kai. It tells the story of a brilliant strategist
who helps an unfavored prince battle for the throne. Many of you know this is my favorite Chinese
drama of all time. It isn’t heavy on romance but whatever romance
it has is intense. That scene between Hu Ge and Liu Tao where
she “finds out” is still the most romantic scene I’ve ever seen in a Chinese drama. Nirvana in Fire 2
stars Liu Haoran and Huang Xiaoming. It tells the story of young man who steps
into his brother’s shoes as general after the latter is poisoned to death. Very seldom do I enjoy a sequel as much as
the original. This one’s no exception but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Except for a few minor references, this one
is pretty much a standalone sequel so you don’t have to watch the original to understand
it. Tribes and Empiresstars Huang Xuan, Shawn Dou and Zhou Yiwei. It tells the story of three individuals and
their personal battles as they uncover secrets of their past and seek revenge for the ones
they love. I found the first 15-20 episodes of this drama
to be amazing and it almost dethroned Nirvana in Fire to be my favorite. But then it started to drag on and the ending
was dissatisfying to say the least. Overall, it’s still good enough for me to
recommend. Maybe do what I did and just start skipping some
parts when it gets boring. Nothing Gold Can Stay
stars Sun Li and Chen Xiao. It tells the story a street performer and
how she rises to become an acute businesswoman. This is one of the few Chinese dramas I like
that is set in the Chinese queue or pigtail period around the time of the Manchu invasion
in the 17th century. I didn’t expect to like it so much but was
immediately drawn by Sun Li’s excellent performance. The Longest Day in Chang’an
stars Lei Jiayin and Jackson Yee. It tells the story of a former constable and
the head of the security department as they investigate a group of mysterious terrorists
who have infiltrated the city. This drama has excellent production design
and some awesome action sequences. At the same time, I also feel it’s a bit drawn
out and definitely could’ve been shorter, but overall I still feel it’s a quality drama
worthy of clicks. So there you have it guys. A whole list of Chinese costume dramas that
I feel are worthy of your consideration. And while I have your attention, I’d like
to ask you to visit my crowdfunding page, Patreon,
where for a dollar or more a month, I will give one of you a shoutout and answer your
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support, whether it is through Patreon or simply by watching, subscribing and liking. Thank you for watching and I hope to see you
all in the next one. Cheers.

78 Replies to “10 super popular Chinese costume dramas plus 5 personal favorites, Xing Zhaolin new drama Marry Me”

  1. i heard that due to the added romance of wen qing and jiang cheng in the 'untamed,' many people were not happy and some even went about to give the actress weng yi zi grief about it especially on weibo. that is sad. i liked the actress ever since i saw her in 'ever night.' i hope she ignores these salty people. her performance was awesome.

  2. i hear many great things about 'rise of the phoenixes,' but i haven't gotten around to watching it yet. it sounds like it has alot of palace drama so i will probably procrastinate on watching it. maybe after i have finished watching 'the longest day in chang'an.'

  3. Hi, Marcus. Your list is always spot on, although I did drop Princess Agent half way 😕. I like your list of 5 recommended costume drama as well, I love NIF and NIF2, but never got around to watch the rest, well since you've recommended it, I'll give it a try.. Right now I've just started watching Mindhunter season 2 on Netflix, finally my need for drama is sedated. And best of all I can watch and crochet at the same time, no need to read the subs 😝

    Have a great day Marcus, love your videos as usual, you never disappoint 😍😘 Cheers🥂🌹💕

  4. Oh. Yanxi palace was extremely nice. Also story of minglan. Even though I prefer fantasy dramas. But these ones were very nice.

  5. I've watched all the dramas you mentioned in the top 10 except story of minglan and yanxi palace.

    Nirvana in Fire may not be my favorite but the story is really interesting and worthy to be recommended. 😁👍

  6. Ever Night, Rise of the Phoenix and Nirvana in Fire 2 are my personal top 3.
    I’m more of a Martial Hero Wuxia watcher, but surprisingly two out of my top 3 are political styled costume dramas.

    Thanks for the updates as always, and I was lucky enough to stumble on to a filming site! Not sure what it was for, but it looked intriguing enough—
    Surprisingly it was easier than I thought, even though China is so big, I guess so many productions happen at once during a year that it isn’t that hard.

  7. I absolutely love costume dramas! I started with Empresses in the Palace but my 3 favourites are Story of Yanxi Palace, Ashes of Love and 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms!!

