10 WAYS TO WEAR A WHITE T-SHIRT (and still look chic)

10 WAYS TO WEAR A WHITE T-SHIRT (and still look chic)

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  1. 10 ways to wear, plus a few extra because I got carried away!! Haha, a few bonus outfits for you in this one:) My point being, white t-shirts are incredibly versatile and in my humble opinion can look really chic with. And not just for daywear either, I love the contrast of a relaxed tee with something hugely evening wear. As always I would love to hear from you in the comments section, do you have a favourite outfit? Faux leather trousers, keep or ditch? Thanks so much for watching x

  2. Thank you so much for the video, very inspiring. A question: is there a reason you are not adding belt to any of the looks? I see it increasingly often the stylists leave jeans and trousers without a belt. Is there something of a trend towards it?

  3. Loved the jumpsuit look on you Jess,my fave would be the all saints blazer look.Cheers for the inspiration !!x

  4. Como siempre maravilloso me aportas un montΓ³n de ideas .Pero contando que tu eres elegante hasta en vaqueros te queda todo bien guapisima

  5. Every look was just great, but I must say the utility jacket look was exactly what I wear sometimes, and I feel great in it , casual but put together . Great video xx

  6. Loved this video and loved all the outfits, being in my 50s I would still feel comfortable wearing most of these combo's, I hate the tops of my arms so the t-shirt enables me to wear items like the jumpsuit, thanks for other idea's❀

  7. I can’t pick just one….I love them all! My girlfriends would say β€œwhat would look good with these pants?” and my stock answer, a little white tee.
    Loved this video. I’m picking it as my favorite for the moment even though I know another great one is coming! Oh, I really do love the maxi skirtyou fashioned from a dress. It is awesome. When you tire of it, please send it to me, LOL!!

  8. Loved the look with the pencil skirt – very flattering on you! Thanks for another great video, Jess πŸ™‚

  9. I think my fav, weirdly as I'm not the biggest shorts fan, is look 10. I really like black denim, and personally like to wear a white tee with black skinnies and often a blue wash denim jacket – or, on cooler days, a black leather version. Great inspo in all the outfits!

  10. Loved how you dressed it up with the All Saints blazer. What a beautiful item! Loved the video Jess. B&M xo

  11. Honestly, I hardly wear white t-shirts…only sometimes for the gym, just seems not very practical. But love the most your combination with a blazer ! Maybe should buy one for those occasions. Thank you for the video, always a good sunday morning with a video from Jess ! πŸ˜‰ 😘

  12. All gorgeous… for me I πŸ’™ the jeans and tee, denim shorts and tee … cool and casual 😍

  13. Knew this would be a great video Jess and I was so right! Simply can't pick a favourite. I think you summed up the white tshirt perfectly with your "ageless" comment. Fabulous πŸ‘ŒπŸ’•

  14. Oh, my goodness, Jess, I adore every single outfit! Right up my casual ally πŸ™‚ My figure is rather straight up and down, and I feel jeans that ride lower on my hip look best, yet I cannot seem to readily find them. Is your solution just to size up 1-2 sizes? Thank you for another great video!!

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