10 Things That You Shouldn't Wear Under Any Circumstances

10 Things That You Shouldn't Wear Under Any Circumstances

scientists have proved that 73% of woman's back problems comes from the clothes and accessories they wear you will throw half of your wardrobe away after watching this video as many clothing items are not as harmless as they seem we got 10 pieces of clothing that can have a negative effect on your health pay attention to pencil spurts they seem like one of the most dangerous fashion items ever made 10 tight pants due to the effect of compression these popular skinny jeans are a real threat to your health it can cause many problems such as poor blood circulation dilated veins and slow digestion moreover because of the additional pressure on the lateral female cutaneous nerve tight pants can cause numbness and pain and the thighs so next time you look for a new pair of jeans make sure they are safe for your health 9 high heels in the latest study researchers at Auburn University concluded that women have four times more foot problems than men do joint pain calluses ankle sprains osteoarthritis and nerve damage just to name a few if you have any of these problems blame it on the high-heeled shoes you love so much the higher an hour the heel is the worse try to limit the amount of time you wear high heels and next time go with a pair of more comfortable shoes your feet should feel supported and balanced especially if you plan on a long distance walk eight thongs if you often wear thongs you should know that this piece of underwear can lead to serious intimate health problems such as hemorrhoids vaginal infections irritation and skin chafing try not to wear thongs very often especially in summer if you do at least go with 100% cotton 7 heavy earrings and necklaces according to recent studies 20% of all ear piercings develop a bacterial infection plus if a procedure was carried out incorrectly it can lead to spread of infection in the future and put your life at risk large heavy earrings often caused damaged and only plastic surgery will be able to solve this problem massive necklaces are also harmful to your health it's better to avoid wearing them too often a heavy one can cause neck pain and even difficult to treat contractures six ties women are not the only ones who suffer from their clothes according to a Cornell University study 67% of men buy shirts that are smaller than their necks as a result small shirts and tight tie knots reduced blood circulation increase intro cooler pressure caused headaches limit neck movement and increased muscle tension in the back and shoulders 5 poorly fitted bras the wrong bra size or fully fitted bras can cause numerous problems such as vac shoulder and spinal pain every time you buy a bra try it on before leaving the store if you have big breasts avoid wearing bras with thin straps if you have a smaller bust make sure that the metal under wires don't damage your skin or flip flops despite being an essential accessory for the beach flip flops are not as safe as you think if put your feet at risk this type of footwear can cause scrapes on your feet that can be easily infected for over being very flat flip-flops make your heels hit the ground with more force which can cause discomfort and back pain 3 shapewear all women want to look slim and fit especially on a date however a tight girdle isn't the best option it can cause shortness of breath muscle pain and poor blood circulation at least always choose the right size for you and look for shapewear made with flight Brooke to provide an adequate balance of support compression and comfort to extra-large handbags like any other woman you most likely fill your handbag with everything you can need right however carrying too much weight on one shoulder can cause muscle pain and damage your joints if you can't give up your favorite extra-extra-large handbag try not to fill it with unnecessary stuff carry only the things you need one pencil skirts pencil skirts or pipe skirts bring your legs too close to each other so there's always a possibility losing your balance and falling they limit all your movements from walking to getting into the car but the worst thing is that such skirts can cause muscle strains and knee malformations don't forget to rethink your wardrobe and share this video with those who are fans of the dangerous fashion items hit the like button below and click subscribe to stay on the bright side of life

28 Replies to “10 Things That You Shouldn't Wear Under Any Circumstances”

  1. Why anyone would wear a thong of their own accord unless it's just to entice someone is beyond me.

    However the message seems to be don't wear anything sexy, and I don't mean to be arrogant here but… I enjoy being looked at 😂

  2. Why is it wrong to wear jean above your belly button according to thumbnail picture? I have a very short torso.

  3. Based on the various problems in wearing different types of clothes and accessories, the best solution is not to wear anything. Hahahahaha…….. just being cheeky

  4. So…my sensory disorder comes in handy…perhaps it's not much of a "disorder" afterall and more of my sensitive body saying, "Let's make healthy choices!"
    I hate carrying purses, I wear strapless bras, I never wear high heels or flip flops, my ears are not pierced and I limit my jewelry unless I'm feeling spontaneous, and you couldn't pay me to wear something tight around my stomach. Alright guys, become disabled and doctors will call you healthy. 😂

  5. I will wear high rise pants anytime I want and you can't make me stop! So there!
    Besides. They're the only pants I have.

  6. OMG I have chronic inflammation all over my feet so I couldn't imagine wearing high heels. Even with the most supportive shoes ever, I'm in agony.

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