35 Replies to “$1000 TRY-ON CLOTHING HAUL | Korean Fashion Online”

  1. Yesstyle created a code for you guys!
    USE "JOANKEEM10" for 10% off on all orders above $49.
    This code will expire on March 5th, 2018.

  2. hi joan, not relating to fashion but may I know is that a blanket or quilt on your bed?? where did you get it? I like how simple it looked 👍

  3. do you know the typical return policy for korean brands for international customers? i'm looking at ordering online but i gotta know before i make the purchase 😬

  4. Chuu and Icecream 12 is all I need (sechuna too sometimes ) . Been shopping from those sites for a long time now. Mixxmixx have some nice stuff but the guy that does that live stream stuff creeps me out to be honest. :/

  5. This video was quite informative esp when you let us know about the picture and real life differences and the delay in shipping. You should include this kind of info more often!

  6. that grey coat flatters you the most, the all black ensemble underneath makes you look like you're a kpop idol going to the airport! love.

  7. Your haul of clothes are pretty plain and simple. Not my cup of tea but do you. I wouldn't recommend dropping a ton of cash for yesstyle clothing. I bought shirts and dresses and the quality was disappointing.

  8. I love your fashion videos and I really enjoyed this. I was wondering if you could do a thrifting in Korea video or something, if you are at all interested in thrift shopping.

  9. I always read the comments and descriptions on Yesstyle because I was kind of disappointed in some clothes I bought in the past sooo very important to look at the comments or descriptions xp

  10. I seriously should sleep.. I have work tomorrow… but I couldn't help myself. I love how considerate you are and adding the sizes~~ Love you!! <3 Yesstyle is my go to site for shopping for Asian clothing!! I was like ooh let me apply to work their but then.. "must be good at chinese".. hahah~~ So not.. oh well. My goal is to end up at an Asian company but it is so hard when you can't read and write in your' own language. I blamed myself for not trying harder to learn.

  11. I love the blue blouse with red ruffling! But I wonder why you can't just return or exchange the items that you don't really like?Is it because it was bought using, like, a coupon?

  12. Such a fun video! Great to be introduced to new Korean brands. I couldn't find petite H on YesStyle.com. Could you provide the link again? Thanks Joan xoxo

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