10 Things Men Wear Women Hate – Gentleman’s Gazette

10 Things Men Wear Women Hate – Gentleman’s Gazette

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video, we discuss things men wear
that women hate. Basically, it’s all about mistakes in men’s
appearances and it comes down to two big points. By the way, this list was created by my wife
and business partner. She consulted with a bunch of women and ultimately
created it so don’t take it just from me, but from an educated classy woman. The first category is cries for attention
but there are certainly subcategories. The first one is what she calls the douchebag
professional. Basically, it’s a guy who has achieved some
success in his career, and he wants to show the world what big of a fish he is, at the
end of the day, it’s a man who dresses simply to try to impress other people with his wealth. Let’s start by saying that wearing things
merely to get attention, he’s usually quite transparent because you wear big logos, you
wear flashy big things, maybe diamonds, maybe a big watch, or strong colors in pink, and
it’s just a very transparent thing and it will always show that you’re just trying too
hard. The bad news is classy women don’t look for
someone who is insecure and constantly needs attention instead, they want someone who is
steadfast and at ease with themselves and has developed their own style. The second type who always cries for attention
is the man who unbuttons the dress shirt past the second button. Sometimes all the way down to the belly button. Chances are they like to have a tan, maybe
lots of gold jewelry, and sometimes it’s simply there to show off maybe their six-pack, or
their style. Again, it’s over the top and it’s really there
to gather attention. Just like the douchebag professional, the
guy who’s into flashy brands defines himself all about the brand. It’s not so much about the quality or the
history about it, it’s all about that price tag and what is perceived when you wear it. You probably see them wearing huge Burberry
patterns, maybe they have Goyard purses, or something that can be easily spotted from
yards away. It’s simply tacky and not something a classy
woman would like. The fourth category is the man who follows
trends and fashions obsessively. That means, they either have super short pants,
super tight pants, maybe they wear a beanie with everything, or have super distressed
jeans, and they always have the newest thing and the latest thing, the biggest phone, the
whatever is the newest and latest. Very few women find these cries of attention
attractive because they make you look like you care more about how you’re perceived than
about her and that’s always a bad thing. Yes, you shouldn’t be sloppy and you should
care about the way you look because it has a huge impact. You can learn more but 10 things women love
in this video here. So apart from the cry for attention, the other
category is laziness. No woman wants to be embarrassed by her partner
especially if she pays attention to the way she looks. If you make wardrobe choices that are lazy,
it just shows that you don’t care and it makes you a less attractive to them. So one of the things that make you look lazy
are t-shirts. Even if you think they fit well chances are,
they don’t. Even if you have a really strong v-shape and
you’re very muscular, it can look attractive but at the same time, there are other garments
such as a polo shirt, or a dress shirt, that make you even more attractive. So if it can be more attractive, why would
you consciously choose to be less attractive by wearing a t-shirt? It makes zero sense. To learn more about why a t-shirt doesn’t
flatter your physique, please check out this video here. In any case, if you wear a t-shirt underneath
a sweater or a dress shirt and it’s visible, it’s a style faux pas. The second thing which shouts lazy is a backpack. It’s something you wear maybe on an expedition,
or something that you wore when you were a little schoolboy, but if you’re a man with
a backpack, it just signals it’s an immature man and that’s not very attractive. The third item goes in the same vein, a baseball
hat. Yes, it may be practical and you don’t have
to wash your hair and put it on, but it makes you look like a college pro rather than a
mature man and therefore, you should maybe upgrade. If you want to wear a hat, think about maybe
a fedora, maybe a flat cap, but a baseball cap is always wrong. The fourth item that makes you look lazy is
an athletic garment or a sports jersey outside a gym or an arena. There’s a place and a time for athletic wear
but it’s not in public. When you’re in a social setting, it makes
you look like all you want is personal comfort without actually thinking about your outward
appearance. Another thing that makes you really look lazy
