1045 Duratec Sunshield Clear Top Coat

1045 Duratec Sunshield Clear Top Coat

big beam hi I’m Chris from Fibre Glast today we’re going to show you our number
1045 Duratec Sunshield Clear Topcoat that we
carry on Fibre Glast dot com Duratec Sunshield is a high-quality high gloss clear topcoat that is both
durable and scratch-resistant it was made for both in mold and post
mold coating of epoxy or other laminates Sunshield has open-air
cure and is UV stable and non yellowing
Sunshield has been extensively tested with our system 2000 to create a panel shown here as you can
see whether applied in mold prior to a layup
or after you’ve released your laminate
Sunshield offers you the gloss and depth that really allow your carbon fiber
parts to pop it is primarily used as a clear high
gloss topcoat for epoxy parts that will be exposed
to sunlight without a protective coating carbon fiber parts oxidize and turn
yellow over time the hood shown here had a dark deep
glossy finish before being exposed to the sun since it wasn’t protected it turned
yellow hazy and cloudy Sunshield gives you the deep
glossy look and dark carbon appearance while ensuring it
won’t fade in the sun take care to pour and measure your
Sunshield accurately add two percent MEKP to capitalize and
mix thoroughly do not overcatalyze or your Sunshield
may discolor after mixing we recommend pouring your catalyzed
topcoat into a secondary cup to ensure that there are no areas that have
excess catalyst Sunshield can be sprayed in mold prior to building your part or
it can be sprayed on after your parts have been released it’s not sprayed like regular gel coats
to apply first spray a light mist or dust coat the
dust coat should be a light fog not a continuous film allow this coat to set for 2 minutes
before further applications after your dust coat begin building to
your desired thickness with four to five mil coats allowing each
a minimum of two minutes to out-gas before proceeding a coating of 12 to 15 mils will provide full UV protection you
can build up to a maximum of 22 mils if your part will require
aggressive post-sanding for additional application instructions
check out the full application information on our website after your part is cured we recommend
wet sanding to bring out the full depth and shine progressing from 400 to 1500 grit
sandpaper because Sunshield creates such a tough
scratch-resistant surface regular automotive compounds may not be
aggressive enough to bring your part to its full shine we recommend final polishing with our
step one and step two mold polish thanks for watching Fibre Glast on
YouTube remember to check out our Duratec Sunshield and
all of our other Duratec products on Fibre Glast dot com and don’t forget to
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4 Replies to “1045 Duratec Sunshield Clear Top Coat”

  1. Very informative, thanks! Should this be sprayed with a gelcoat gun or can it be sprayed with an automotive paint gun (HVLP), since you mention it should go on as thin coats?

  2. Not sure I understand this part. 
    "The final spray should be sanded with 400 grit and allowed to cure, for 8 hours prior to the final polishing."
    Are you saying that the final coat should be sanded during it's gel stage or? Just want to know before I use it, just received some from you guys. 

  3. Hi,
    my friend, what product would you recommend to make a wood mold that
    already has topocoat? What product can I make so that it can look good? Or having the topocoat there is no longer necessary to give him anything?

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