11 Easy Hair Hacks for Men of All Ages for Healthy Hair

11 Easy Hair Hacks for Men of All Ages for Healthy Hair

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video, we discuss 11 tips and tricks
to get and keep your hair looking its best. Today’s video is the third in a series we
have done on grooming. The first video covered our 15 tips for keeping
your hair healthy and the second video was all about having clear skin and avoiding acne. We return to hair in today’s video to discuss
11 hacks that are going to upgrade your hair game. Tip number 1 is to apply a pre-styling product
before you apply your regular gel, pomade, wax, or so on. Using a heat protection spray, mousse, or
a sea salt spray before you use your regular product is going to give your hair a little
bit of added volume and the look that you are going to desire. Add a pre-styler to your hair when it is still
damp and then apply your regular product as normal. By the way, if you are unsure of what hair
product would be best for you, you can take a look at our guide to hair products, here. Tip number 2 is to select a hairstyle that
works well with your face shape. Even if two men have the same haircut, they
are probably not going to look the same because every man has a slightly different character
to his own face. And whether or not your hairstyle harmonizes
with the shape of your face is going to determine whether it looks good on you or not. There are a wide variety of face shapes; we’re
not going to go over them in-depth here but if you like more information on that subject,
you can check out our video on eyeglasses as to how they relate to your face shape,
here. And of course, just because you see that a
certain hairstyle is supposed to correspond well to your certain face shape, that does
not mean that you have to mindlessly accept it. You can experiment with any given hairstyle
to find what looks best for you but just keep in mind that face shape should be something
to consider. And if you are looking for some hairstyle
inspiration, you can find our video on five classic hairstyles for gentlemen, here. Tip number 3 is a relatively simple one, always
have a comb handy. There may be something that happens to your
hair throughout the day that completely upset its look; it could be wind or something else
entirely. But in the event of a hair emergency, having
a comb handy will always serve you well. If you run a comb through some water and apply
it to your hair to touch up your style, you should be good to go. And speaking of those unplanned emergencies,
you can find our video on surviving a sartorial emergency, here. Tip number 4 is also on the subject of maintenance
which is to make sure that you are periodically cleaning up around the edges. Having an electric razor probably is not going
to be your best bet for actually shaving your face as you will find on our shaving guide,
here. However, this can be handy for cleaning up
the edges of your hair line in between haircuts so that things stay trim and tidy. And as long as we are talking about haircuts,
tip number 5 is to befriend your barber. Every man has hair of a slightly different
character so going to the same barber consistently will ensure that he knows your hair well. Not only will a barber who knows your hair
be able to give you the styling you want but he will also be able to make sure cow licks
and other less savory features of your hair are minimized. It is typically recommended by those in the
hair care field that men should seek a haircut every four to six weeks, in other words, every
month to a month and a half. So if you are continuously visiting the same
barber and developing a relationship, your hair is going to look that much better every
time you get it cut. Those are large scale tips out of the way. Next, we are going to cover specific hacks
that you might want to try. Starting with tip number 6 which is using
conditioner in dry hair to control frizz. If your hair is seriously blown out and frizzy
due to humidity and other circumstances, a quick way to gain control again is to take
a small amount of conditioner and run it through your hair while your hair is still dry. And if, for whatever reason, you don’t have
access to conditioner, you could also use a facial moisturizer as a way to control your
frizz.Whatever you are using though, make sure it is a very small amount so that once
you run it through your hair, it is not going to be visible for the rest of the day. Tip number 7 is some more advice on how to
handle humidity if you find that it is compromising your hairstyle. First, it would be wise to check the weather
each day before you go out. This should seem fairly obvious but after
all, if you check to see the temperature and humidity levels that you are going to be dealing
with, you could preemptively style your hair in a way that would make you better prepared. Also, it might be a good idea to keep a little
bit of your hair product on hand throughout the day so you could touch u if necessary. In particular, products that have anti-humectant
properties are going to be good for controlling frizz in a humid weather. And if all else fails, a solution long term
might be to wear your hairstyle in a bit of a shorter fashion. After all, the shorter your hair is, the less
product you’re probably going to have to use overall so the problems that humidity presents
are just going to compound less. We’ve already talked about the benefits of
