10 Things Elegant Ladies NEVER Do!

10 Things Elegant Ladies NEVER Do!

In today’s videos ladies, I uncover those 10 Things Elegant Ladies Never Do. My name is Anna and I run an online
finishing school called School Of Affluence. I teach women high society skills and
how to transform themselves into becoming elegant ladies that can
have great success with the affluent society. If you’re interested in this transformation visit, www.SchoolOfAffluence.com for more information. Now let me jump straight into number one because ladies, the world needs more elegance and
affluent men are widely requesting it! So make sure you listen up! Number 1. Elegant ladies would never dress inappropriately. And with inappropriately, I mean elegant ladies
are not trying too hard. They are not trying to sex it up
as much as possible so that they can get more eyeballs on them. They don’t use these strategies
because they don’t have to. They know that their elegance make them stand out.
They know that their elegance is their superpower that actually gives them the attention that they want, but most importantly,
gives them the right attention. Elegant ladies do not wear clothes there are too tight. They wear clothes that you can at least place
two fingers in between the garments and the body. So that’s a good measuring stick if you are unsure
whether your dress is too tight or not. Number 2 Elegant ladies never show lack of confidence. And to tell you the truth, confidence is probably
the main ingredients in elegance. Because no matter how well you dress
or how well you speak, if you don’t execute anything with confidence, then people don’t buy your dose of elegance. So it’s really important to have that right, which is why
I teach students confidence and how to develop it. This is such an important ingredient
that everybody must master if they want to have success in this journey. Number 3 Elegant ladies never speak carelessly. They speak eloquently, they choose the right words,
they use the right phrases. They wouldn’t say, “I’m going to the toilet”
or “I’m going to the loo”. They would say, “Excuse me”. There is a particular elegant manner,
a woman would speak in. She doesn’t have to speak rigidly but
it’s about killing those bad habits in language. No swearing, that’s a given but
also choosing the correct words for things. And if she is a native speaker in a language, she would use the correct grammar
and avoid slang and such things. Number 4 Elegant ladies do not have
certain tics or bad habits. And what do I mean by that? Well, cracking your fingers as an example. I keep seeing that a lot, it’s horrible
or maybe cracking your neck or maybe doing this with your hair or what else? Or maybe pulling your clothes all the time
or what else do we have that is very common? You know all these small things,
like these small tics, we might not even be aware of them
but we keep doing them. And it’s absolutely unelegant behavior
and it’s something that one must start paying attention to
and work with self-awareness. The more tics you have ladies,
the less elegant you’re going to appear. And I’m sorry but things like cracking
your fingers or head, that is extremely unattractive behavior full stop! Number 5 An elegant lady never uploads
provocative pictures of herself online. And I’m talking about glamour shots,
provocative bikini poses. And I’m not saying this because I’m here to shame women and put them in a box
and don’t do this and you cannot be free souls, absolutely not! There is nothing wrong with showing skin. But if you’re trying to be elegant,
if you want to have the branding of an elegant lady, then these type of images
do not go hand in hand. You are fine with uploading a vacation picture,
if you are wearing something that is tasteful. Let’s say you are in a swimsuit or bikini on the beach
or in the beach club or whatever it is, that’s totally different ladies. But if you’re there posing on the sand and touching yourself and showing off
your assets then ladies, that’s not going to make you look elegant. And for those of you who are perhaps models
and work as glamour models, your branding can become very confusing
if you also want to appear very elegant. So sometimes, you really just have to
pick your battles and decide for yourself. What is more important for me, having this glamour model branding
or actually, have more of an elegant lady branding? It’s all about your goals and what you want to achieve. so make sure you strategize according
to what makes you happy and gives you success in life. Number 6 And this is one of my favorites. Now elegant ladies never chase men. Because elegant ladies, they know they are
high-caliber women who do not need to chase men. Surely we can help men a little bit along the way in a very silent and an invisible way
so that they don’t notice. But we do not chase after them,
