10 Young Man Style Tips | How To Dress Sharp As A Younger Guy | Men’s Fashion Advice

10 Young Man Style Tips | How To Dress Sharp As A Younger Guy | Men’s Fashion Advice

Congratulations! You just graduated college,
maybe high school, maybe grad school, maybe you’re leaving the military. In any case,
you’re a young man looking to make an impact on the world. And, you’re looking at all these
fashion, image, and style stuff and you’re asking does it really matter, what what do
I need to know, what’s important? Well, in today’s video, I’ve got ten tips
for you on how you can use fashion and style to get what you want out of life. Tip number one. Have confidence believe in yourself. I know, I’m not going to start off
talking about jackets and shirts and all of those other stuff because all of that is window
dressing if you don’t believe in where you’re going and who you are and what you stand for.
Understand, you’ve got to have a strong base you’ve got to have a direction.
Find a mentor, find a direction, find a purpose. And I understand, it may take a while to do
this, but go forward with confidence because nothing sends a signal of strength and attracts
people than a man who is confident, a man who believes and has something that he stands
for. Tip number two. Understand that image and
presentation is a lot more important than colleges or your friends or family have led
you to believe. And for a lot of people this is a hard one to swallow because they really
want to believe that what’s in our heart and what’s in our head is the most important thing
and I’m not going to argue with that. I have four children, I want I mean I truly
focus in on these things, but we make split second decisions about people every day the
vast majority of people based off of what we see. We never get the chance to actually
find out what how smart they are or how good of a person they are. We have to make a snap
judgment decision and oftentimes in business you will not even have opportunities come
your way because you’re simply are not given the chance if you don’t look the part. You
start to realize, okay, like I am going to either use these rules and you’re free to
reject them. But, understand if you do that you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle.
I’m a big fan of actually working within a system and then getting to the top and then
trying to change it. All right, guys. So, at this point I want
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I’m going to link to Vincero down in the description. Go click on that link and use the discount
code I’m putting down there so you can get the best possible deal. Tip number three. Fit is king. Gentlemen, understand the style pyramid. I talk about
fit, function, and fabric. I’m not going to get into fabric and function. If you want
more, I go into that over at Real Men Real Style. But, I am going to say if it doesn’t
fit you, don’t buy it. Don’t even take it if it’s free because if it doesn’t fit you,
it will never look good. Now, if it’s a little bit big, yes, you can
get it fitted to adjust. And I do recommend you know the name of your tailor and you take
everything to him or her to get it adjusted. But, if you can’t get it adjusted to fit you,
if you’re not going to get it adjusted to fit you, then don’t even bother with it because
if clothing doesn’t fit on you, it doesn’t look good. If it’s too tight, it just makes
you look really bad. If it’s too loose, it makes you look like you’re wearing your big
brother’s clothing and it just makes you look smaller. It never compliments you.
So many people wear clothing that’s two sizes too big. So, find clothing that fits you. How
to do that? I’ve got plenty of infographics over at Real Men Real Style. Talk about how
a shirt should fit, how a suit should fit, how other details how trousers should fit.
Understand gentlemen, that fit right off the rack whenever you’re buying something pay
attention to that because if you nail it, you’re going to look better and you’re going
to feel better about your wardrobe and your clothing. Tip number four. Ignore fashion trends. Don’t try to follow the whimsical winds of fashion.
You’re not going to be able to keep up, you’re going to spend a lot of money and you’re going
to end up with a wardrobe which is going to be outdated very quickly. Instead, look at
classic men style. One of the things I recommend is look at older pictures that a man is wearing
something maybe like Steve McQueen, maybe James Dean and say, wow, I like his look and
then realize that’s a fifty-year old picture, that’s a seventy-year old picture. And if
what they’re wearing there still would work today, that’s a classic item.
Now, I list down a number of classic items over at Real Men Real Style, but classic button-downs,
a classic well-fitted suit, a classic sports jacket, a classic leather jacket, well-fitted
jeans. Don’t fall into, okay, everyone seems to be wearing skinny thighs, everyone seems
to be wearing, you know, that fit of particular jeans that is maybe a little bit tight or
is a little bit short. Be very careful with those things because, yes, you may look good
this season, but next year you’re going to find that, hey, it’s out it out it’s out of
fashion and all of sudden you’ve got that sitting and taking up space in your closet. Tip five. Take care of your clothing. I do recommend that you educate yourself. You find out, okay, how to treat stains immediately, how to properly wash and dry certain types
of clothing that are made from luxury materials such as wool such as silk and understanding
that you have to treat these things with care. Ideally though you’ll start to build up a
wardrobe which I like to stick with cottons I like to stick with a little bit rough things
that can take a little bit of a rougher beating. And then I like to wear them again and again
