$1000 back to school try-on clothing haul 2019

$1000 back to school try-on clothing haul 2019

hey guys it's Vanessa and welcome back to my channel so back to school season apparently on YouTube has started so I thought I would do a back to school haul before I get started I just want to say a quick few things number one I am not trying to brag in any way I bought all these items with my own money I really like watching back-to-school halls because I like to see what if I like something and I might want to get it I am NOT doing this to be like oh my god cuz like no that's stupid and then number two I linked everything down below on a Google Doc for you guys in order of every single item I have in this haul and it took a while so you better use it if I couldn't find something I found like a really similar one and for like the more higher-end products I also linked a more affordable version of it so it's like a dupe you know just because I love ballin on a budget and so do you guys so I thought it'd be helpful also stay tuned to the end of this video if you want to hear how to enter my giveaway because I'm having another giveaway cuz I love giving back to you guys okay that's enough talking let's just get into this hole so the first story I think we should start off with is the very iconic brandy melville so the first thing I actually got is the top I'm wearing right now and one thing about my school dress code is it's not very strict at all there are some girls who literally wear like nothing and get away with it so this is considered fine I guess or if we're just really good at getting away with dress code I really liked this top and the little tie on it and it is very comfy so the next thing I got is this top if you are flat-chested like me it makes you look like you have boobs and it's just very flattering I feel like I could throw this on over like a t-shirt or I could throw this on underneath a jacket the next thing I got from brandy is just this skirt and if you guys know me and if you've been subscribed you know I love plaid and you know I love blue so this was kind of just like the birth of the best thing that I ever laid my eyes on it fits really nicely the thing with brandy skirts is some of them fit really nicely some of a little tighter I think this is like the most comfortable skirt I have from brandy yeah it just is my favorite color because I had to get it the next thing I got from brandy is just this floral dress and I didn't owned any dresses from brandy ever just because I felt like they were always made for really tall thin models you know that's their entire Instagram page and obviously I don't fit into that category I'm literally 5'4 but this dress paired with like Doc's are like a white t-shirt underneath is one of the cutest things ever and it fits in the dress code which is perfect okay what the heck I got we're gonna do I think I lost it so I got a brain from brandy but it was in the bag but now it's not there so I'll insert a picture of what the ring looks like just cuz I don't know where it is at all moving on if you have glasses I'm gonna be your Savior in about 0.2 seconds so it's called glasses usa.com and they have the most affordable glasses ever and okay mmm I don't have glasses I also don't have contacts like my visions fine but I love when people wear glasses just because I feel like they look ten times smarter so I always tell people like oh I really want glasses tell me I do not look smart right now these ones I'm wearing right now are the Meuse glasses and I'm just gonna show you guys the three pairs I have you know when you're like online looking for stuff and you don't know how it's gonna look on you or whatever you know cuz you know things I don't know anyway it can upload a picture of yourself and then you can see the glasses on you so I thought I looked like a genius in this like I'm the next Albert Einstein these next ones are the Laura ones and I also still feel like a genius like I can just see myself working on college apps in this you know cuz like that's all I'm doing this entire summer so colleges if you're watching this I'm working hard also guys you know I'm the plug so I have a limited offer for you guys down below so this third pair is super funky I feel like this could be really good for Instagram pictures you know I'm saying like Brandon Wolfe full vibes you can literally add prescription to these or practically almost all of their glasses they also have this app you can scan your glasses that you currently have and they'll like match your prescription so you literally don't have to do any work which is great and they also have sunglasses which obviously are not gonna be used for school but I feel like I would look like such an OC mom pulling up to school in these they also pair up with a lot of like designer brands like Gucci and they have a Hilary Duff collection I really recommend you check them out once again link down below and yeah so the next so we're gonna move on to is accent accent I only got two things first thing I got is literally from the brandy section but it's just this skirt and it's a lot less fitted than the other skirts I own so I thought it was really doing why am I talking like a surfer boy once again this blue is my favorite thing ever it's a little bit longer too so I really like this and the next thing I and the next thing I got is this pair of sweatpants because you know that I'm gonna try for maybe like the first week and a half of school and then I'm gonna pull up to zero period in sweatpants every single day and like a sweatshirt so might as well stock up now and I really like this purple color so now moving on we're gonna go to an online store which just dolls kill and if you guys know in my video from last year I was like obsessed with dolls kill I talked about them all the time it was like my brand for the first half of junior year basically so they send me holding two clothes which is like wow glow up you know the first thing I got is just this green dress and I did not have anything in this color and it makes me feel a little bit like Cosmo and Wanda except just Cosmo but anyways sorry I had a lot of caffeine so I got kind of jumpy and I that's why I'm talking really fast the next dress I got from them was just this one and a kind of purplish bluish don't really know what color ish that is but I think it's adorable and it fits super loosely so it's not tight again cuz I'm really trying to get away from body cons I love buying dresses for school because it's too early in the morning you don't know what to wear on the top you don't know what to wear on the bottom boom throw on a dress that's my hack to looking presentable even when you get two hours of sleep so this next one is not back-to-school appropriate but I got it for my sweet 16 I met my 17th birthday I don't know why I'm a year late and I thought I would just show you guys anyways because maybe you might want to wear this to like a casual dance that you have it's just this white romper I think it's the most adorable thing ever it gives me really good grace vibes it's super flattering and if I've not seen anything like it so I definitely recommend that you go pick this up moving on to the tops from dolls Kayla I got this pink one I love this pink color I just started