100+ Coats of Nail Polish | #POLISHMOUNTAIN

100+ Coats of Nail Polish | #POLISHMOUNTAIN

Holo everyone IT IS I, Cristine…. Again.. If you didnt know that WELL now you know. You also know I watch too much Grace Helbig… Lately I’ve been getting a lot of requests to put on a layer of every single polish that I own. Honestly if it weren’t for you guys I wouldn’t have such great content ideas. So genius.?! THIS IS not INSANE at ALL *Sexual Music that your mom and dad are probably thinking you are watching something else… ANYWAYS* Looking at MY nail polish I am suddenly overwhelmed… Don’t forget to subscribe to me to see VERY useful things in life, that you need to know, like this video. You learn many things from me, you won’t regret it.. *;-;* First were gonna need a peeeeel off base coat! While we let that dry its time to pick all the colours. *Every around 113 nail polishes* Shake to begin! *sings shake it off in my head* First up: Holooo *nervous laughter* By the way, did you notice I’m doing this with my opposite hand? I take my challenges VERY seriously! Second coat! Four is for holo whore. Coat 5 and I’m alive! Coat six, suck a di– Hehe *Nervous Laughter*, *small voice* what?! I’m already tired of this, and I’ve only done like .2 percent *laughs* *A wild Ben Sneezing* Bless you. Thank you! I’m getting hungry its been… days. *gets a starbucks DRINK* It’s falling over. Its getting really goopy. Oops er… Kinda just looks like a sandwich. Man Overboard! *RIP That Man* Emergency corrective surgery! *fixes devistating nail* *Dying Crying Noise* Probably gonna die before I get to 1,000. *Cristine you did like 113 xD* From natural death, as apposed to like murder. *Very Educational Cristine* Now its just like a blob-icure.. *#BubbleNailMountain* Not the cap! *RIP Cap..* *Weird Ass Swiping Sound* This would probably work a lot better if I had patience, and let it fully dry before applying the next coat. But I don’t have that so, here we are. *Dripping Nail Porn* Help me, I’m melting! Ben: You have to let it dry. *LET IT DRY, LET IT DRYYYY* God damnit! Dry Bitch dry! [Loudly] I don’t think this is gonna work. Okay for you guys I’m gonna redo it… you’re welcome! Stop! STOP! Here we go again… *Tip Toeing Musicccccccc……ccccc* *yawn* *Death is upon this one* Since when did Kim Kardashian have a Youtube channel… *Since Gorge Washington Died* Ben: Criss you should really eat something. What time is it? How long has the day gone by!? Oh Holo! Want me to paint your nails? 100 times? Best mom ever! Its not weird at all! Menchie be careful. You’re gonna get hair in my layers. *#HairyMountain* Okay back to business. Aah! I wasn’t paying attention! YouTube damn you! On the laptop: Hey guys its Grace Helbig and if you did not know, now you know! *giggles* *Yawnnnns* Wake up! *Obviously Needs Coffee* Getting hungry. Hangry. Hungry and angry. Ben: Dinner. Yaaaay thanks. I’m so healthy! This pizza’s vegan, right? Ben: Mmhmm. Great! Wait! Come back! Will you open the can? You da best! I ran out of nail polish! I’m back with more. Hey what’re you doing later? You wanna hold hands? *Thanks for the offer but I’d rather not…* Go on a little date? I think I can, I know I can! I think I can, I know I can! *Yawn* *OMG THERES A ZOMBIE– Oh wait no its dying Cristine…* Menchie’s here! Aaah! That’s my armpit! These are my baes! *meow* mwarrr *meow* mwarr *meow* Mwar! I am slowly going crazy, going crazy, going crazy… 99 Bottles of polish on the shelf, 99 Bottles of polish. *singing* These are the nails that never end! *singing* Started doing them not knowing what the f*ck, *singing* And she’ll continue doing them forever just because! Nails that never end *starts fake crying* You know what I should do? I should answer a phone call on SnapChat. I forget how this works… Oh my face is so shiny. I’ve been sweating in here for hours! Someone’s calling! Holo? Oh that’s good cause, I only talk to holosexuals I don’t know how to end the call. Holo? Holo! Way-way-way-way-wait what?! Do you guys wanna know what I’m doing?? I’ll tell you a secret, (laughs) oh my god! Talking to people is so fun! And weird. The next time someone calls me and I answer – their call, I’m going to start screaming. Menchie you’re tickling my butt. There she is! I would pet you but I can’t. Holo! *screaming* How’s it going? How is your day? Thank you so much bye! If only I got that many calls when I was in high school. *fake cry* Back to work, back to work! *yawn* Last one! Just kidding, it’s not the last one. My nails seem to be getting shorter and shorter… Weird. Ahhhh I gotta peee! *off camera* This is taking way longer than I thought it would take. Don’t ask me if I washed my hands! Hehehe. *from computer* Give me forty-four of these! *laugh* *distorted voice* Give Pewdiepie his diamond play botton. Lost all my braincells, they are gone! *gnawing sound* I can do it, I can do it, I can do it, I can do it, I can do it. Bring me all the holo taco, I want all of them! That’s right. Could you also bring me an actual taco? I’m so hungry. *fake crying* *yawn* I’m so tired! Can not sleep! Must stay awake! Think I’m gonna stop after this one because it’s my last holo taco. That and I might fall asleep into my nails. This was… how many coats of polish? how many?I-I’ll count later. I can’t count now, because my brain is slow! So I’m pretty sure that I should be in the Guiness Book of World Records. Yes! Bitch, dont f*ck with me! I didn’t do my thumb, I know I’m a failure. My camera is about to run out of time, and space and time and space wha? Now it’s that time where I give you the satisfacton You’ve been waiting for! I think its still wet. Its coming off like a mushroom head! Eww, it’s like, stuck. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my should-finger nails. Ewwww. Okay i’m gonna go now before uum.. i lose my mind. Please subscribe to my channel! Thank you such mu-OW I can’t do-eeh Thank you all so much for watching. And I’ll see y’all later bye! Bye, bye, bye! *Sexual outro music*

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  1. Sometimes I still come back to this video to make sure this ACTUALLY happened on YouTube and the monstrosity of all of the videos titled “100 layers of”

  2. I dont like the people who say stuff like this is STUPID!! Why would you put this on your nails! Because well its for youtube and for fun but most of all why I don't like people who say that stuff cuz I know is hurts poor simplynaillogic deep down cuz she works so hard on it😟But any ways love your videos keep it up💖

  3. My friend: so what did you do last Friday?

    Me: nothing much you know, just stayed at home painting hundreds of layers of nail polish on my nails while watching YouTube videos all day. You?

    My friend: uhmm you have a problem

    Me: No, it's Nailogical thing to paint hundreds of layers of nail polish on your nail!😁🤣I'm dying! Help me!

  4. New polish mountain? How many layers of holo before your entire nail is a rainbow? (Don’t use your own stuff, use the cheap stuff! Why waste the good stuff amiright).

  5. nowadays the og:s aren’t just the ones who have been here before polish mountain, they are also the ones who have been here since polish mountain

  6. I got an extra thick gel manicure this weekend, and it made me wonder what would happen if you did 100 layers of gel polish instead of regular polish. I’d love to see that mountain.

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