10 Things that men should never wear

10 Things that men should never wear

10 Things that men should never wear. Not everything looks like favors them …
  Everyone has his style, however, as well as
among girls there are certain clothes that should never have been designed, in men’s
fashion there are also clothes that they should never wear. Take note: 1. Socks with sandals. It is one of the biggest sins in fashion that
can be committed, neither women nor men are forgiven for wearing socks and less socks
with open sandals. Total Failure! 2. Flip-flops to go outside. It is one thing to be on the beach or in the
pool and to go out in flip-flops and another thing is to add this pair to your city clothes. As much as some designers try to make their
strange mixes by combining flip-flops it just does not look good and only serves to add,
negatively, a flamboyant style. 3. Tie below the belt. Even neckties have different measures depending
on the height of the person. If you bring the tie with a length that reaches
below the belt, it is best to go shopping. A tie made to measure. 4. The shirt with the first five buttons unbuttoned. Exactly! The first five buttons are half or
more of the shirt. In tastes, genres are broken and recently
the fever of the so-called “Mirey” was born., However, leaving stereotypes aside, bringing
the shirt unbuttoned in that way has never been seen as fashionable, elegant or stylish. 5. Necklines or shirts in V neck. We regret disappointing YOU but the necklines
are for girls. Please, if you know someone who wears these
types of shirts, tell them to refrain, especially if they plan to show their body hair. 6. Super tight pants. Women love this garment especially in rock
singers, however, there is a big difference between tight pants and pants that should
be flattened with butter to pull them up. 7. T-shirts with holes. They do not combine with anything. The only welcome and stylish holes are those
that the jersey has. 8. Velvet Suit. Unless it is to record an episode of the “Stuffed
Family”, the velvet suits remain in the trunk. 9. Shiny suits. It is not the worst of sins to wear a shiny
suit, however, a matte suit gives more presentation, style, and formality. 10. Denim shorts. Do you need an explanation? (Source: http://www.veintitantos.com) To LEARN MORE about 10 things that men should
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3 Replies to “10 Things that men should never wear”

  1. What's wrong with uncuffed denim shorts unless they are way too short or way to long?
    I'm 68 years old and have been told (by both good looking women and my male friends) that the shorts make me look younger and "handsomer". (sic)

  2. Nothing wrong with a necktie reaching to the belt. Would rather it fit comfortably that way than going only half way, the half way makes it look like it shrunk on you, or your wearing a little kiddies neck tie. A longer tie gives you the flexibility for it to look well dressed especially with the tie knot up around the collier area. And also, to go even further, a collier bar and cuff links adds more distinct class to a well dressed man especially when wearing a suit.

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