12 Summer Closet Essentials | Men’s Fashion | Outfit Inspiration

12 Summer Closet Essentials | Men’s Fashion | Outfit Inspiration

what's going on guys my name is Marcel Flores and welcome to my youtube channel one dapper street with these 13 pieces right here you can build your entire summer wardrobe I want to kind of show you my thought process when building a wardrobe when it comes to fit when it comes to style when it comes to color just going through all of these different pieces and I don't want to waste any time so let's jump right in every man and the summer fall spring winter needs a suit in his closet this dude right here is from Paul Smith I've worn it a lot and I think you guys really like it this is a someone unique color it's important that you think about color in your wardrobe I know that this works for me in a myriad of ways because I love natural earthy colors if you know Navy and white is like your thing go for a navy suit so you get the most versatility out of your suit but this is my first piece we'll treat that as one piece out of the 13 because also you can split it up into just the suit jacket and the suit pants so you already have one entire suit then you have a jacket a light jacket on top and you have a pants that you can wear it by themselves as well keeping versatility in mind a second option for a light jacket in the summer is a denim jacket for me denim jackets have this intrinsic classic style as well as just the versatility to go all the way dressed up or more casual if you want to take a look at a more in-depth video about denim jackets make sure to check that out right here because I uploaded that really recently and a lot of you guys really liked it so take a look speaking of dress shirts a dress shirt should be in your closet for shirt also upload a video really recently about how to make sure that your dress looks as good as it possibly can this one right here is a custom shirt from Joe's a bank once again I'm not suggesting that you buy this exact shirt I'm just saying think about a dress shirt that you know you're gonna wear a lot that's gonna work with the rest of your choices in terms of style fit and color but also maybe you want to keep it a bit more casual so a casual shirt belongs in your closet this is something that you can wear it with shorts you can wear on the beach a late night it doesn't have to be a white oxford this one is from Uniqlo it can be something like this ombre Mannering color shirt that I'm wearing right now which I got at H&M it can be a short sleeve printed shirt but once again if you go for a print and you like prints that's fine but think about versatility you don't want to go with a print that's super colorful or out of your comfort zone if you're trying to build a wardrobe with as little pieces as possible staying on the upper half we have of course a simple t-shirt this is actually from Old Navy I got sent the recently by the brand and I am surprised by the quality by the fit and by the construction it's really nice I love the pocket detail it just makes a little bit more interesting and the surface on the fabric it's just a nice looking t-shirt and I think belongs in every guy's closet in the summer and of course it's the summer so you want to cut those sleeves off you want to be a little bit cooler both literally and figuratively because I think tank types have a really cool vibe about them but obviously they're gonna actually keep you cooler because there's just less fabric around this one is from Zara man I get Muslim it is I feel like it's pretty hard to find a good tank top most of mine are either from H&M Zara our top men just because I don't see the point of necessarily spending a lot of money on a tank top and they usually have really nice basic ones moving on to bottoms and I'm gonna start by talking about jeans this is where I think you guys have the most options because if your style is a bit more dressed up and you like wearing Blazers and dress shirts I think I would go for something more classic something like these jeans from Topman so a darker wash slim lines no rips no nothing I personally love a good white jean and this one's from Ragan Bona fat this for a year white jeans are a bit more daring bit more daunting in the summer but I really like these they're nice and simple nice and sleek but for the purposes of versatility we're gonna focus on these today also top man jeans they're a medium blue wash they're a little bit distressed they're a little bit ripped I really like them they fit nice and slim so you can still wear this with an oxford shirt but you can also wear it with the tank top or a t-shirt to get a really casual or laid-back look sticking with bottoms we of course have a pair of chinos these are from no nationality or 7 with chinos you have so many options H&M has great chinos at a reasonable price if you want to go more higher price you can go to shake Bru they also have wonderful options I love these from no nationality Oh 7 it's a smaller brand based out of somewhere in Scandinavia I really like these they have a center crease which not all chinos usually