because what you want is something that you can wear a hundred times before it wears out. Tip number six. Own a quality suit that fits you well. Let me go into a little bit more
detail here. A suit is a jacket and a pair of trousers made from the same fabric. You
want to go with something that is classically been in style for the last fifty years. So,
you’re going to look at notch lapels, you’re going to look at something that, you know,
that has the right length that just barely covers your buttocks, isn’t too short isn’t
way too long. Other little things you want to make sure
that, you know, you get rid of that tack stitching. So, open up the breast pocket over on the
vents, make sure that those aren’t still sewed together. If you still got a tag right here,
make sure to take that off. Make sure it fits you well, so every year you’re going to want
to make sure and put it on, look at yourself in the mirror and say, okay, do I need to
take this to get adjusted. Now, other things that go with the suit, you
want to have a light-colored dress shirt. We’re talking white preferably, but light
blue will work as well. Then, you want to look at going with simple ties and we’re talking
a solid maybe in a burgundy maybe in a dark blue maybe in a dark green. All of those are
going to be fine or you can go with small repeating pattern. Just make sure it’s not
really attention grabber because here is why you need a suit; someone’s going to get married,
someone’s going to die, something is going to happen. You may get recognized in your
company for a top award and in those moments when you want to feel and look like a million
bucks, that’s when your suit is going to pay dividends. Tip number seven. Quality over quantity. So if you’ve got a closet with tons of clothing, but you have nothing to wear, understand that you’ve got a quantity problem not a quality
problem. Ideally you start to build a wardrobe that is interchangeable and everything in
there is something that you love when you put on.
I’m looking at this outfit that I just threw together and I’m like, man, I love this suede
jacket. This one all egregious works for me and I looked at this shirt, I picked it up
and I I love this color. Then, I’m looking at the dark-colored jeans I have, I’ve got
these shoes right here, I just love the way this all falls together. And this is my wardrobe
that I’ve built up over time and it’s something that I love it, but I’ve really focused in
on the quality aspect of my wardrobe not the quantity. So, now I own less, everything works
together and whenever I get dressed I feel great. Tip number eight. Get rid of the clothing which is distressed which is torn which is
stained and you want to start to upgrade especially your leg wear, your jeans. This is something
that a lot of guys they stick with those light-colored jeans or maybe they’ve got something distressed.
Your legs aren’t something that you normally want to draw attention to in an outfit. It’s
an area which we’re going to look up and down, it should bring the outfit together, but it’s
not going to draw attention in and of itself. So, you want to start bringing in a pair of
nice dark-colored slacks, maybe look at some chinos, get some if you want to stick with
jeans, try some dark well-fitted jeans something that’s going to and maybe bring them a little
bit sizing down just a bit, I’m not talking skinny, but I am talking maybe a slimmer or
a straight cut. But, you know that big baggy stuff you want to avoid especially in the
light colors and don’t wear carpenter jeans unless you’re a carpenter. Tip number nine. Level up your footwear. So, if you’re still wearing running shoes and
you’re not going running, then really rethink that there’s so many different options out
there for shoes and it is one of the things that people make a quick judgment on. I’ve
talked about this in other videos, but people look at status they judge your wealth, they
judge your position in society sometimes based off your footwear.
I know, it sounds crazy and people shouldn’t do that, but they do. They look down and they
make a quick assessment. And why not send a signal that, yeah, I’m somebody worth talking
to, I’m somebody that’s going places, I’m somebody that you want to engage with. Tip number ten. Throw out the t-shirts and the hoodies. Now, I’m not going to be that
extreme, but I will say that if you’ve got a lot of graphic tees that are way too big,
if you’ve got a lot of hoodies that have all types of messages on them that are not very
professional, understand that, yeah, you may be wearing that in your off time, but if you
run into your boss or you run into your boss boss who was looking at you for a promotion,
he may have second thoughts. And, I’m not saying that you need to be wearing
a suit on your off time, but you can upgrade that, there are actually some very nice well
put together hoodies. But, why not look at some nice button-downs, why not look at polo
shirts, why not look at long sleeve polos, why not look at some really nice sweaters which are going to functionally do the same job. Actually, if you make sure they fit you
properly they’re going to look great and when you run into your boss’s boss he’s going to
look at you and say, you know what? I think Mike is ready for that promotion.
I want you guys to succeed. And one of the things that I push here at Real Men Real Style
is for you to be able to use clothing as a weapon to get what you want out of life. Go
check out Vincero. I’m going to link to them down in the description below. Great watch,
great company. I’m proud to have them as a paid sponsor.
And, let me know in the comments, your turn right now. What did you like about this video?
What could I have made better? What could I improve? what did I miss? what advice would
you give a young man who’s just starting off to be able to better master his style?
Gentlemen, that’s it. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video.

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