10 Things Women LOVE To See Men Wear | Attractive Men's Style Pieces She LOVES

10 Things Women LOVE To See Men Wear | Attractive Men's Style Pieces She LOVES

43 Replies to “10 Things Women LOVE To See Men Wear | Attractive Men's Style Pieces She LOVES”

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    Video Summary:
    0:16 – A Well Fitted Suit
    1:11 – A Nice Watch
    2:55 – Fragrance
    3:40 – Pink Shirts
    4:17 – Boxer Briefs
    4:44 – Well Fitted Jeans
    5:18 – Stylish Footwear
    6:23 – Cashmere Sweaters
    6:46 – V-Neck Clothing
    7:11 – Great Smile & Fresh Breath

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  2. Oh you've got such nice grammar your profile is so nice but once I went out with you I found out you were a piece of s*** you were lazy and couldn't work and you were an abuser all you are a suit coat in a tie or a gold watch I went out with you I married you but then you molested my kids then you robbed my mother and my family you couldn't change a tire on a car you drove us in debt you couldn't build a house you couldn't milk a cow you couldn't plow a field you're useless you pencil pusher you get all the brownie points though don't you that's what's wrong with this freaking world today a true man ain't worth s*** it's all you fakes and phonies the got all the brownie points I'm mad as hell ain't going to take it no more

  3. Another words you're saying that the woman is going to choose the guy with the sports jacket in the gold watch the Fancy Shoes the sports car but guess what she won't be able to live with the piece of s*** because the guy's a frigging phony the guys useless the guy's a leech the guy's a frigging pedophile and the guy is going to be a dog gun abuser the guy. Guns at pothead and the guys too freaking lazy to work and he can't change the freaking sparkplug can't get his hands dirty never mind what I want to do to you kind

  4. The world is full of fake people hiding behind their clothes hiding behind their wrist watch hiding behind their wallets you know you end up with the person if the person is s*** take the clothes off and you've got s*** is that why there's so many broken marriages and so much adultery you know a good person doesn't stand a chance anymore it's all about putting on a showy display that sucks the women it sucks the man you suck too

  5. Question here's my question? What's wrong with a natural man? Let me say it this way I'm attracted to any nice looking woman regardless of what she's wearing I'm attracted to the person not so much the clothing an ugly woman in any kind of clothes isn't going to make me like her more isn't it that way with women I mean an ugly man and all these fine clothes is that going to do it she going to fall in love with the clothes or the man? 🙁

  6. Only time i might wear a suit is at a wedding if im in it !!! This guy is in the 50s !!! A watch look at your phone !!! Why dress like a lawyer when you aint one !!!

  7. Great videos, how about some places we can buy clothes, shoes, etc at a reasonable price? I'll take all the watches, lol.

  8. Whether woman or man, all the people truly loves the genuine honesty, compassion n respect. Inner values are more important than outer. Teach the right things my cool handsome friend.

  9. Hey Bro you were definitely on point on all your suggestions, I''m 63 yrs old and I still get hit on by younger women in their 20s & 30s just because of the way I dress. A nice watch & nice pair of shoes v neck shirt or sweater always kept me noticed by women most of my adult life, great tips Bruh! I've always been a fan of watches, but hadn't heard of the Fifth watches. You might think about telling your audience about laying out their clothes & accessories the night before, it always help me just in case you were running late the next day for some reason…Great Job Young Man!!

  10. Women like when men have well cared hands and nails, clean small aries such as eye corners or ear lines. Also beard is very important – softly shaved or long but styled to fit the face shape. Both are ok, as long as women can notice that men take care about themselves.

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  12. I just hate wearing watches it makes me nervous, I have HSP, so if women run naked after me maybe, just maybe I wear one….

  13. Any guy who would wear Footwear like that is a faget and no disrespect 2
    My gay friends but those shoes are hideous and any woman he thinks a man is masculine in those need her head examined in do you notice that guys wear shoes let me rephrase that do you notice that guys who dress like that wear shoes that are three times too big for them giving them the illusion that they have huge feet

    Do you know what turns a woman on is a pair of cut-off jean shorts tight so your package is showing in a pair of flip-flops but you got to have sexy feet like me
    Then put your Peter Pan four sizes too big Frederick cartel shoes on
    You know what a woman likes she likes sex appeal she likes to see a guy and a pair of track pants showing his nicely formed ass in bare feet because this is the real person this is what she's going to be waking up in the morning to this is what he wears around the house guys who need all these props to get laid
    Dont HAVE IT !!
    Women like tight jean shorts big arms and a well-formed ass

    And any man who doesn't know how to suck toes
    Needs to watch some more of these videos

  14. My wife gets embarrassed when I insist on wearing my suit for a night out in Seattle. I do it anyway, because to me, I can grab a bag from my closet, that has everything I need to normally be the best dressed guy in the room. She sees it as pretentious, and me dressing above my class status. Yes, I roof houses for a living, a very good living at that, but she seems to think only a professional, like lawyer, Dr, ect should wear it. I think I need to break her in with Blazers.

  15. I am a silver watch guy as well but I do need to add a brown leather to the mix. I may give The 5th a try in the near future; would you recommend the London Vesper or the NY41 Tribeca?

  16. No itchy sweaters for me. Have chest hair, so V-neck does not work for me, only crew undershirts. Yes, dentist every six months is a must.

  17. I am hoping that these silly long shorts that more and more men are starting to wear do not become so popular that they are the normal clothes for men to wear because full length jeans may then disappear from the shops remember flared jeans very popular then the fashion changed,i would hate to have to a pair of new stupid half mast shorts altered to get a new pair of jeans by adding material to get the full length I hope that this never happens.

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