11 Nothing to Wear Outfit Ideas! Fashion Hacks!

11 Nothing to Wear Outfit Ideas! Fashion Hacks!

hey guys it’s your girl Ally welcome back
to my channel today we are doing another episode of what to wear if you have
nothing to wear summer edition so I asked you on Instagram to ask me some
questions on your summer fashion dilemmas and you asked a lot of great
questions like how to wear a cover-up from the beach to a night out more
conservative summer outfits because not all of you want to show off your legs or
your chest area during the hot weather all I wanna do is wear nothing we have a
lot of really great questions and I can’t wait to share a few of my tips in
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valve so without further ado let’s jump into this video go so another summer
essential is a kimono as a cover-up I really like this one super breezy
comfortable feels really silky on the body so this one is from Target it
honestly reminds me of a mid-century modern couch something about it right
guys so next I’m going to show you a very simple way to transform your day
look to a nighttime look so maybe you’re going to the beach during the day and
you have this cover-up on and you want to transform it into a nighttime look to
wear to a restaurant this is a really simple fashion hat to transform your
entire look because it has the two slits on the
slide on the side you can tie it in the front so it looks like a longer kind of
crop top shirt so you can knot it twice like this and then for the sash I ended
up tying it on my straw bag just to add a similar pattern detail to it I’ve been running laps to check on the
old school what to wear if your waist is not small so maybe you’re curvier on the
bottom so for me I would avoid wearing any tight cotton bodycon skirts because
those are things that kind of attach to your curves and really accentuate your
bottom half I like denim skirts because it’s still
like a line it kind of lays flat over your body it doesn’t really hug your
curves as much but still very figure flattering I would recommend wearing a
wrap dress or a wrap skirt and you’re like what is this you see oh let’s try out my shoes and see if I’m
Cinderella or not oh they are stretchy though right the other ones already in
there’s no turning back there’s no turning back one of my favorite summer fashion
essentials is a black tube top I feel like it’s very streamlined and pretty
timeless in my opinion so what a really simple way to wear a tube top is layered
underneath of a pair of overall so these ones are from Target they’re super
comfortable and stretchy I pair it with this wool hat my brand new mules from
made well and this little tiny backpack I feel like I could go to the farmers
market grocery shopping or just you know hanging out with my friends I’ve been
really wanting to go to a strawberry farm for the summertime so I thought why
not just like a little farmer to inspire my boyfriend to take paper but seriously
I think this outfit is super cute and I just really love the look of denim with
cotton super cute come on one of my favorite hairstyles
during the summer is like a loose messy top knot bun and then I’ll just like to
wrap it around once and then take a hair elastic and then tie it on the top if
you have shorter hair like me sometimes you’ll have like pieces sticking out I’d
like to use a bandana so I’ll fold it into a triangle and then
fold it again just kind of bring it into a loose piece like this so now I’m
taking the bandana I’ll wrap it around a bun super cute fun way to add a bandana
to your hair and a fun pop of color for summer a tube top is a pretty great cover-up if
you have a low-cut dress I know a lot of you are a bit more conservative and like
to dress more modestly so you can wear this underneath of any low-cut top or
dress this one and it’s room rails and I really love the bright color and I just
feel a lot more comfortable wearing this underneath more conservative long cut
shirts or shoes the next question is a really good one it says do you have any
outfit ideas for people who prefer to dress more conservatively for those who
have like personal reasons or religious reasons for not wanting to look as
exposed I know summer is typically a time where
people wear really short shorts or like to show off their skin this summer I
went to a church wedding and I didn’t want to look too revealing so I ended up
wearing this dress right here you look good Oh hold it back one plays up with
the large sleeves so it’s still very fashionable and still very form-fitting
but not showing too much skin so I’m on the fence about this dress do
I look like a butterfly or a football player comment down below I believe that
you could definitely play around with fun summer silhouettes without
sacrificing your style some of my favorite summer essentials are straw
hats and straw bags I think these are great accessories to dress up a simple
top and jean shorts type of look strawberry straw hats I also love like
woven sandals these ones are super comfortable I have my favorite May 12th
alt and then another fun floppy straw hat gotta have all of your different
hair accessories with like pearls or gold accents these are my favorite
classic rain bands super cute last but not least comfy meals so you can walk
all day long all summer long I know a lot of you wanted me to share with you
some tips on how to dress up basic jeans short and top outfit ideas so I think
all you really need are a few key accessories like I really love this
pearl beret these like gold Clips sunglasses are another great accessory
to add like color and also some like flare to an outfit when it comes to wearing straw hats I
like to keep my outfit pretty simple that’s why I’m wearing this plain color
top I think it adds a great little accent to any look I know not all of us
want to get a 10 the summer which is why I love giant straw hats like this back
in Asia have like giant umbrellas but hats are also a great accessory to for
the next question we have kami the video on how to make your clothes now look old
or not old because some of my clothes when I really use them obviously we wash
them but to you’ve seen to wash your clothes it turns old clothes plus fabric
changes a kind of turns I don’t know what it’s called but the pattern becomes
more old like used called anyways please do a video like this this is actually a
really great question because I find even when I go shopping and I’ll buy
certain fabrics and I’ll take it home after one or two washes the clothing
will suddenly feel and look old and that’s because maybe the clothes will
start pilling or start to wrinkle it very easily stop I just purchased from
Target and I already know that this one outer day just starts to look wrinkly
because linen just tends to fold and crease really easily whereas fabrics
like polyester will not this one holds its shape and will feel nice and silky
for a lot longer because it’s made out of a synthetic material whereas Cotton’s
just tend to look older older so if you can’t tell I’m super excited to go to a
fruit farm so comment down below and let me know what is your favorite fruit –
strawberry mango and watermelon so you’ve reached the end of this video
comment down below and let me know if you have any other questions that I
haven’t answered in this video you can also watch the entire nothing to wear
series which I’ll have linked down below my Instagram is fashioned by Ali if you
want daily style inspiration I love you guys
to you next time hi

