10 Ways To Wear a Skinny Scarf | Fashion Over 40

10 Ways To Wear a Skinny Scarf | Fashion Over 40

hi ladies it's Erin and welcome back to my channel if you're new to my channel I do upload two new videos every week every Wednesday and Friday mornings so be sure to hit that subscribe button so you don't miss the notifications and you'll miss out on anything new okay today I'm talking about a skinny scarf and all the different ways that you can wear that wear them I think scarves are one of the chicest most sophisticated accessories I think they also have a ton of versatility and this little guy will really surprise you now if you have a longer version there are certain things that you could do that this scarf will not do something to keep in mind this is a prototypical skinny scarf that's you know not super long but long enough and I love that it's in a really pretty bold floral print for summer I think that's really fresh for summer but you could certainly do other things I have a striped one too a blue and white striped one you could do just something that's plain black there are a lot of ways that you could go about picking out the right scarf so I'll put a couple of scarf recommendations below for you to check out and let's get started with how to tie it the first way is probably the simplest and that is putting it behind your neck tying it in a double knot on the side putting it on the side it looks very Parisian very chic it's very traditional so all you do is put it around your neck tie it once on the side tie it again on the side you try to keep those two end pieces pretty even and that's it you can also tie it on the other side depending on what you prefer the second way is very similar to the first way all you're going to do is put that skinny scarf behind your neck and then tie it directly in the front sit front and center and then leave again the two ends about the same length but just leave them hanging in the front that again is a very chic that's a very chic and sophisticated way to wear that wear the scarf as well when you are wearing a scarf like this a skinny scarf and you do have that side knot or that front knot you want to think about a top that maybe gives you a little bit of room on the top so maybe it's a button-down but you've button unbuttoned to top – or top three buttons to really open it up a little bit and really let the scarf stand out or maybe it's a one-shoulder shirt maybe it's an off shoulder shirt so think about wearing a shirt that really lets the scarf stand out and be the star accessory that it is next style is choker style what you're going to do is wrap again wrap it around the back of your neck then the front and then pull it back to the back and in the back you're just going to do a small knot and the knot is going to be tiny if your scarf is about the size of mine it's going to be a tiny little knot in the back barely noticeable but still cute and in the front you're going to have that plain flat almost choker looking scarf so this again very this is a very modern way to wear the scarf very similar to the choker style is the knot choker so all you have to do is take the skinny scarf and right in the middle of the scarf you're going to create a knot and then you're going to create another knot and then you may even want to create another knot so you're creating a feature to your scarf kind of like a pendant in the middle of it and then you pull it around to the back and tie it in a knot in the back and that's a really cool option as well it sort of makes it look like again you've got this pendant on your choker but it's really a scarf and a knot next is in the loop so what you're going to do is fold your scarf in half so that both of the ends are exactly the same length you're going to pull it around the back of your neck and then you're going to put the two loose ends through the hoop that you created by folding your scarf in half with the two loose ends you're going to tie those in a knot so if it looks very similar to that choker style but instead of being the knot or just flat in the front it has a little tied detailing off to the side and you can adjust that tie detailing you could put it on the side you can put it in the back you could put it right front and center in the front it's up to you but that's another option the next option is the headband so you can wear this skinny scarf ares aliy as a headband all you do is put the center of the scarf or the flat part of the scarf on the top of your head you know you can decide whether you want that right in the front covering the hairline or you want it a little bit far farther away from the hairline and then you tie the two loose ends at the nape of your neck in the back and whether you wear your hair down or up it's up to you I think it looks cute either way so that's the headband right along those same lines you can use your scarf your skinny scarf as a hair tie so you can try it around a ponytail Sandra Dee style or you could just tie it around a bun like I do in this video or you know whatever you want to do just use it as a hair tie it's a fun colorful interesting hair tie and it could be a black one black one can be very chic you could tie it all the way around and keep looping it and then tuck it into your ponytail and just have something really sleek or you could not it like I did in this video next you can use as a bag accessory so any bag that has top handles any satchel that you have you tie the bag in a knot to one of the handles and you let it kind of flow off to one side it's just a really neat little touch to add to your bag it adds a little style it adds a little pizzazz a little color a little interest to your look just something fun to do and then the next way that you can wear your skinny scarf is as a bracelet this is one of my favorite ways to wear it I wore it recently at the beach like that and just again it adds a pop of color to your look it's definitely really unexpected nobody thinks I'm wearing a scarf as a bracelet it's really pretty it's fun it's edgy so I really I really love that option I think that's a really fun one last but certainly not least this is the most unusual option and this is one that I actually saw on a fellow bloggers site her blog name is hello fashion blog and she's a very successful blogger and so she was wearing her skinny scarf as an anklet as an ankle accessory so I thought that was really cool and wanted to try that so here you can see it is wrapped around the ankle a few times and then tied on the side I do think with this one you want to tie it on the side versus the back but you could try the back that could be cool or the front could be cool I think it would be your preference you can play around with whether or not you want to tie on side the front of the bag I happen to like the side but I think this is a really sexy fun interesting again unexpected way to wear your skinny scarf so again I'll put some skinny scarf options in the description box below do let me know if you have any questions at all don't forget to subscribe give a thumbs up to the video and of course I'm on Pinterest and and Instagram Buzzbee style in both places and also I a newsletter every week and you can subscribe to the newsletter over on Busbee style calm thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you next time bye