is if you wear garments that don’t fit you. That could be a jacket that’s either way
too big or way too tight, or maybe if the sleeves are too short or too long, because
it shows that you didn’t pay attention and that you didn’t go to an alterations tailor
and made an effort. The same is true if you wear shirt collars
that are way too big, maybe clothing that is stained, or ties from the 90s that were
maybe handed down from you or at least they looked like they were. One of the things that screams laziness the
most in terms of fit is probably pants that are too long. I see it day in and day out where men have
jeans or other pants that are simply way too long especially in the US. Because of that, I suggest you always go to
an alteration tailor. It costs just a few bucks and it really helps
you to look dapper. To learn more about how pants should fit,
please check out this video here. The sixth item that screams laziness are flip
flops. Now, I can see if you are at the beach, maybe
at a pool, it’s perfectly fine to wear them, but if you wear them just to walk around or
hang out with your friends, it’s a certain element of laziness because you can’t be bothered
to put on socks and a nice pair of shoes. Seven, hoodies really scream laziness because
they’re just comfortable, they’re easy to put on, you don’t have to wash them very often. While that’s something you may have worn during
your college days when you’re studying for a test, it’s not something a grown man should
wear in public. Actually even at home, I think a hoodie is
just over the top because usually it’s warm enough that you don’t need the hood and it’s
just something that screams lazy. The eight item that makes you lazy are cargo
pants because wearing cargo pants may be quite practical and if you’re in certain situations,
that may be okay maybe at work, but if you are in the presence of a classy woman, it
just shows that you couldn’t be bothered to either take the items and store them somewhere
else, or maybe take care of your outer appearance because it will always destroy the seal with
the way you look. The ninth thing that says I’m super lazy is
having ungroomed fingernails and toenails. Even if you work in a job where your hands
get dirty, you can make sure to invest in a nice grooming nail kit, maybe a brush and
some proper soap, and you can always clean up your hands afterwards having nail dirt
underneath your toes on your hands clean up. Honestly, there’s no need to spend a lot of
money or time on a professional manicure. You can do it at home in five minutes and
we’ll show you in this video how. Ten, last but not least, one of the things
that make you look super lazy is ungroomed hair. That can be your haircut, that can be your
facial hair, let’s say your eyebrows when you have one that is super long, maybe you
have a unibrow. But one of the things that makes you probably
look the least attractive and very old at the same time, are having nose hair and your
hair so always make sure you look at those areas and if you see any hair, use a pair
of tweezers or maybe a nose hair trimmer and make sure you’re neat. Because not having well-groomed hair is a
sign of lack of respect for yourself and therefore also probably for others. in today’s video I’m wearing a outfit that
shows that I’m not lazy it consists of a sport coat which is part of a suit it has a kind
of teal ish maybe petrol blue color so it’s a little more out there because of that I
combine it with choir accessories such as a white dress shirt with double cuffs a knit
tie with a two-tone shine it’s silk so there’s an interesting element but the colors are
quite muted it’s from Fort Belvedere and I designed it myself I paired with a light yellow
pocket square with a handmade X stitch it’s something that’s very rare and it shows someone
really paid attention to it so if you wear it by extension it makes you look like you
care you can find a selection of these pocket squares in our shop here pants are slightly
contrasting there are a mid gray there sharkskin they have a light brown tone and they go quite
well with the jacket to contrast things I added a pair of tan or cognac colored shoes
that are Goodyear welted Monk straps the socks Tresa shoes there are
a gray with a turquoise color that picks up the color of my jacket and so it ties everything
together the cufflinks Im wearing are amber colored with gold I found them at a vintage
flea market at Hungary for five bucks they go well with my tie my pinkie ring on your
hand is a bloodstone with likewise a gold setting picks up the green tones of my jacket
but it’s dark just like the tie if you enjoyed this video please sign up to our free email
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100 Replies to “10 Things Men Wear Women Hate – Gentleman’s Gazette”

