Hi everyone, welcome back. Thank you so much for joining me and welcome to day four of the holiday sales at it So if you’re new here are just tuning in welcome I’m uploading a new video every single day for the next seven days and the theme is of course holiday Sales. I’m also taking part in to a giveaway. So the first giveaway is now open I’m giving away a Gucci Marmont handbag i’ve teamed up with some incredible bloggers and that is currently going on over on my Instagram So you will need to be following me over there for your chance to win The handbag is absolutely beautiful and I would love it for one of you guys to have your chance to win as well You’ll need to look for this a photo and follow the instructions on the photo for your chance to win it So good luck to everyone for that giveaway I’ll also be doing a second giveaway starting December 1st. And that will be for my youtube subscribers so if you haven’t already subscribed make sure you hit the red subscribe button below and That way you’ll be entered for your chance to win at that giveaway And of course, I just love to have you guys here with me so if you’ve missed out on day one two, and three we’ve had a Topshop haul and H&M haul and Yesterday I shared with you a load of different cyber week sales So in today’s video, I’m going to be sharing with you guys ten ways that you can style a wool coat for the winter Season a wool coat really is the focal point of your outfit, especially when it is absolutely bitterly cold outside That’s definitely what people are going to be noticing about you so I’m going to share with you guys ten different ways that you can style up your wool coat and look really chic but also Stay really warm for the winter season. So for those first look I’ve gone a really and neutral I’m wearing a black wool coat. This is really a staple to have in your wardrobe. Mine is from the brand Dynamite and I picked it up last season on sale This is the time of year when you want to be looking for your wool coats Underneath I’m wearing a white fluffy sweater. This one is from Target I shared it with you guys in my video yesterday You can kind of tuck it in or wear it over top because it is more of a tunic style I’m wearing my faux leather leggings. These ones are from the brand Stradivarius or very high waisted I have an entire video on how to style faux leggings if you guys are interested in that on the bottom I am Wearing my black faux suede over the knee boots. These ones are from Steve Madden These ones are currently on sale right now at Nordstrom they’re under $100 and they actually stay up under knee which I love and My scarf so it’s a camel colored scarf It really kind of ties the whole look together and adds just a little bit of a pop of color but it’s still sitting with a really neutral theme and because the jacket is more of a lower neckline and same with the sweater and I’m not wearing a mock neck or a Turtleneck you want to make sure you have something that’s going to keep your neck nice and cozy and warm When you get to where you’re going obviously you can take your scarf off and shed your layers But it also looks really nice just draped over top So for this next look I want to give you guys an option to have your legs out with the black wool coat So I’m wearing the same black wool coat from dynamite and on top. I’m wearing a ribbed effect mock neck style top This one’s from Hollister and I love the frill detail on the neck and on the sleeve It’s just a nice kind of added design detail And because this one goes a lot higher you don’t necessarily Have to have a scarf on and it’s always nice to add a nice piece of jewelry this one actually picked up on a layover one year and it has really cute snowflakes on it and underneath this is actually kind of a really important part of the outfit I’m wearing a really cute red and white check skirt. This one is from Topshop it has a nice zip detail So if I take my coat off my outfits still really cute underneath and for an added layer of warmth I’ve actually thrown on a pair of biker shorts Which you can’t see they are Perfectly concealed but they’re gonna keep my body nice and warm because I do have this portion of my leg exposed on the bottom I’m wearing my faux suede over the knee boots from Steve Madden I love that these ones actually stay up and they’re just really form-fitted on your leg and underneath the boots I’m actually wearing a pair of black over the knee socks So that’s just gonna keep my leg for really nice and warm but really the focal point Is that the wool coat, but I haven’t forgotten about my outfit underneath This next outfit is a really versatile look for winter even fall or a spring So the focal point here is the camel coat. This one is from H&M I featured it on day 2 of the holiday sales edit. It’s in my H&M haul video This jacket actually comes belted, but I’ve swapped out the belt for my own this one. I picked up from ASOS I believe it’s sold out so forever21 has an exact identical dupe So I’ll link that one in the description box down below for you guys Underneath I’m wearing a off-white cable knit sweater. It fits really nicely underneath this jacket This one’s from forever 21 as well on the bottom. I have a pair of eye darker a camel coated pair of jeans I love coated jeans in the winter season they just add a little bit of texture and A little bit of a nice change up from wearing just regular denim on the bottom I’m wearing a camel pair of over-the-knee faux suede boots. These ones are from Zara I’ve had them for a few seasons now, so I’ll link some similar options down below for you guys I like the contrast heel it works really well with the belt from ASOS and I wanted to offer something a little bit different on top here just to kind of break up all the camel but it is a really nice kind of wintery, but Transitional look and it to the spring months as well This next look I think is a so chic but can be quite comfy and kind of casual at the same time So I could