we do not keep messaging them first, or calling them and asking, “Can we meet?”
No! We stay put and if they’re interested, and if they propose it well,
we might accept their invitation. But other than that ladies, you always have
to remember never to sell yourself short. Number 7 Elegant ladies would never
slouch and walk around with curved back or sits with a curved back. I mean imagine, a lady has the honor to wear
this beautiful expensive designer dress and then she’s sitting there as a hunchback. How wrong is that? That is so out of place. And it just reduces every single penny
spent on that dress and ruins her image. You really have to take the details into account if you want to be on point with your personal branding and knowing what is the branding of an
elegant lady and I need to get it right, if I want to become one. Number 8 This one I’ve noticed in society
that a lot of ladies actually do not notice. And it’s really tricky when this happens. Because when you do not
notice things you cannot correct it. So you keep doing it and then you wonder,
“Why am I not being successful?” Having aggressive body language.
And that could be anything. That can be the tone of your voice. That can be your gestures. Maybe you’re grabbing things too harshly
or when you’re walking you stomp with your feet. Or when you open doors,
you kind of just slam them open. Having this very strong and aggressive presence is not doing you any favors when it comes to elegance, ladies. You don’t have to be this little soft
piece of cotton wool, you know. You have to soften up
if you’re prone to this form of aggression. And I know that aggression
might spark a little bit of a defense system in people because it’s not a compliment
and nobody wants to feel like, “Oh I’m an aggressive woman.” Many people have a difficulty to see them that way. Number 9 And this touch a little bit upon the chasing men but
actually I’m talking about the bigger picture here. Elegant ladies are never
desperate and I mean, for anything. We’re not desperate for men,
we’re not desperate for friendships or networking, or opportunities, or food, or anything really, ladies. Because as soon as you start being
desperate for things, it could be literally anything, regardless of what your goal in life is. You cannot be desperate for your goal
because then you’re selling yourself short. You have to always keep your
head high and be laser focused on your goals but you can never act with desperation. As soon as you start sending that
desperate vibe out to universe, people pick it up and it’s not doing you a favor.
It’s actually putting people off from you. So the chances of you achieving your goal
is going to be even smaller because now, it’s written desperate all over you.
So, no we don’t go that far. Just stay focused and follow the formula and if you are one of my students,
you know exactly what I’m talking about. Now, lastly ladies, we have arrived to Number 10. And this one is probably the most important and I have already been hinting about it throughout this video. But actually this topic is very present in my online finishing school because
I truly believe that this is what makes somebody achieve success. Now, an elegant lady never does uncalculated things that can harm her personal brand. So I teach a lot about personal branding
and image development in my online finishing school. Because it is that important. But a lot of the times women tend to skip
this topic and they just focus on other things like, “What bag should I buy?” or
“What should I text him?” There’s a bigger picture involved than just that. You really have to think about every single detail and when you get those details right,
that’s when you get success. So, elegant ladies, they’re always careful
with their reputation, with their personal brand, with everything that they send
out to universe, in terms of society, in terms of their behavior,
in terms of their online presence. How they are seen and all of these
details that are so important. Personal branding is like this big puzzle. You have to start placing the puzzles in the
right directions, in the right places because when you have
a complete puzzle that just works, that’s when you’re winning and
that’s when you’re achieving success. Now if you are interested in my
online finishing school visit www.SchoolOfAffluence.com because there, you will learn
everything that I’ve just covered in such great detail that will really
help you on your transformational path. Ladies, unless you have watched a very
popular video of mine, 10 Things Elegant Ladies Never Wear, this video has reached
millions in views so please go and watch it, because that video is going
to really tell you what not to wear. So make sure you don’t miss that one.
Now I will see you in that video and don’t forget to subscribe if you still
haven’t done so. Bye, ladies!

