10 Tricks To Spot a GREAT Deal (Cheap vs Expensive Clothes)

10 Tricks To Spot a GREAT Deal (Cheap vs Expensive Clothes)

33 Replies to “10 Tricks To Spot a GREAT Deal (Cheap vs Expensive Clothes)”

  1. KK & Jay’s are the best thing I’ve ever bought. Worn them every day for the past year at work, still looking brand new and shirt is always tucked in. Second to none

  2. The last one happen to me, and that night at 3am I was dreaming that , that was amazing shoes. The next day I go to store and buy that shoes. It was amazing experience for me. Finally I feel very relax.

  3. The mistake I believe was making 2 different types of boys.What the fuck m8?I'm waiting for a female alpha.Most likely going to be a coloured hair feminist.

  4. 7:36 what if you leave the store and come back the next day and it's gone Alpha? What do I do now? 😂😂

  5. Hey dude I'm from memelouse video and I want to say thank you for realizing it was a joke and not just getting mad, your a good lad

  6. Dumb ass people buying designer clothes like gucci, louis vuitton, supreme, etc etc dumb shit like that

  7. Uh man! Aaron your grey bomber jacket is dope… 😎👕🔥
    Some great tips there … Thanks! 😉✔

  8. Purchase an $8,000 watch to wear 5000 times?!? Who wears the same watch everyday for 13.6 years?? 😂

  9. Best tip I ever got, stop washing nice cloths quite as often..

    Jeans especially, the dark ones only have like 5 washes in them before they're looking washed out.

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