  8. Marry me xing Zhao Lin .. ever night Chen Fei Yu. I done watching and so happy because with engsub. I was able to understand relate the drama. Hope all Chinese drama has engsub to attract us follower Chinese drama. Thanks from Bahrain 🇧🇭 🇵🇭 citizen

  9. I have a question from your previous video regarding the #UNTAMED…Why is it that there's not much promotion on this Drama? I just saw it early July that it already aired….and saw previous clips or photos of their shooting…

  10. love these kinds of videos!! Thanks for the lists! NIF is one i do have on my to watch list…..i feel like many people mention it as their all time favourite drama. The one thing holding me back is the lack of focus on a romantic story line but you answered my question there. Thanks !

  11. Pls can you tell us while China movies last episode doesn't end well am confuse check noble aspirant, journey of the flower, bloody romance

  12. Most of the drama you've mentioned were my favorites and either i watched or currently watching it, to add some of costume drama highly recommended are the ff aside from what you've (Marcus) mentioned :
    Bloody Romance
    I Will Never Let let You Go
    Goodbye My Princess
    Princess Silver
    Love Better Than Immortality
    The Legends


  13. Ten miles ,,ashes of love,,minglan ,,EVERNIGHT and UNTAMED,,,I love this drama,,,I'm waiting for the season 2 of EVERNIGHT I want to know the ending of sangsang and ningque😍😘,,,and for UNTAMED still I'm waiting for last 4 epi but this drama really tied me,,tame me omg,,,after this may be I need a break and see my feelings can't move on,,,,,XIAOZHAN and WANG YI BO did a great job,,,my all time fave drama,,,hahaha thank you for including it your top 10 marcus,,,,

  14. OMG, we have the same 5 favorite dramas! Plus one more – I Will Never Let You Go, because VIN Zhang is such a talented versatile actor.

  15. Hi Marcus, i love your personal favourite we have great taste 😀 a amazing show as usual. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏🙏💙

  16. One of my favorite seires is Nirvana in Fire also! I love Ni Huang and Lin Shu! Yes i agree that scene eps 12 was one of the most romantic scene ever! I balled my eyes out lol!

  17. The Untamed, Ashes of Love, Ten Miles of Peach Bloosoms, Princess Agents, The King's Woman, Journey of Flower & Legend of Fuyao 🙂

  18. hello marcus… i have to admit I am a sucker for a historical drama coz all of the dramas that u recommend i have watched all of it 😂😂😂

  19. Thanks for the update once again, Sir Marcus 😊 I really do love Ever night so much. I love Arthur Chen's acting and how great he was in portraying his role as Ning Que. I'm too excited after hearing the news about it's sequel and at the same time it's saddenes me because Ning Que is no longer portrayed by Arthur. But I do really hope Dylan will do great and surpasses what Arthur did for Ever night 😁 looking forward for that costume drama soon😊😊😉 cheers 🍻

  20. A great list, some seen others not yet, so I'll look them up. You didn't mention The journey of flower, did you see It? It is just as great and thanks to it, I then watched the Princess Agents.

  21. No love for Novoland: Eagle Flag? I am sad!! It is better than Novoland: Tribes and Empires. but, yeah, overall, Nirvana in Fire is still my all-time favourite. Machinations of Hu Ge to exact revenge upon those who have wronged his family has no close parallels in any chinese costume dramas. plot wise, it is one of the most sophisticated ones I have ever seen among the crowd of mostly cliche-filled chinese costume dramas.

  22. Thanks very much for info Marcus
    Still no news of new wuxia drama
    My TOP ones
    Nirvana in fire season one
    Nirvana in fire season 2 wind blows in changlin
    The glory of tang dynasty by ren jia lin
    The legend of Haolan
    The rise of the Phoenixes
    The longest day in Chang Ann
    Noveland eagles flag
    But there are others which I enjoyed their drama plot developments not on their cast
    Current ones watching
    Love and destiny episode 13/60
    Novoland eagles flag episode 44/56
    Conspiracy of love episode 2/24 (great drama plot developments)
    Hotel del luna episode 1/18 (k drama top rated)

    Cheers relaxing drama time

  23. My first ever costume drama. My Fair Princess. Xiao yan zi, ziwei, erkang.. ring any bell people? Who’s with me?

  24. Since your recommending XianXia and/or WuXia..will you come up with a republican one? 🤔🤔

    I know it's not your cup of tea but I love my republican genre..not many like it..but just like WuXia, I think it gives a lot of angst watching a good one.. 🧐🧐

    My #1 favorite is Battle of ChangSha (very different Yang Zi here). I somewhat enjoyed Tiensin Mystic (but learning that season 2 doesn't have Li Xian, for me he carried the show so much that I don't think the new Guo DeYou fits, I'm thinking of not watching s2 tho the ending is such a cliffhanger!). Then the famous Siege in Fog even though I hated the ending it was a good torture.. currently watching Arsenal Military Academy and yes, Bai Lu isn't a convincing crossdresser but the endless bickering is delightful to see 😊😊😊

  25. I agree on Nirvana in Fire is one of the best Chinese Dramas ever. The story, the directing and acting, all are top. Unfortunately it was a Drama for my brain only and didn't really touched my heart. Everything made so much sense that it had not one surprise and all the characters were so untouchable that I couldn't feel with them. It is too artsy and perfect.