have paired it with a black mock neck style or a turtleneck style top But I opted for white because I wanted to kind of brighten the look up a little bit So as they find it mock neck style top from ASOS. I’m wearing a jumpsuit so it has wide straps and it’s actually gorgeous checked print it’s kind of a black and grey check it ties at the waist and It is more of a culotte style in this beautiful corduroy fabric It is honestly such a lightweight fabric But it’s still quite heavy and warm at the same time if that makes sense. Corduroy can be quite a heavy fabric but this type of corduroy is a lot lighter and Really kind of movable and just really cozy and comfortable but still keeps you nice and warm on the bottom I have my black leather ankle boots. These ones are from Topshop I love these boots are just so versatile and they go with everything and I just thought it was nicer You can show a little bit of ankle, but you’re still going to be nice and warm I pulled the look together with my rebecca minkoff jumbo love crossbody Rebecca Minkoff has a ton of handbags on sale right now This one it very much gave me kind of Chanel vibes I get so many compliments every time I wear this bag and It’s just such a chic way to kind of bring the look together and on top I have the black wool coat from dynamite, which just makes the outfit look really really chic and classy. All right So this looks definitely the most casual one. I’m gonna be sharing with you guys and I’ll be honest It’s not a hundred percent my vibe but it’s definitely an option so underneath I am wearing my sweatshirt from H&M It’s a kind of crew neck style sweater It says winter magic on it with this beautiful kind of mountain and sequined print. I just think it’s really cute It comes in a variety of different kind of colors and patterns It’s a little bit more on the crop side So it’s not too long But it’s just really good for lounging around And just hanging out or good for like long days on the ski hill on the bottom. I am wearing my leggings These ones are from Walmart. They are so form-fitted they are high-waisted They have a lot of nice design details and they look as good as Lululemon, but a fraction of the price on the bottom I’m wearing my Nike runners. These ones have literally been around the world with me I love these they’re so Broken in but they’re just so comfortable and I wear them for working out all the time and on top I’ve flown over my black little coat as you can see a Black wool coat literally goes with everything This is definitely kind of more of a chic sporty casual look and on the top. I’m wearing my off-duty hat This one’s actually my own design So if I can find something similar, I will try and link it down below for you guys This next outfit is really all about the black leather skirt or faux black leather skirt in my case So this one is mine This one’s from Zara if you guys have been on my channel for a while You’ll have seen this skirt in a lot of different videos. It’s a wrap style skirt from Zara I paired it with this really cute white fluffy top. It’s an off-the-shoulder Bardot style white fluffy top with long sleeves It’s just so cute and cozy and very much a wintery vibe about it on the bottom I have my black faux suede over the new boots from Steve Madden as you can see I got so much wear out of them They just go with apps like pretty much everything in my wardrobe and as for my jacket So I’ve opted for my gray wool coat You guys can honestly choose whatever kind of wool coat you want it can be patterned. It can be a neutral color It can be a vibrant color red would be really beautiful this time of year I Wanted to kind of break it up a little bit opposed to just throwing my black wool coat over top a camel coat will look Beautiful as well. So a lot of different options I just like the way this one looks really polished put together and just looks and of course I love the added touch of the faux fur on it I paired it with my jumbo love crossbody from Rebecca Minkoff just helps to tie all of the black together This next look is really all about the beautiful MIDI style dress that I have on so this one is from Zara It is a MIDI length on me. It’s in the most beautiful color combination it has kind of a ruching and ruffle detail at the top here a little bit of a plunging neckline with a tie at the Top but I love the colors. It’s a red green blue beige and it has a gorgeous gold thread running through it This is perfect for any festive holiday parties that you have coming up, especially if you’re going to be entertaining I think it’s just absolutely stunning and it’s just so ladylike and elegant on top I paired it with my black wool coat now, even though there’s a navy blue in the dress Don’t feel weird about pairing Navy and black. It looks really nice together on the bottom. I’m wearing my black Knee-high boots, they are a gathered boot and they are from the brand a soul Society. I absolutely love these boots I wear them so much this time of year now what you could do for an added layer of warmth is you could wear a Legging underneath and throw the dress over top if you don’t plan on taking your shoes off No one’s gonna see that and if you do plan on taking your shoes off Then I’d recommend maybe a biker short or a Capri style legging that way. It’ll be completely concealed You can take your shoes off you’re still gonna feel extra warmth and this is just a really kind of chic and Cozy way to dress up your gorgeous festive MIDI Stella dress This next look is actually probably one of my absolute favorites so underneath I’m wearing a kind of off-white natural white cable knit sweater It’s quite a bulky sweater, but it’s really warm and cozy not itchy at all this one’s from H&M and it was actually marked down to $15 I’ve thrown it over top of this beautiful. Midi skirt. I love the color of it It’s kind of a kind of beige taupe light camel color and it’s actually in a sweater material So it’s very elasticated, but it’s essentially