100 Replies to “10 Things Elegant Ladies NEVER Do!”

  1. Clothes:-I’m not elegant then. I sometimes wear tight clothes but not too often
    Confidence:-I have plenty
    Speaking:-not really:swearing/slangs/talk fast and loud(like a rapper😂)
    Habits:a bit with hair
    Provocative pictures:I would but I’m 16 and I still have to tone my abs. I want to look like a glamour model not like an elegant woman
    Chasing men/boys:I talk to everyone but I expect them to chase me(but still keep a distance)
    Hunch:well no. Like it makes my stomach flatter if I sit straight
    Aggressivity:a little bit.
    Desperate:Well I’m too detached for people ,yet I am opportunistic and selfish and I’m desperate for achieving something(yet I don’t look like that)
    Uncalculating:sometimes like when I clap back to my teachers-something that doesn’t benefit me I am careless but when it’s something like my music career I am careful
    Anyway,I want to be a pop/R&B singer and a rapper not an elegant and classy lady

  2. My father (who was an old gentleman) used to say: -“when you ask a lady out and she says no, she means maybe; and if she answers maybe, what she really means is yes” -And if she answers yes? -“Then she is not a lady”

  3. One thing that I notice about you and something that I have always admired in other elegant ladies, most notably Kate Middleton, is the way you speak. You speak slowly and never sound overly excited. Have you taken elocution lessons and do you have any tips on how to speak with more poise and eloquence?

  4. I am glad for this channel. Teaching women how to be more classy is something this society needs. I think lots of women forget about their natural gifts and are shamed to dare show their feminity, to be more free and let the men be providers. And I'm very sad people don't realize how much the masculinity and femininity are unbalanced.
    Thank you for reminding me what is about to be a woman and trying to make people understand that women dont have to be only "tough soldiers" but also gentle fairy who let her knight shine and protect her.

  5. Inelegant not "unelegant". I love your channel for curbing a lack of tutilage and am assuming English is not your mother tongue.

  6. Media encourages ladies to be cheap. But seriouly, if you don't respect yourself how can you expect others to respect you? Don't treat yourself like garbage and others won't dare to either.

  7. I don't agree with the provocative picture rule. I think elegance is more about how a women carries herself and how comfortable and confident she is to set her own boundaries. Take Dita Von Teese for example, a timelessly classy women yet she is a burlesque performer. If you've ever seen her in an interview you can just tell that Dita exudes class and elegance.

  8. Thank you for making a point of that you’re not shaming women or telling them what to do however it’s just a case of trying to be elegant.
    This is the classiest thing about you. You do not put other women down even when giving specific advice. Your delivery is always free to take on and never pushed. 🙏🏻⚜️

  9. Just gonna clear something up so that no one mis-interprets what Anna means by "Eliminate your ticks". What she likely means to say is "Eliminate fidgeting". She doesn't mean actual medical "ticks", which are common in those experiencing Tourette Syndrome or have unexplainable muscle ticks, whether that be verbal or a physical, muscular one. You're not inherently less elegant just because of this. Love yourself and follow the rest of Anna's steps, because you're more than deserving of your own efforts towards improvement❤👍🏾
    I love this video, everything in this is SPOT ON

  10. Some ladies have spinal deformities that affect their posture. It has nothing to do with being sloppy or lack of elegance or confidence. You must look at all kinds of women. My job is to help people with muscle and spinal problems and they are beautiful and elegant and not the perfect body you describe. They have an amazing personal brand that draws people to them and have impeccable reputations. You actually overlook their postural deformities and do not see them.

  11. An elegant lady is good for others, but is it good for her, too? Does an elegant lady have a happier life because of her elegance? I doubt!

  12. Wonderful video 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. I think that this type of material should be implemented in schools. Thank you so much for taking you time and sharing with us.

  13. We’re not her to change ourselves and our personalities but there is no wrong in improving ourselves and look classy 😍

  14. I appreciate your mention of using correct grammar. This is becoming more and more an issue as language become more sloppy.
    Such as saying “ Me and my friends”
    Instead of the correct “ My friends and I”. Small thing but makes a very big difference.

  15. Yes! I’ve noticed that people in the US never just say “excuse me” when leaving the dinner table. They give too much information, we get it, you’re going to the bathroom, you don’t have to tell us. Same with photos, I agree, I feel so embarrassed for some women for constantly posting selfies and weird poses. Not elegant at all, it just makes them look desperate.

  16. Thank you for reaching out to all ladies. Our society has lost etiquette and societal rules. Thank you for bringing them back.