  26. I have watched al the costume drama you mentioned …thanks Marcus 😍 agree yes Nirvana indeed is one of the best

  27. Most of those drama I seen is from Hong Kong TVB, but unfortunately they cut off about a quarter of the drama out.😢

  28. I love how you are very frank about your feelings and recommendations of films. I do exactly what you recommended when I get to dragged on boring parts of dramas and skip lol. Ashes of Love was one of them as it dragged towards the end and didn’t have a satisfying ending for me, so I was very thankful to not have wasted so much of my time on it. 😂

  29. Since the day Ashes of love ended I couldn't move on, such an amazing drama it is, my all time fav,,,, until one month earlier when The untamed came to my life❤❤ Grandmaster of demonic cultivation is my most fav novel & the drama adaptation is superb…so Ashes of love & The untamed are my most favs of all time❤…Xiao zhan & Denglun has occupied a huge space in my heart, they r my no.1 celebrity crushes🥰🥰❤❤

  30. Costume dramas are some of my favorite in Chinese dramas thanks for the video now I can add a few more to my watch list that I haven't seen yet.

  31. Nirvana in Fire, Nirvana in FIre II, Rise of Pheonixes & Tribe and Empires are amazing!!! but Tribe and Empires left us hanging – I was like why is this drama ending its not the end yet~~~

  32. Eternal Love was left out in your list but figures high on mine, both season 1 & 2.
    Some of those on your list really dragged, one of which was Princess Agents, apart from having either an unsuitable name or one with the wrong reference.
    What I did like however about PA were the costumes. Number 1 on my list. Especially the female lead. ZL was always impeccably kitted out and she also embodied a strong personality. Most female leads in CDramas are dressed like as if they have been picked out of the trash can. A point that really angers and puzzles me.
    Ironically the supporting actress looks like a million dollars. ZL generally is better dressed than most.
    I can argue this point to no avail.
    Certain episodes of PA rate as no1, but after Yuwen Huwai got his head chopped off I had to use a safety pin to jab me to keep me awake or the clockwork orange method of pasting my eye lids open.
    Apropos Yuwen Huwai, they made him play with that child and he looked so adorable. Which director in their right mind makes a villain look adorable?….and seconds later he waves good bye to his head.
    I'm dying to see the much talked about ice gongfu. Knowing that it was plagiarized they could have wrapped it up in one shot
    Episode 43 was absolutely super and the last one aswell

  33. I love Legend of Fuyao, Princes Agents, 10 miles of Peach blossom. I like Nirvana in Fire 2 n Tribes n empires but I hate d ending of the latter. For some reason I haven’t seen the 1st Nirvana, I should probably watch that. I like Untamed but now I prefer Novoland than Untamed. I started watching Chang an, ashes of love, rise of the phoenixes, story of Ming lan n yanxi palace but I stopped, just lost interest. I prefer watching historical dramas than the modern ones. So probably I would continue watching them😁 thanks for your recommendations. They really help even though some I don’t agree😜 Continue what u do👍👍

  34. 🎬🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩💯✔️favorit Derama
    1️⃣Ten miles of peach Bloosoms
    2️⃣Ashes of love
    3️⃣Ever night 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣
    4️⃣ Novoland eagle flag
    5️⃣Romance of the condor heroes

  35. Hi Marcus!

    I'm here, so you can give me an ✔ of assistance


    It seems to me that Marry's is already transmitted to me by Croton or SBS?

    The Rise of Phoenix is forever for me ♥

    Costume, Booklet, Actors all

    The Untamed seems to me (But I'm still stuck with the drama Love and Destiny)

    Ashes of love like like 👍 I liked it too

    Ten Mile of peach like like 👍

    Thanks for the information, good start to the week

  36. Thanks for sharing your opinion with us Marcus! There are a few of those dramas I haven`t seen but I`ll catch up 😂

  37. Obrigada Marcus fico facinada com cada historia muito lindo parabens a tda produçao atores maravilhoso bjs.

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