  1. Sorry gotta' keep the baseball cap (but not a team cap) and the cargo pants for special equipment "carry" edc items. Good vid though.

  2. I disagree with a bunch of your points.
    First off, T shirts are great because of their simplicity. They show your body better than polos and dress shirts, which people that go to the gym earned. Yes, if you have shitty physique, your advice works, but for someone shredded, it doesn't.
    Second, backpacks. If you have shitty looking backpack, like the one in the video, then you should definitely not wear a backpack. I got so many compliments on my backpack because it is classier and looks very nice.
    Lastly, flip flops. They are not a sign of laziness, they are just there to let your feet take a breather. Your feet are already in shoes the entirety of winter, and now you also subject them to the same treatment in the summer. That's just wrong.

  3. Sven, I love what you’re doing and love the channel.

    I just have to say one thing: I know you think haters are part and parcel of dressing up, but your haters seem to have increased due to you being, dare I say it, excessively judgemental of people who choose to adopt a more casual wardrobe i.e. baseball caps, hoodies, T shirts, possibly sneakers?

    Here in the UK, classical and more formal menswear are instilled within our culture, as is sports fashion and I think many educated and classy women appreciate a man “who can do both.”

  4. I just returned from Las Vegas and saw many couples out for the evening in clubs, bars, restaurants, and on the gambling floor. I'm afraid laziness in men is endemic. Women take extraordinary care in preparing to go out for an evening, with carefully done makeup and outfits coordinated stockings, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. Even if the clothing isn't in the best of taste, they always make an effort. By contrast, it seems most men are content just to put on a clean shirt and they're good to go. (Me, I was there to play poker and didn't do anything in the way of clubs, so I didn't come prepared for that kind of fun.)

    Obviously, black tie would come across rather strangely in that setting even at night, but come on! They don't even have the excuse of hot weather. It can get very hot in Las Vegas in the summer, even at night, but this time of year the temperature ranges from the mid-60s during the day to mid-40s at night. A jacket is actually more comfortable.

  5. I would love to see the expression on your face if you ever came to the US and went to a walmart. Im no fashion expert but seeing grown people out in public wearing camouflage, especially middle-age women, makes me shake my head. I hate to admit it but many of us dress like total slobs. The worst part is most people dont even realize it. Thanks for the informative videos, theyre done very well.

  6. Videos like this are always funny. It assumes that all women have the same taste or that all "classy women" do. I agree with some of this list. I like men to be clean and groomed and I'm not fond of loud clothes, baseball caps or athletic gear. I'm fine with tee shirts though, as long it's not that too-tight one on the muscle guy and as long as it's a casual situation. As far as the grooming goes though, a man be too groomed. I like men with messy or shaggy hair. Short hair is also fine, but a man with oily, slicked down hair is my biggest physical turn off. It feels so unpleasant and isn't attractive to me at all. Polo shirts are another no no for me. They're just so ugly.

  7. 1st, we should not do sth (it's "something", I'm lazy) that draw too much attention, or "cries for attention". But then I should pay attention to many things like how people think that "you just care about making yourself comfortable" or the length of the sleeve… ok. I'm not saying those things are wrong. What I'm trying to say is he was honest when he said that those things came from women. "Classy" ones…

  8. Disagree on hoodies and baseball caps. You can wear both with a clean, preppy style. Ralph makes great hoodies and caps, or just wear your uni hoodie. Hoodie, casual shirt and chinos is a great style.

  9. I hate the flip flops. Plus every dude wearing them has beat up nails and ghost white feet. Nasty. I call em bitch flops.

  10. I think that alpha m shows that you can wear t shirts and flip flops and still be a gentleman that women find attractive.

  11. Who are you kidding your dressing could have been pulled of in the 1950's and 60's if you were a sicilian mobster.Nowadays you just look like a dork.

  12. Bravo! Absolutely wonderful video Sven. I am a young man and I have come to the same conclusions as I have and continue to mature. I am pleased to see that there is someone who is truly concerned and cares about traditionalism. It is a trait rarely seen. Truly remarkable. Thank you.

  13. I like cargo pants if I'm going to be traveling or in the outdoors. I think in this context they go with an adventurous look. If you're ex-military you wear them much more comfortably.

