11 Things You Don't Need In Your Closet! Minimal Clothing Hacks!

11 Things You Don't Need In Your Closet! Minimal Clothing Hacks!

32 Replies to “11 Things You Don't Need In Your Closet! Minimal Clothing Hacks!”

  1. The secrets out! Watch the entire video to see what 11 categories of items I'm purging from my closet!
    How do you keep your closet organized?

  2. I can't afford to purge my closet – if something doesn't fit I have to store it incase my weight fluctuates.
    If an item gets stained, I add it to the damaged bag and when I have enough I tie-dye them.
    Old t-shirts and socks can be used as cleaning rags
    Broke life ….

  3. Check Kristen Leo's videos on how to have an ethical closet and the reality of fast fashion. I think it kinda goes tied with this

  4. please please please
    to get rid this English line that is front of the video I can't see your video perfectly
    please please please ally (sorry for English 😊)

  5. Oh god, I kept reading comments about the scarf, and now I've got to that point in the video…. Cables? Yarn that cant be any heavier than worsted weight? Girl… your grandma spent HOURS on that scarf.

  6. The best part about being a performing musician is that “special occasional” clothes are normal to my wardrobe and I always have an occasion to wear them to!

  7. I like that you mentioned the fast fashion argument and just how to re-use items throughout the entire video. In my opinion, I usually find these "declutter" videos a bit ignorant and seeming to send the wrong message like it's okay to spend a lot you can just declutter and throw it away instead of focusing on how to do it better in the future. if that makes sense?
    But I think you thought it out very well.

  8. You could totally convert that white and blue dress into a peplum top!! 😮😮
    Pair it with white or black skinny jeans/pencil skirt!!

  9. I will 100% find a day to wear my prom drees again. Thing was made for my body when I found it in a consignment shop for under $100 with accessories.

    I’ll even wear fancy dresses at home because hubby gets a killer smile when I wear them.

  10. Kfksjkdjf as if me and my E cup boobs would allow a bra to get old before it breaks (usually the underwire pokes through, but I kinda need underwire bras 🤷‍♀️)

  11. If you have a dog and you have ripped tshirts, I turn mine into little rope toys! They last longer than other rope toys and you're not just using them as rags or something else!

  12. Your gonna wish you never gave away that cute handmade scarf when your gran passes away in the future 🙁
    Its sentimental for a reason, it doesn't make you a hoarder for keeping something so precious

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