48 Replies to “10 Ways To Wear a Skinny Scarf | Fashion Over 40”

  1. I have a friend who used scarves to keep her broken arm immobilized. She coordinated them to her outfits.
    I have used scarves as a belt and a strapless top under sweaters and jackets.

  2. I love scarves! Thank you for the tips in this video, loved the fresh & new ways you've styled it,can't wait to try these styles! 😉❤️

  3. I’ve been wearing all black nearly all the time. Recently, I decided to get some colorful accessories including a long skinny scarf, a Louis Vuitton “bandeau”. I can now try it out! Thank you.

  4. 😍😍😍Perfection , I wore scarves all the time but never thought of wearing a couple of style you showed wearing it by anklet and accessories for purse . I learned a lot about style from watching Parisian women , you have a a very classy style !

  5. Discovered your channel a few days ago and binge watching your videos. I’m not even 40 but love your classy, useful videos that are stylish yet applicable and doesn’t look over-done. Concise and to the point. Also admire your beautiful hair and makeup. Thank you so much!

  6. wonderful, I love it, thank you! However, I did not find a link for this scarf or any other skinny scarfs. Pls share:)

  7. Just wonderful, I been tryin to find out about "food to increase metabolism after 40" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Fanlevi Immaculate Eradicator – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my co-worker got great results with it.

  8. All of these variations have a more tailored, classic vibe that is not my style, but thanks for sharing, because some people would really prefer these to the huge, more flamboyant or bohemian scarves and uses.

  9. I love your channel , I’m 55 and just learning to take time to care for myself you have helped me so much thank you so much . I wore my scarf as a hat band and a belt . Thanks for the ideas , love your blouse !

  10. You’re right, how did I miss this video!?! LOVE scarves but haven’t worn the skinny since back in the late 90s! I’m excited to experiment now! 😊

  11. How does scarf use change when you have a less than perfect neck? Does it help disguise area or emphasize it? Or are there some scarf techniques that would work?

  12. Really loved this video❣️ I'm definitely a "scarf person" but usually go for the big square ones. Love the looks of this thinner scarf! Thanks 💕

  13. Love the ankle scarf…will be passing that along to my daughter.  I will borrow your bag tip.  Great video!

  14. When we travel next year to London, Paris and Rome for 10 fast days in a CARRY ON!!!!!! eeeks, I plan on wearing simple and minimal but want scarves to jazz up or make things look a little different lol, great video, thanks for sharing.

  15. You look so stunning in this video! Loved the ideas! Just a teeny piece of fabric and it can do so much! I also love to "pipe wrap" them around one of my bag handles…the entire length of the handle. When I touch the fabric while carrying it, it makes me happy knowing the pretty pattern is there. : ) And the silky touch is just divine. Thanks! (PS. shein had some really great skinnies for only $5)

  16. Loved this! When you tied the scarf around your ankle reminded me of back in the 80s I used to ware a scarf tied around my thigh lol! I was so 80s glam back in the day lol! ❤️

  17. Many great ideas! Thanks so much Erin for showing us more ways to be chic and classy–which never goes out of style:)

  18. l'm in love with your blouse. Kisses from Puerto Rico I really enjoy your channel… xoxo

  19. Nice Erin. You look great; your hair is so elegant. Another idea is to completely wrap one of the handles on your bag with the scarf leaving a bit of a tail on each end. Tres chic!

  20. Another variation on the bracelet style is to use the scarf as a watch band. Remove the band on a larger faced watch, place the watch face down the thread the scarf through the pins that hold the band on. Complete the look by tying it on you wrist.

  21. About 30 years ago, I worked in a restaurant, and a long, black, skinny scarf was part of my uniform. I hated wearing it around my neck, so I would wear it around a pony tail or as a belt. The funny thing is I still have that scarf and still use it on occasion.

  22. Great great ideas! Been seeing them around and did not know how to use these really inexpensive accessories. Thanks really like your videos. They really have helped me take it up a notch at my age.

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