getting it to wearing pink I realized it's very cropped I understand but I could wear like I wasted jeans with it very thick material so it's definitely gonna keep you warm I don't know what my next top is this butterfly top it's a bit sheer so if you wanted to wear it to school I recommend wearing like a tank top underneath if you don't want to get dress code or if you really want to test your school you know you can go for it this next hop I got once again could not be very dress code for your school but if I just wear like a black bra underneath or something then I think we would be fine and I could get away with it I don't have boobs so for me it's really easy to get away with like low-cut shirts I think it's a blessing and a disguise next-hop it's just this black top and it has this like eyelet is that what's called I feel like such a fashion girl and I like no half term but it just has these eyelets right here and I think they're super dope and it adds something different to just a plain black tee you get next top I got from doll scale it's actually a bodysuit and it's just this like mom mom mom is that even the right color if it's like this dusty purple and if you know me I not that big of a fan of body suits but I saw this and I thought it would look really cute on and it does sometimes you gotta hide yourself up it's not all about stuff that self-deprecating humor stop moving on to the pants I got from dolls kill I got these shorts and what's so sick about them is that they're reflective down the side so if you have seen those like sweatpants that we need like use the flashy like look kind of cool and stuff that's basically this I also got two skirts from them so the first one I got is just this striped one and I thought it was really fun and colorful reminds me of like bubblegum I don't know why but so now the last thing I got from dolls kill might be one of my favorite things I got from them it's this lemon and lemon am i okay it's this lime colored skirt I think it's super fitting and it makes your body look like good it's super flattering and this with like that pink top that's Cosmo and Wanda vibes and I love it the next thing I got is this sweatshirt oh my gosh wait that's my merch if you guys don't know I have merch available and I keep relaunching it so get it while you can it's honestly one of my favorite sweatshirts and I'm super proud of it so this next thing I got I actually got it VidCon at gifting suite it's just this lack top with like Criss crosses on the back I know the Criss crosses are not very school appropriate but if you wear it with a jacket then you can't even see the back so it'll be fine so this next thing I got is actually from forever 21 but if you guys haven't been on Twitter lately or on the internet lately forever 21 is going through a bit of a thing right now just a quick summary of what happened basically they are partnered with like Atkins barb they're promoted as like a meal replacement and like a low-calorie meal replacement and it's totally unhealthy and they basically sent a whole bunch of them with orders like their online orders I don't know I just feel like if I were to order from forever 21 in the mail and get a bar that was like a meal replacement bar I would immediately think like oh are you telling me to lose weight you know so I'm actually gonna be turning that so I don't but the next place I went to was Airy and I've never actually been an area they did have a really good sale going on though and I got this actually on sale it's a romper and I would wear like a black long-sleeve or white long-sleeve underneath it and I don't have anything like it the next place I went to is garage I got this one wrap top and I would wear like a tube top underneath if I was trying to wear it to school I think it would be really cute with like high-waisted jeans and sneakers they could be a sick outfit and the next time I went to is H&M and usually I don't really shop at H&M too much and I saw this shirt and it kind of reminds me of this white one I have I think it's a really nice color I'm trying to get into more of these like pinky and neutral ish tones and then the next thing I got is this from like a boutique at Laguna Beach so I don't exactly know what it was called but I've been trying to get into more like of these hair scarves because I think they're really cute to just throw in your hair and the next thing I got hasn't come in the mail yet but I cannot tell you how excited I am about this might be called a disco girl in the comments but it's fine I have been really into looking at like perks lately I've heard they're really comfortable and I really like the white ones so I actually placed an order for the white ones and they haven't come yet I just can't wait to wear yeah that's it for the whole portion of this video and now on to the giveaway because I know you guys are probably waiting for that but I'm just gonna be giving away another $100 gift card and my bank account is crying right now it's any sort of your choice if you want a Target gift card one for urban anything just to help you guys out again with back-to-school shopping so that is women be giving away and if you want to enter it here are the quick rules number one you have to be subscribed to me number two you have to like okay good number two you have to like this video number three in the comments down below leave your Instagram handle and leave the day you start school again and number four you have to be following my Instagram okay and then from here what I described made no sense so now I'm gonna pop in and finish the rules I might be posting a picture on Instagram the same time this video goes live and in the caption it's going to be all the giveaway rules so on that post you have to like it and you also have to comment comment your favorite emoji I guess and then you come back to this YouTube video comment your Instagram username and that's all you really have to do to enter yeah that's it I really hope you guys like this haul hauls are one of my favorite things to film just because I'm a big clothes person I love clothes also if you guys didn't see I just did a big decluttering my closet video and I sold literally half my things and if they're still available you can check out my Macari down below and maybe do some back-to-school shopping on there too yeah if you guys liked this video make sure you like and if you really like me don't forget to subscribe come anything you want down below and I'll see you guys like some pyro skis

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  1. I go back to school August 26 ( transferring to a new school super nervous ) 😩😩

    Insta : louisamaestre

  2. My Summer break ends on August 27th.
    So I still have time for back to school shopping 😍😍
    Insta: ella._bennett

  3. I wish i could go blow my entire savings account on cute clothes for school but i have to wear a uniform 🙁

  4. I love ur channel and things so don’t take this wrong but u should try to thrift more u can find really good things! Fast fashion is really bad for our environment and the people making them, they don’t get paid enough and toxic chemicals gets in their water so the best things to do is to boycott fast fashion!💗

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