have they make them a bit more dressy but once again you can wear these casually with sandals and a tank top or you can dress them up with a dress shirt and then dress that back down the denim jacket so there's many things that you can do with a pair of chinos in the summer at this point I want to remind you about the suit pants that you also have so that would be a third option in terms of long pants that and we're in the summer and that's already included in the zoo but of course it's the summer and it might be hot now I'm not the biggest fan of shorts I did a whole video on them you haven't seen it you know where to click I really like something simple something nice and slim like these from H&M they're a little bit more interesting because you have the large pockets which are kind of like cargo inspired really like the color once again think about color this is primarily white and navy and then earth tones so it goes really well all together and you can mix and match fairly easily once again the slim fit is really important because that allows you to also dress it up with a dress shirt and even with loafers last pair of bottles before we move on to three pairs of shoes are these right here from ASOS and with this you can tell that there's swim shorts but honestly if you cover this it almost looks like you're Tino shorts as well and I think once again in terms of versatility why not grab a pair of swim shorts that you can also wear as regular shorts together with a tank top or even with an oxford shirt this totally works and just gives you a little bit more options when it comes to your summer wardrobe for the first pair of shoes a clean white sneaker now it's time for me to officially state what I mean when I say a clean white sneaker I mean clean and it's designed not necessarily clean I personally do will not care if my sneakers are beat-up I think it looks cool if it's worn in but I know there's a lot of you guys out there and you've let me know in the comments and I know just in general like people care about keeping their shoes clean so if you want to please do keep them clean maybe I should do a video get just to prove to you guys that I actually know how to clean I should do a video on how to properly clean and take care of your sneakers but anyway a simple white sneaker will go a long way because you can literally wear it with the suit with shorts with jeans doesn't matter easiest option best investment that you can make in terms of footwear second up we got a dress shoe and I think for the summer a naturally colored tassel loafer like this one from my own brand keep plugging myself but I designed them and obviously I love them and I wear these all the time with a suit with chinos with even with shorts these work beautifully they're not too warm because most of your food is kind of exposed I think it's an excellent option for a summer dress shoot and last but not least can't talk about summer shoes without mentioning sandals I am German and it's my birthright to wear Birkenstocks no matter how many people might not necessarily like them I know there's somewhat polarizing but I actually really like the design I like how comfortable and overall the benefit of sandals is of course the fact that your feet can breathe and that you stay kind of cool from the bottom up so that's the last pair of shoes now we can talk about versatility all I want but how about I show you a few different looks that you can put together with these 13 pieces once again thank you for watching and if you're not subscribed to my channel yet make sure to change that and turn on the post notifications so you don't miss out in any of the videos coming up I'll see you guys very soon with the next one until then stay dapper

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  1. Anything looks great when you have a body like that! I am so jealous! Great video! Im pretty slender just have a bigger ribcage 🙁

  2. Do me a favor and please change those cheap and ugly shoes. Everything you spoke about the simple thing you forgot to mention is never to wear a suit trouser separate from the suit jacket if you do make sure keep washing them together or else the detergent / dry clean will keep removing the shines separately and they won’t fit as a suit anymore. While you talk about tank tops and short sleeve white T’s, most definitely needs to lose those pockets on the chest; they look horribly tacky. The rest a brave effort

  3. Your loafers are so excellent! Love the look and any guy wearing them shows confidence and style for sure! How tall are you, Marcel, and what size shoes and sandals do you wear?


  5. you have no idea about anything, u dont wear a tuck in shirt without a belt and who tf rools up the sleeves on a suit lol

  6. I really like your appreciation of not only good quality high end fashion, but how you style using affordable, everyday brands like Topman, H&M, and Uniqlo. I really enjoy these.

  7. I still find it hard to know where (event or occasion) I could wear a suit casually. Could anyone suggest something?

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