12 Clever Barbie Hacks And Crafts / Edible Barbie Clothes And Accessories!

12 Clever Barbie Hacks And Crafts / Edible Barbie Clothes And Accessories!

marshmallow uggs a candy scarf a wafer backpack and a licorice wig watch our new video to learn how to make edible Barbie clothes and accessories the girls are showing off their dolls their Barbies are having a friendly picnic together and redheads doll brought some mini cookies mix three spoons of flour 1 spoon of powdered sugar 2 spoons of water and 1 spoon of vegetable oil roll out the dough very thinly and add sprinkles on top slightly press the sprinkles into the dough use a wide straw to cut out round cookies distribute them on parchment paper and bake them for 5 minutes at 280 degrees make a little bag out of craft paper label it with a marker and put the finished cookies inside redheads dog treats Christy's doll 2 cookies ah that's so sweet there are real and delicious mini cookies inside the bag yes they are very small but they're also very yummy the perfect accompanist AG of cookies is a thermos full of hot coffee which Christy's doll brought along glue a small printed-out Starbucks logo to an empty container from pencil-lead pour coffee inside there's real coffee inside this little thermos I'm sorry that the doll sized portion is so small redhead didn't get any but our Barbie ends up with a cute thermos I think our woman only Paradise has a guest a mysterious silhouette appears then disappears oh it's just Ken he came to visit the girls and put on his trendiest hat to impress them melt harden green icing in a double boiler cover a can of a cup with it cut a little ball out of a marshmallow and attach it onto the mini hat with edible glue to be a pom-pom make a brim out of yellow fondant wit it with water and sprinkle shredded coconut on top the girls are glad to see Ken hanging out with boys can be fun too and his stylish hat smells suspiciously good could it be edible let's find out this hat consists of 30% wafer the same amounts of glaze and fondant and 5% each of coconut and marshmallow do not launder or iron the product but feel free to eat it ken looks cold without his hat we should make him a scarf let's see what redhead came up with cut the ends of two candy belts make a fringe dissolve some gelatin in just a little bit of water making a thick mass glue the belts together with the gelatin remove the excess sugar with a brush this scarf will look great on Ken we tie it around his neck but Christie suspects that the scarf might be as tasty as it is stylish she wants to try it but the designer redhead won't allow it then Christie will have to secretly remove the scarf from the mannequin her friend noticed and a battle over the tasty scarf begins neither of the girls wants to back down oops the scarf gave up first but at least now each girl has her own candy to eat our our dolls need new shoes any self-respecting Barbie wouldn't dare go barefoot let's help them out Christie has some cute slippers for her doll trace the dolls feet on paper cut them out to make insoles roll out fondant on a pre floured board make sweet insoles cut the paper template in half and cut out the top of the slipper out of a different color of fondant glue the bottom and top together using water decorate them with heart-shaped sprinkles these soft slippers are a perfect fit how wonderful redheads got something to she's made comfortable hugs for her barefoot Barbie grease is silicone mat add food coloring to marshmallows and microwave them for one minute stir the mass wrap it in the mat and roll it out sprinkle it with powdered sugar and cut out templates for uggs bend the round toe and attach it to the sole using edible glue attach the upper part on top decorate it with white marshmallow pom-poms finally the dolls have footwear but our shoes aren't regular but edible Christy goes ahead and eats one slipper and redhead starts chewing on her blue ugh Wanda won the shoes turned out to be so yummy just one problem now the dolls are barefoot again the girls decided to introduce their dolls to some real winter conditions styrofoam snow a cold winter breeze the game is so realistic that the dolls actually get cold quick we need some winter accessories red head made some sweet ear muffs cut the plastic ring off a container of paint slightly wet a ball of cereal and cut it in half melt some hardened icing over a double boiler dump 1/2 of the cereal into it and then cover it in a colorful shredded coconut use a toothpick to poke a hole and put in the headband made out of the plastic ring these coconut earmuffs will keep Barbie's ears perfectly warm or they could keep her owner well-fed no matter how you look at it this is a very useful accessory Christy also wants to make a stylish winter accessory for her Barbie she made a sweet hand warmer cut open a marshmallow remove the inside sprinkle it with powdered sugar and seal the cut with glaze dip the end of the marshmallow first into glaze and then into colorful shredded coconut string the marshmallow on some fluffy yarn hide the knot inside the hand warmer Christy puts the hand warmer on her beloved doll what an elegant accessory it's even tasty too the dolls are guaranteed to have a sweet winter redhead can't decide how else to decorate her Barbie Christie's doll has such beautiful hair it inspires redhead to create a new hairstyle for her doll something sweet and colorful cut up some licorice remove the filling clean the candy from the rest of the filling and cut it into pieces slice thin fringe on each piece these are strands of hair wrap your bareheaded doll in saran wrap cover her head with fondant the color of the liquorice adjust the shape with a knife attach the licorice hair onto edible glue start from the bottom and work your way up to the top attach her bangs trim the licorice hair to make all the strands the same length remove the saran wrap and put the sweet wig onto Barbies head redheads barbie has a fresh new cut but it's more than just pretty it's edible redhead breaks off pieces of her licorice hair and tastes them wouldn't him bent him way to style hair Kristy invites redhead to try recreating her doll pair with redhead be able to pull it off of course break up 3 chocolate crunch bars add marshmallows and food coloring melt everything in a microwave for one minute mix it all together cover your doll and saran wrap and make a wig out of the sweet mix after the wick has cooled down unwrapped the doll well doesn't it look like Christie's Barbie fro Christie's a big fan of this crunchy sweet way she bites off a piece right from Barbies head it's so yummy that she can't stop ken asked Barbie out the dolls decided to go for a walk but we forgot something very important Barbie and Ken are waiting they have nowhere to put their things well of course quick let's make them a backpack and a purse cut away fur in half trim the corners of one square make them rounded use a knife to remove the upper layer and the filling roll out colorful fondant and wrap the wafer blocks in it attach the pieces together using edible glue cut up a licorice stick of the same color make holes in the backpack and insert the licorice straps attach a round licorice handle on top use food coloring to draw a logo redhead made a stylish sporty backpack it's tasty too this licorice strap is so delicious and the wafer bag itself isn't bad either and Christy made an elegant purse add food coloring to a toffee melt it in a microwave for 40 seconds roll out the warm toffee into a thin layer and shape a purse before the candy sets attach silver edible beads with edible glue glue on a licorice stick handle Christy has always loved candies and purses and now her two favorite things have come together how fortunate but once again the dolls didn't get to keep their accessories sorry but the edible accessories turned out to be too irresistible did you like our edible accessories for dolls then let us know in the comments about what you'll make for your Barbie and don't forget to like this video subscribe to our Channel and click on the bell so you 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  3. It is cute but what is the point of making cute thing that you ruin or donโ€™t last.

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