wearing a sweater for your legs on the bottom I paired it with the gathered boots from soul society. I love the black with this look It just adds a little bit of an element of interest and works really well with the neutral theme and because I’ve opted for kind Of more of a knee you can’t see it underneath and my legs are gonna stay nice and warm on top I paired it with the camel coat. This one’s from H&M. I’m just so impressed with this jacket it’s just such a beautiful quality and Then I have the belt of the jacket so you can belt it and it’s gonna look really chic and put together and I finish It off with my jumbo love crossbody from Rebecca Minkoff. It just ties in with the black gathered boots And that is the completed look. So for this look I wanted to give you guys a really casual option So up top I’m wearing a ribbed effect I don’t know if you guys can see the detailing on it turtleneck style top This one I think is last year from H&M It might even be two seasons ago And I’m sure all of you guys have a black turtleneck or mock neck cell top in your wardrobe on the bottom I paired it with my white denim jeans These ones are from Nordstrom and you don’t have to pair it with white denim jeans You can easily swap it out for your favorite pair of denim I just love white jeans and winter whites in the winter months These ones what I like so much about them is they’re not overly see-through. I Shopped around for a long time before I spotted these ones and they are quite a high waist So they really helped to kind of elongate your body. I paired them with my white cotton boots from Steve Madden I realized the weight boot trends not for absolutely everyone but I love these boots and I love the client trust heel on them Just helps tie the whole look together now up top I opted for my gray wool coat This one is seriously so warm and I remove the faux fur So you guys could see what the neckline looks like with both the faux fur on it It’s just a really kind of classic chic coat You can really swap this one out for any wool coat, whether it’s powder and print different colors, whatever it is You obviously don’t need to have three in your collection If you’re going to pick up just one I probably recommend going the way of black but I love the gray for the winter It’ll work really well in the spring as well. And then I finished it off with my jumbo love crossbody Which as you guys can see goes with just about everything So for this final look I’ve most certainly saved the best for last because this one has to be my absolute favorite so underneath I’m wearing this absolutely stunning dress, this one is from ASOS. It’s the brand boohoo. It’s in this beautiful silver kind of metallic It’s called a hammered material and it has a really kind of nice silky satin feel to it But it was really affordable because it is from the brand boohoo it ties that the side so it’s a rap style dress I like that. It’s not too short, but it does have quite a plunging neckline, which kind of offsets the Longer length of the dress and it does have adjustable straps. You have to worry about it falling down I’m kind of small like through my chest area. So it’s not really something I overly worry about on the bottom I paired it with these beautiful heels. They have a rhinestone Detailing around the ankle these ones I’ll be honest have had for a few years now. They’re from this brand called ever-new I actually bought them when I was living in New Zealand to wear to an event But I’ve actually been wearing them a lot for weddings, but I think they work really well with this look Please don’t mind my nail polish. I am out of nail polish remover and did not have time to Do my nails so forgive my toenails on top I paired it with this absolutely stunning a gray wool coat This one is also from the brand ever new And this one I picked up on Black Friday is part of a sale. It has a beautiful gray Faux fur kind of stole that is fastened on top But it’s a removable piece so you don’t have to have it if you don’t want or you could actually wear the faux fur stolel as a scarf or Pair it with another item in your wardrobe and I finished off the look with my Small of crossbody and it’s beautiful kind of muted metallic color with the gunmetal Hardware This one’s from Rebecca Minkoff that I got on sale in the summer They have a champagne one out this season, which I’ll link down below for you guys And I just think that this is my absolute favorite outfit. I’m definitely wearing this one on New Year’s Eve This is perfect for any festive Christmas parties or any events that you have coming up over the holiday season So those are 10 different ways that you can style up your wool coat for the winter season I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and you guys got some outfit inspiration and some Ideas on how not only you can stay nice and cozy and warm but also look really chic and stylish While doing it if you liked the video, make sure you add a thumbs up That means so much to me if you haven’t already subscribed I hope I’ve inspired you to hit the red subscribe button below. It means so much to me And of course, I would love to have you guys here with me Don’t forget the Gucci Marmont giveaway that’s going over on my Instagram I would love it for you guys to have the chance to win as well. So good luck to all of you Thanks so much for watching guys. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day Hope you’re not too sick of all the amazing sales that are going on right now And I’ll see you all again back here in my next video. Bye!

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  2. Wool is one of the cruelest industries one could support, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=siTvjWE2aVw
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  3. You are amazing, you are beautiful, interesting and dress incredibly well! You will have thousands of followers on YouTube very soon

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