1096 High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat

1096 High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat

big beam hi I’m Chris from Fibre Glast today we’re going to show you our number
1096 high temp epoxy surface coat that we carry on Fibre Glast dot com number 1096 is used with high
temperature epoxy resins to create high strength epoxy tooling that will have frequent high temperature
exposure with composite laminates high temperatures typically indicate a
service temperature above 180 degrees or a laminate that will have frequent
heating and cooling cycles when used with an appropriate resin and
post cure number 1096 has a maximum service
temperature of 270 degrees Fahrenheit our high temp epoxy surface coat
is aluminum filled the aluminum filling creates an
exceptionally hard surface that quickly transfers and dissipates heat this helps to improve the strength and
durability of tooling as it’s exposed to high temperatures and temperature
variations number 1096 is a two part system the two-parts should be measured
precisely to ensure a 100 to 12 mix ratio by weight after mixing you will have a smooth and
creamy paste with a 25 to 30 minute pot life it can easily be brushed and spread
on plug surfaces without trapping air bubbles to recreate
intricate details when used to create a pattern fixture or
mold 1096 will give you a durable glossy surface the surface coat is thixotropic meaning it can be applied to vertical surfaces
without excessive sagging or running thanks for watching
Fibre Glast on YouTube remember to check out our number 1096 and all of our other epoxy products on Fibre Glast dot com and if you thought
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  1. Can I apply this to pre-preg carbon fiber parts after they have been made? This is for a part that will be near the exhaust of a car.

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