  14. I definitely disagree on t-shirts. In my experience decent t-shirts look better than decent polo shirts. polo shirts don't show off muscle that well and don't suit many pairs of jeans very well. I also rarely see polos paired with chinos that look decent either

  15. The thing is, there are situations where most of these (except for grooming) can make you very attractive to some women. You repeatedly refer to the trends as lazy, but they could also be viewed as nonchalant. the guy that has a chilled, firm confidence talking to a girl while wearing flip flops with a shirt with 3 buttons undone comes across as even more confident than a man dressed well. it's called the handicap principle; if he can be so confident despite underdressing, then he must have even more reason to be confident. This could be total bullshit, but that's how it would come across. Women may find themselves turned off my what he wears but drawn back in because of the way he wears them.

  16. Can I add the following…… Scruffy shoes….. Tie not properly done up and/or tie done up but top shirt button undone…..

  17. Never wear a tshirt? So literally all I can wear in a hot environment are heavy polo shirts and suits? These videos are arbitrary and subjective, yet they're extremely restrictive in your wardrobe, heavy, and are only meant to cover up an otherwise unflattering, chubby dad bod.

  18. Most women are going to be impressed by a unique or intresting streetstyle, wearing a suit and tie to school is just gonna make you stick out in a bad way.

  19. Nothing wrong with wearing a baseball cap. My present and past girlfriend(yes, she is classy and educated) doesn't mind when I wear a baseball cap.

  20. No Flip Flops is harsh. It's pretty standard summer wear in the US. Yeah, if you buy $2 flip flops from Old Navy, they aren't going to look good at all. There are some very nice pairs available that I think look good in the summer, and it shows that you can groom your toe nails as well.

  21. Great video. I definitely needed to be bashed by it. I'm so lazy. And I know it. The video helped. Thank you

  22. I wear what I like, damn half the shit he's talking bout and I like my flops, I have meet plenty of women who like how and what I wear with them. Of course your feet and toe game have to be bar none.

  23. Flip flops are basically like sneakers around here they are what you usually wear so I don't think these are general rules but more like the standards where you guys live . I think you should dress like the people around you

  24. I agree with most of these. Having said that, when it comes to sandals, certain parts of the country care less (Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, certain coastal areas, etc) due to their largely outdoorsy populations and I would argue that they are certainly appropriate in some settings. T-shirts are also something that are heavily abused by men wearing them incorrectly, however, celebrity Menswear fashion expert Ashley Weston has a great video showing how a T-shirt can be very appealing and attractive for men. Highly recommend looking into this. From a classic standpoint you are not mistaken.

  25. So I have a question so what if you have a job or carrer that requires you to wear things like jeans and boots? Are there any tips on how to make that look good?

  26. Nice video! Being Brazilian, I didn't like our National Footbool Team shirt being "not nice", since we are 5 times World Champions(and last Olympic Champions). But I understand the style(and just the style) is too lazy(kkkkkkkk=lol)

  27. To all the critics out there, eat the meat and spit out the bones. Sven is doing a great job helping people develop their own unique style within some parameters. Use what you like and discard the rest. It’s that simple really.

  28. very informative, Like the classiness, but people need to be themselves, life is short. I personally don't mind a man in flip-flops, am I a classy woman, this might be debatable

  29. A lot of these and I agree with, but a lot of this depends on where you live. I live in a very hot Climate and you don’t always want to wear anything but a T-shirt. I wear a T-shirt under every shirt I wear because it keeps me cool.

  30. One exepcion about backpack ( and its always hurt when you sad taht inmature and ugly : ( ) – i have spine problems and i cant wear bag , or business case ( i wisch i could) . I need backpack so its disrtibute weight evenly on my back.Do you have any elegent alternative ? Maybe brown leatcher backpack ?? Greetings from Poland 🙂

  31. I suspect that if men (and women) just learn to master that which Baldassare Castiglione refers to as 'Grace' or Nochelance in The Courtier, the world would be such a better place, with no overkill douchbags and the likes. That goes for all areas of life, not just clothes.

  32. Good info! I wear button up short sleeve dress shirts all week when I go out in public and I wear t-shirts at home. I do have a Tag watch but it's not overly flashy. I do have a large S9 but I'm a work from home on the internet guy so tech is important to me.