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  1. Hi Friends! I'm answering your fashion dilemmas tomorrow for summer! Comment below which tip helped you the most and tag me on Instagram if you recreate any of my ideas. @fashionbyally

  2. Wash your clothes in cold water!!! Use detergent without dyes, don't use fabric softener, and air dry your tops. I only dry t-shirts and pj tops. This is my trick to getting my clothing to last longer

  3. Loved the turning a coverup to a crop too, never thought of that but super helpful!!! Also loved your jean shorts with the buttons, where can I get a similar pair? Thanks!!!

  4. I haven't any word that explain your beauty.. .your laugh is made my day ..good job

  5. I like the beach outfit how you transformed it into a night time outfit especially when you added that sash to your bag it was a very nice thought that helps alot and is a tip I will probably use.

  6. Omgg,i am actually the one who commented in 9:44πŸ˜‚πŸ˜±πŸ’žπŸ’ž Anyways,thx AllyβœŒοΈπŸ’“
    Also can i request that if u can diy and/or style youtubers merches??

  7. Wow Ally you are looking very nice sexy hot beautiful in all of the clothes as well as your hair body makeup nailpolish eyelishes lipstick skin hats shoes are quite pretty amazing well done ❀️❀️❀️

  8. OMGGG u really have a great taste in fashion and u make it look so easy. WISH I COULD BE LIKE U T.T

  9. This is absolutely amazing subscribe to my channel too please check it out guys:you look like a butterflies

  10. My tips for making clothes last longer:
    1. Turn printed/decorated clothes inside-out to protect the print or just the outside of the garment.
    2. Close all zippers and hooks! (Otherwise they can damage any clothes they come in contact with in the wash.)
    3. Put all delicate pieces in washing bags to protect them in the wash! (I put all my t-shirts, leggings, cotton panties, etc. in washing bags now and I no longer get those tiny little t-shirt holes I used to have all the time.)

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