100 Coats of FLAXSEED GEL | Natural Hair #100Layers #NaturalHair #Flaxseed

100 Coats of FLAXSEED GEL | Natural Hair #100Layers #NaturalHair #Flaxseed

100 coats of flaxseed gel, yeah, let’s do
this, before we get started, let’s hit that like button, get this video to 20 Likes! Ok, I got it in China, but it is Flaxseed
or linseed. It cost 3 USD. I have a cup and a half of flaxseed here,
I think I did too much. It is not going to go to waste. I got this video idea from JeweJeweBee’s 100
pumps of conditioner for natural hair and Simply nailogical’s Polish mountain. I made too much. It is too thick. Let’s do 100 layers of this, awright let’s
go! I am starting on freshly washed hair. 100 layers of flaxseed gel, look at that , looks
like snot. It’s running down my back. This is what 10 layers of flaxseed, it’s not
so bad, do you hear that? Well, my hair feels really moisturized. My hair is really drinking this up. I thought it would just sit on top of my hair,
but my hair seems thirsty or something. I’m going to keep going but I sat down because
this is going to take awhile. I going to keep adding some more. One thing I must say, is that this must be
really healthy for my hair. 31, 32, it’s all over the floor, oh crap. I feel so stressed out. I am starting to feel like my hair can’t take
anymore. Do you see this and hear this? The curl definition is on point, what’s that
movie with Cameron Diaz? There’s something about Mary, she is rubbing
…that’s what i think i look like right now. Everyone watching this is probably having
a good chuckle. This is 50 coats of flaxseed gel. Let’s do some more. Let me get this off my back so disgusting,
awright, it’s cold, the inner layers haven’t gotten, so i will start putting it there. 40 more layers to go, almost there. You can squeeze this out if you wanted to
but, we’re not going to. So stressed out, this is stressful, this is
stressing me out. I feel like I’m going to have a nervous breakdown,
why? We are a quarter of the way through and I
feel so stressed out. My nerves feel like, I’m going to have a nervous
breakdown. I don’t know why. Why is this so stressful. I have 25 coats to go and i don’t know where
I am going to put it, but it looks like it has great defined curls. Is it going to dry flaky, or stiff and hard? I don’t know what’s going to happen. Do you hair that? I think I am going to let it dry a lil bit. Now I understand why people feel so disoriented
when they do this challenge, I just want to get it off of me. Should I keep going? I can do this. 90 coats of flax seed gel, we have 10 more
to go. I feel like i need to run a marathon to relieve
some stress. My hair is completely soaked, where am I putting
10 more? Can you tell me? Anyone? Can anyone tell me where I am putting 10 more
layers of linseed gel? It is all over me, everywhere. It is like godzilla’s snot. My has really clumped curls. Do you see that? We can do this together. My hair is so heavy, the bowl is half empty,
basically I tool gorilla’s snot and put in my hair. It is just for it to dry 100 coats of flaxseed
gel, my neck is hurting. After 5 to 6 hours of my hair drying in the
sun, thankfully, I had a sunny day in China, this looks like a wash and go. My hair dried to a crisp, I didn’t know what
to expect but I loved the results and my hair has super awesome definition, shiny, totally
clumped together in some beautiful curls. If you enjoyed this video I need you to hit
that like button. The last video I had only 12 likes, but hear
what, I need you to help me get 20 likes, thanks so much for watching, please subscribe
and see you all again in the next video.

100 Replies to “100 Coats of FLAXSEED GEL | Natural Hair #100Layers #NaturalHair #Flaxseed”

  1. for the result you got did you leave the 100 coats in or did you rinse it out…i just bought some flaxseeds today and have no clue. This will be my first time using it ever and in other videos i see them adding essential oils is that just for the smell or somerhing else please help im clueless😳

  2. WOW, your hair look so motorised and curly after the flaxseed gel never tried this gel l have tried aloe vera plant love it so, lwould like to try this gel also congratulation.

  3. The result of putting the flaxseed gel in your hair looked great. Do you ever do wash-n-go's?
    How did it feel when you washed it out?

  4. I don't know if I did it wrong but it didn't work for me, I had white stuff that clung to my hair and made it look like I had dandruff… Did I do it wrong, what if I had put too much in my hair.

  5. OMG, you made me laugh so hard. 🀣🀣🀣🀣 it took 100 coats, but it's super defined & looks great!

  6. Hey Ife I laughed so hard my stomach hurts …. I decided to sub and hit the like button even though my hair is relaxed. You're fantastic.

  7. I have to share….flax seeds is a food item and therefore can be bought at the grocery store ….much cheaper. Even covered by ebt card.

  8. LOOKS LIKE YOUR HAIR CALLED YOUR BLUFF!! hahaha. Just drank it all up and was like is there more?
    Great results. Love it.

  9. lol… actually found this while sitting with flaxseed gel all over my hair and face…. first time I'm trying it so this make me excited as I'm having a serious hair crisis. I also read that it helps hair stop falling out…. my fingers are crossed. thank you for the upload!

  10. Gel was soooooooo thick! How on earth did you manage to strain out the seeds???? Please explain for newbies πŸ™‚

  11. Hello sweetie I love these I'm going to try it please my question is this after using this you wash it away please let me know because I can't wait to do this for my daughter on Saturday yes it's October Saturday thanks for sharing I always admire you guys for your time and all

  12. You are hilarious. I love the footage/ content. I will not be doing the challenge but thanks for your hard work girl. Curls at least gave life

  13. Hold upppp!!… can we just appreciate how thick your consistency of the gel was tho!!! 0:58 that was the first time I’ve seen someone’s gel that thick with nothing else added to it. My lordddd. I can’t wait to try making this.

  14. Love love love it. I'm afraid to do the wash and go style because MY hair has very short shrinkage. I've been so seeing what I can use to stop the shrinkage because I do want to one day to the wash and go look. This is it! Flax seed gel. Thank u Ife360. Love ya girl

  15. I use to cups of water and almost a cup of flax seeds yours is too thick it works better when it's more thinner but before I put the flaxseed gel in my hair I put a leave-in conditioner you are not supposed to use that much flaxseed gel in your hair 2 cups last meal for two or three weeks

  16. When you add the the 36th application to your hair it look so amazing. Best joke your hair played back on you. love this video xoxo

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