  33. “Even at home a hoodie seems over the top”
    Proceeds to show a clip of him in a bright yellow robe with a tie underneath

  34. Of all the classless examples you mentioned, the mismatched suit jacket and trousers which YOU were wearing at the end of the video Trump's them all !

  35. This video fixates on the notion of ‘laziness’ – seems that the host is projecting his insecurities. Furthermore, the double-breasted suit with dandy pocket square and pinky ring convey overcompensation to me.

  36. There’s no wrong or right way to dress, I believe—that is, this video is a projection of values in the context of ‘fashion.’ How one dresses is neither good nor bad in itself.

    My advice, then, is to wear what’s comfortable. (Of course, situations emerge where it’s probably best to adapt to dress codes, such as a court of law, work, and so on.)

  37. Hoodies are easy, yes, but that's why they're great. They fit perfectly with almost anything, they're casual. They might not be high fashion but still a must have.

  38. Thanks, Sven–these videos are truly a pleasure to watch. Very informative and "sympathisch" (I wish this word existed in English).

  39. "Develop your own style" Ok, waht if my own style is using a vibrant colored suit? In my opinion it's waaay better than dressing with a suit that looks like you are in the 1800's

  40. I would really love to dress dapper again. When I was an accountant, I enjoyed wearing my collection of musty tweed blazers but now I’m a 34 year old law school student and a north face back pack is the most practical way to carry around a 10 lb constitutional law text book, an 8 lb civil procedure text book, a lap top plus gym clothes and other accessories. I’m open to suggestions though! Please advise Sven!

  41. I can understand why some men disagree with some of this, but this channel is called "GENTLEMAN's Gazette", and is more directed at men who like and wear this type of style (more classy men).

    I consider myself a somewhat classy woman (or lady ;)), and I totally agree with the video! But people are different…depends on what type of women you like :).

  42. I was talking with a lady friend today about hats, and she said the exact opposite. I asked about the fedora, and she said NO, a normal baseball cap, nothing with a rim. I may try both though. Not a hat guy, but wan't to cover the wonderful bald spot on my thinning head. We are in our mid 30's for reference.

  43. this guy is out of touch with reality and def got beat up in school… a big watch? a big phone? a hoodie? every high end suiting company makes hoodies and t shirts. you shouldn't wear a hoodie at home lol….this guy should live in the 1800s…what a tool..hes the loser that walks into Whole Foods or the restaurant at breakfast or lunch in a suit even in 100 degree weather – loser

  44. I rarely rate videos down but as much as the advise about what NOT to do were merely questionable and despite I would dispute some points I could accept most at least to an extent, the advice what to to do was just beyond ridiculous and I don't want to be mean but your attire is one of the most tasteless hipster mashups I've ever seen and are just a massive NO at every possible point, looks literally as if you made it on purpose to be as horrible as humanly possible… and IDK what women you are familiar with and what you mean by a "classy" woman but I already expect to our perception of that term to be VASTLY different and the women I find classy would not comment on your outfit out of politeness at best.

  45. Very true…wish man would really care..but depends how they grew up at home..or what was their example when their dad is or was at home..😕😉

  46. Although I agree with flip flops, nails, gaudy tees, hair grooming….overall women don't want you to be comfortable. Don't be comfortable for yourself and women who will never want you will like your wallet and your money. They'll never truly like you. I get it…

    How bout this..wear what you want, have self esteem and carry yourself with pride and dignity. If women dont find that attractive then fuckem'.

  47. Women don't care what you wear they just wanna find your wallet! In nevad a every other man is wearing flip flops! And the funny thing is that they're usually with a woman! Duh?

  48. What women hate is when you are wearing a suit/combination while your wife/girlfriend is wearing a t-shirt

  49. Enjoying the advice….but comfort is king….and warm/hot weather will make quick changes to four layers of clothing.

  50. I live in Fl. It's 110 in summer/ 80 in winter, it's quite challenging to follow the style under such temperatures.

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