(fun music) ♪This is me, I’m so royal ♪ ♪ And you all wanna be round. ♪ – Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I’m going to be sharing with you a wedding guest
dress haul and try on. We are going to a wedding tomorrow and I still don’t know what I’m wearing. We’ve been looking forward
to this for so many months but as a busy mum of three who also works, I just haven’t had a
chance to get to the shops. So a few nights ago I went online, I panic-bought ten dresses
and one of them better fit because I need to wear one tomorrow. I thought I would show
you what I’ve chosen. So yeah, let me know what you think in the comments of all of them. And because I’ve literally
just bought them, they are still available
so I will put all the links in the description box down below. So if you want to go ahead and find them, they will still be there. I’ve got quite a few from ASOS and I also have a few designer dresses from Needle and Thread, one from Next, one from Self Portrait, one from Coast. So there’s a bit of a mixture in there. And I honestly troweled
the internet for hours. So I hope this inspires some of you guys and I hope you really like it. And I’m also really
excited because this video is a collab with my dear friend SJ Strum. She will also be showing you
what wedding guest dresses she’s found and I love her style. She’s very into like pretty
things, but also boho so I would love for you
to go over, check her out. She has an amazing channel. She recently just
documented her weight loss. She just loss 3 and a half stone. And also she makes the best baby name videos every week as well. She knows everything there
is to know about baby names and I just love her content
so I wanted to share her with you guys so I will
link her channel down below. Without further ado, let’s get into what the dress look like, I’m literally just going to try the dresses on and I would love you guys to guess along as the video goes in the
comments as to which dress you think I’m actually going to choose. So yes, here we go! So this is the first dress. And I got this one on ASOS. It was by a brand called Frock n Frill and it was 160 pounds. So you know, a little bit expensive. But it’s very beautiful, very detailed. It’s like pink but it has all this embroidering across it. I love that it goes in
tight at my smallest point and then it goes out all
the way down to the floor. It’s a maxi dress and
it’s really quite flowy and very pretty. It also has an open back on it. Just there, excuse the tags. But again, I think I
might struggle to find a bra that doesn’t show in this. Because I have a strapless
bra on but it’s kind of trying to poke out and
the plunge line is so low that I feel you might see a bit of bra. That might not work at a wedding. I could see me loving
this on holiday if not. This is just beautiful. So yeah, I really really like it. Definitely my style. I got this in a size 8 and
I also got it in petite because I’m only 5 foot 3 and a half. So if you’re short, I
would say the petite length is the perfect length in heels. So yes, good start. The second dress is also from ASOS and it is also the Frock n Frill brand. I really seem to like their stuff. It was 120 pounds and it
has all of this beading on the top part all the way around. It’s very very detailed,
I hope you can see that. It’s very beautiful and sparkly. I think it’s very wedding-y. Again, it’s a maxi dress. I think I look best in maxis and minis. Especially for a wedding, you don’t want to be too revealing. So this is nice because it is a maxi dress but the skirt underneath
is just a bit of a mini so there’s still a little bit of leg there and there’s two slits on either side. So you know, there might
be a little bit of skin. I also feel extremely comfortable in it. You could wear any bra in it. You could eat a big
wedding meal in it and feel like nothing’s going to show. I got this dress in a UK size 8 and I also bought it in petite. And again, it’s the perfect
length for my height. Yes, I really really like this one. The next dress is also from ASOS. This one was just 42 pounds. It’s another blue maxi. I really like the color blue on me. So it’s kind of a pleated skirt. It has fluttery sleeves on it. Fluttery, is that a word? They’re pleated as well so I do like those because I don’t like you
know like the armpit fat. It definitely hides that. And it has a tie just here. So I think wrap dresses
can be very flattering. I’m definitely wearing the
wrong bra for this dress but you could change that obviously. There’s lots of room in here. You could probably even wear this if you were 5 months pregnant. It’s very flattering. But I don’t feel fancy enough. Again, it was a UK size
8 and petite as I said. This next dress is also from ASOS. It’s from a brand called Max and Co Candy. It’s called a pink ruffle dress and I’m going to be honest with you guys, I really don’t like it. It looks so nice on the
model and I put it on, and I feel like I’m going
to the office or something. It’s really not a wedding dress. Because, I probably should’ve
mentioned it earlier, the wedding that we’re going to is not a church wedding. It should like a quite
cool wedding in London. So I think that’s why you can get away with a bit more Boho, relaxed dresses. I’m not going super formal
or anything like that. I hate it, I really don’t like it on me. It was 189 pounds and I got it in a size 8 but I feel like it’s a bit too big. I don’t like it, uh. Okay, and this is the last one that I got from ASOS. It is a pale blue dress. This one was 75 pounds
so quite reasonable. I really really like it. I gotta show you guys the whole dress. It goes long at the back,
and high at the front so it’s like a high-lo skirt. It’s very ruffly. It also has like an extra
peplum on the top like that which is a really nice material and it has embroidering all on it. But in the embroidering,
which is also on the sleeves, there’s like little sparkles,
which kind of dresses up the whole dress. Yeah, I really really like it. I like that it has sleeves
and this bit is see through. I think it just really suits my shape. I loved this dress so much on the website that I ordered it in
a size 8 and a size 10 just to be sure and this one is a size 10. So I would say if you go
ahead and buy this dress, definitely get it in a
slightly bigger size. I think it comes up a little bit small because it feels quite
tight around my waist and as I said, this is a 10. So yeah, I really really like this one. Let me know. I feel like really girly in it. I feel like a bit of a princess in it. And it’s quite reasonable,