  17. Personal branding… I never heard this exact term but it's is 100% correct. I live in a small town where everything you do is noticed and nothing you do is ever forgotten. Which is fair, actually because all the little decisions reflect on your level of respect for self and respect for others. 😚

  18. Please do more videos on not chasing men and being desperate. I think that is a huge one for women of all ages.
    P.s. i love your channel 🙂

  19. Thank you! 😍 I love your videos, I don't know a lot about elegance but I am fascinated that by kind of an instinct, I have been acting better than I thought, I mean, before knowing a lot of your tips, I already practiced them, 😍😍😍 Thank you so much ! My whole life people called me boring for acting according to this, but your videos are making me realizing that I wasn't wrong by acting simple, neutral and conservative.

  20. You mean like the Kardashian’s do? Lol They always push the envelope. They could use some tips from you! You are the epitome of elegance! Love your channel!❤️😉

  21. I am extremely conflicted. I want to be elegant but I also want to experiment with fashion and be free and expressive. I'm only 17.

  22. I love your channel, i aim to become more elegant and better version of myself as a lady 💕 With your tips learning a lot 🥰

  23. Please may you hear concerns about dressing appropriate colors? Several cultures believes that white seems sad, black may be about loss, and wearing red should limit to or so specific positive important occasions and not so frequent/easy…? Appreciate in advance, Madame.

  24. Very true, for number one. That kind of clothing just looks trashy, plus it looks like you are trying too hard, and desperate for attention. Not elegant at all.

  25. True about confidence, too. And true about speaking well! That is so important. It is one of my personal biggest HUGEST pet peeves – people who swear all the time, use a lot of slang, and say things like 'I gotta go to the toilet'….ugh. Just say, 'excuse me, I'm going to the lady's room' or something decent. My father's girlfriend actually one said 'I have to take a shit'….I was so, so embarassed. And how you speak, your tone of voice, that matters, too. Don't be yelling or talking super-loud….a gentle voice is best.

  26. Since I have been following your tips I feel more confident and assertive. For example, I used to chase men because society made me believe it was fine. I felt the pressure to be open and modern. in every single aspect of my life. However, it made me feel worthless and unappreciated. Thank you for all your honesty and tips, they mean a lot.

  27. If only women would stop wearing stretch pants, getting tattoos and using foul language. The United States would be a whole lot classier!

  28. I'm aware its a prejudice from my part that I'm working on, but when I hear people using vocal fry, especially at the end of sentences, I tend to think of them as trying-to-hard and makes me think they're dismissing the conversation they're having, being impolite. I keep expecting for them to roll their eyes as well

  29. I think the "Don't be desperate" vibe comes off as "Don't be vulnerable," which is bad advice. Of course, you must trust yourself that you can handle your situation ("don't be desperate"), BUT ALSO don't be afraid to ask for help — or even admit you need help.

  30. I’m not looking for impressing any men. Happy married for 19y I love your Chanel bc I like to improve myself as a person as a woman….a wife a mother…. thx u u doing a good job 😘

  31. I've had rheumatoid arthritis since age 5. Cracking my knuckles is, many times, the only way I can get relief. Same with my neck, hips, knees…in fact, a good part of my joints might crack by me just moving, standing, sitting…I have a lot of hypermobility, I can't help it. Makes me sad that anyone would label me as "not an elegant lady" over something I just can't help.

  32. Best thing my mother ever did was to have me in etiquette school. I have always been highly complimented on my walk, posture, hand placement, dress style, confidence and never had the bother to chase men. Ladies I am 42 and trust me these etiquette rules will make you stand out and provide you with a powerful charm 🙂
    Now go out there and conquer the world with Elegance….

  33. Wow, I learned all of these things as a young lady growing up in NYC. My parents thought it essential to learn good manners, speak and sit well, how to use utensils, etc. Thank you to all the lovely ladies who taught me from the U.S. Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands.

  34. I LOVE these videos. I feel more elegant just watching them. My ? is…what happens to the young woman who behaves speaks and dresses like someone much more affluent gets asked or caught out about NOT being wealthy? Does this make a lady a fraud in the eyes of others?

  35. Can you do a video on what to wear to look elegant if you’re short??? A lot of the examples you show are for taller women and I was wondering if you could do a video for the women who are shorter 🙂

  36. I absolutely hate talking to girl/woman that is touching her hair all the time.  
    It seems to be almost in style for the 20 somethings to run their fingers down their hair

  37. I have been cracking my fingers from i was a child. I cant stop. My fingers hurt so much and my fingers swell. 😣

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