using conditioner in dry hair but tip number 8 is to use a small amount shampoo in dry
hair to relieve built up wax that may have accumulated there. Again, you are only going to want to use a
small amount of shampoo so that it won’t be visible. And as we said in part one of the series,
shampoo is actually a relatively strong product and can strip out all the natural oils from
your hair if you are not careful. For more information on shampoo and how often
or rather how seldom to use it, you can check out part one of this series. On a related note though, tip number 9 is
to consider carrying with you some dry shampoo when traveling. Dry shampoo often comes in a canister similar
to how you might find hairspray and if you use just a little bit of it to control the
grease in your hair and on your scalp. If you happen to have not showered for a day
or two, this will definitely hep. Still, it should be said that showering is
your best bet to making your hair look good. Speaking of hairspray, tip number 10 is to
consider incorporating it into your hairstyling routine. For most of us, we conjure up images of women
applying cans of hairspray tot heir beehive hairdos in the 1960s but in fact, hairspray
can actually be a versatile tool for men to style their hair with as well. If you want to give a bit of extra styling
power to the product you normally use, you can take a little bit of hairspray and spray
it directly into your hands and then run your hands through your hair. DO not wait too long, of course, or the hairspray
is just going to settle on your hands and that won’t be helpful. Using a bit fo hairspray to finish wether
sprayed into your hands or directly onto the hair as would be traditional, add not only
hold but a bit of additional texture to your hair. Additionally, many hair sprays on the market
today are going to contain more natural ingredients that are not harsh on your hair like the chemicals
used in hairsprays of the past. Still, it is important to read the ingredients
label on any product you buy so that you know whether or not it will be good for you. And finally here, hairspray can also add a
bit of volume for men who are experiencing thinning hair which can also be a plus. This bring us to number 11, our final tip
for today which is to own thinning hair confidently. There are a number of products that me with
thinning hair can use to give their hair a bit more perceived thickness and volume. In addition to hair spray which we have already
mentioned, products that have a matte finish will absorb light and therefore, make hair
look a little bit thicker. But if you are experiencing more substantial
hair thinning or hair loss, our best advice here is to simply come to terms with it and
own it. By this, we mean that instead of ending up
looking like a creepy uncle who’s trying to make that comb overwork, you should just choose
a hairstyle that suits your thinning hair better. Shaving one’s head is becoming an increasingly
popular choice these days and choosing other similarly close cropped hairstyles will probably
look good if your hair is thinning. We will have a more in-depth guide to thinning
hair and hair loss in the future but for now, these tips should help you out. So there’s our list of 11 hair hacks.before
we go today, we’d like to mention that we’ve also done a few other “hack” related videos. You can find our video on 35 life hacks for
the modern gentleman here. 15 style hacks here. and our more recent video
on laundry hacks here. Today’s video features a simple and casual
outfit good for doing some grooming at home. My polo shirt is gray blue in color and it
features multi track stripes in white. By the way if you are curious about multi
track stripes or any other definitions you can check out our guide to stripes here. The collar is plain in color for a bit of
contrast and the brown buttons harmonize well with the brown elements in my outfit. Speaking of which, my trousers are plain brown,
my belt is medium brown, and my shoes are dark oxblood penny loafers. However, the color difference between the
belt and the shoes is not too great so nothing is jarring. My socks meanwhile are also gray blue in color
to harmonize well with my shirt and they feature a herringbone pattern. Of course, my outfit is exceptionally casual
today so I am not wearing any accessories but if you are interested in finding such
accessories such as collar pins boutonnieres pocket squares and so on, you can find them
in the Fort Belvedere Here.

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  1. As a young man who admittedly puts too much time in his hair this video is immensely helpful to me. Thanks to you guys at GG and keep up the great content.

  2. Great video! I'll be getting hairspray right away. One thing of note; you really need to work on your posture. Back straight, shoulders back, head up, hips forward.

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  8. Easy, cheap tip that will change your LIFE:
    Don't wash your hair with shampoo. Don't use hair products. Don't use a hair dryer.
    Wash your hair everyday with warm water and rub your scalp thourougly.
    Let the natural oils in your hair become your hair product.
    If your hair is too oily (my sister's case) just wash your hair Once a week with Apple cider vinegar. Dandruff disappeared. No Products / No Waste

    ALL NATURAL / Best hair Ive had my whole life.
    Serious Gentlemen, give it a chance.

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