you know, it was 75 pounds. (fun music) This next dress is a designer dress. It’s by Mr. Self Portrait and I have lusted after his clothes for so long but I’ve never
treated myself to anything. This dress alone was 300 pounds. So it’s very luxury, very expensive, and I got it in a size 10
because I find designer clothes always come up very small. So yes, let me know what you think. I think it’s very very girly, it is floral and it’s all like kind of crocheted. I mean it’s very high quality. It’s got this bardo neck
but it kind of hangs so it’s very slouchy. I think I would actually
prefer to be a bit tighter. It looks like it doesn’t fit me or like I’m being a bit of a hussy, I don’t know. I just know they looked
much nicer on the girl on the website. I do love that it cinches me
in at my waist and it goes out. I really do like the skirt but I feel like the pink color might be a little too young for me, I don’t know. And it might be a bit too
revealing for a wedding. I feel like I should act my age. Now I’ve go three more
designer dresses to show you from Needle and Thread. I’ve seen Needle and Thread
on lots of celebrities so I thought I would try them out. But again, they’re designer
so quite expensive. This dress was 350 pounds
so if it’s not perfect, I will be sending it back. I really like the look
of it on the website. It’s very cutesy, very pretty. Pink, floral, I would say very girly. So I liked the look of it. It’s also quite in that it’s to the knee and it goes out quite nicely. I think it’s very flattering. I got this in a size 10. There’s lots of little
embroidered roses all over it. So yes, I actually saw this
dress on Holly Willoughby. She wore this on her
Instagram and I loved it. I love the ruffles, again
cinches me in at the waist. I do like it but I think
I would more wear this to like a christening than
to the wedding tomorrow. I don’t know, I almost
feel a bit too young in it. I don’t know, let me know what you think. I mean it’s absolutely
beautiful, so well made. This is the next dress
from Needle and Thread. Again, it was 350 pounds
so extremely expensive but beautiful. Again, I got it in a size 10. I love the cold shoulder on it. I think it’s extremely
flattering showing off your shoulders like this. Again, it’s embroidered. It is like a silver color
with cream embroidery all over it. It’s all ruffles as well and
it goes just like mid shin. It’s very beautiful, I really like it. I don’t know what’s stopping me. I feel like there’s a lot
going on with this dress and that maybe, the
Needle and Thread dresses would suit a bridesmaid more. You know, I don’t want to turn up wearing such an amazing fancy dress. I don’t know, I like that it goes in here. I feel like with the skirt being so ruffly there really is a lot going on. But it’s beautiful, like it’s so nice. Hopefully you can see
all of this embroidery and this cute little bow
here, how sweet is that. I also saw Fern Cotton wearing this dress and I loved it. I’m such a sucker for PR. Um, yeah. This is the last dress that I got from Needle and Thread. This one was 250 pounds. It’s called the paradise
rose shimmer dress and I really liked it but it’s
actually quite ill fitting. So I would say if you go
ahead and buy this dress, buy a slighter smaller size. So yeah, it’s like this and
it has roses all over it. But also bits of shimmer. I don’t know if you can see. It’s got like shimmery
thread, almost like dotted all the way throughout it. You can see it would catch
the light very nicely. It’s quite long, I’ll show you. This one doesn’t really fit, I
can’t wear this one tomorrow. But I love how girly and
detailed they are, definitely. But yeah no, I’m not sure. This next dress is from Coast. I always think of Coast when I think of a wedding guest outfit but then I also worry that
someone else at the wedding may also have the same dress. Because I think a lot
of people go to Coast to find a dress, an outfit for a wedding. So yeah I really love the top of this. It’s that bardo cut that
I really really like. It’s a pale pink but I
don’t like the bottom bit. It looks so pretty on the website. It’s also feathers or
like little feathery bits. So yeah, I do like it but I feel like because the feathers are out a bit, I hope you can see them, I feel like it makes even bigger than I am around here because I
am a very curvy girl. I think it accentuates
the curves even more. Which isn’t a bad thing
but I feel a bit insecure about my bottom is the problem. I feel like I’m Kim Kardashian
in this or something. I just, I’m not sure. But if you had a very straight figure and you wanted to give
yourself some curve, I think this dress could actually do that. This next dress is a Lipsy dress. It’s in their VIP range and it’s called the embroidered lace dress
but I actually bought it through NEXT because
NEXT delivers next day. And I got it in silver but it also came in a really nice pale pink. And yes, I’ll show you what it looks like. I would say it’s a more formal dress. It’s a mini length. It’s tight to here and then it goes out. It’s quite a full skirt. There’s some like underneath tulle bit to make it a bit bigger. It’s a very flattering dress, I’m not 100% sure about the color. I’m don’t know if it cools
me down a bit too much. It’s a UK size 8 and it was 135 pounds. I do really like it. I think it would be really good for a more formal wedding. So those are the ten
dresses that I panic bought for the wedding tomorrow. But I had one more to show you. This dress I have already
worn to a wedding this year. Again, it was from ASOS. It was 75 pounds and it is still available in some sizes so I will link it down below if you’re interested. It’s a floral maxi and it’s very flowy. I love doing this in it. It’s very very nice. Again you can have a meal in it. It’s got that cold shower
that I really really like. I think it’s very flattering. And it has a very revealing back. So it was very hard to
wear a strapless bra that didn’t show. But that’s it, it’s got
like an X across the back. So yes, again it’s floral, ruffly. You can probably see the kind of type of dress that I go for. Let me know what you think
in the comments below. Take a guess which one I wore and if you want to find out which dress that I actually went with,
go over and follow me on Instagram, I’m @mrsemilynorris and I will have already
been to the wedding by now, by the time this video is
up so you’ll definitely be able to see the dress that I chose. And yes, thank you so much
for watching this video. I’ll put SJ’s links down below as well and I’ll see you very soon, bye guys!


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