11 weirdest alternate costumes in gaming

11 weirdest alternate costumes in gaming

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  1. I was playing a new game I downloaded and it recommended that I play on the European Server (with 4000 ping!)

  2. Why does Zack from Dead Or Alive in his golden "Cosmic Telletubby" suit look like Golden Experience from JoJo's Bizzare Adventure Vento Aureo

  3. OMG! How much ads you are putting in these videos! Please stop, it will effect badly on audience experience a lot

  4. The goldfinger quiet costume is ironic since she suffocates if she wears too much clothing, but the girl in the movie goldfinger DID die of skin suffocation by being painted head to toe

  5. 7:09 Which version of Dead or Alive is that? I guess it is a certain version of Dead or Alive 2. But I cannot find which version it exactly is.

  6. Stupid bitch cant even get the god of war games right the first one u showed was the first game not the second dumbass

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