120 Shirts Per Hour Fully Automatic Shirt Ironing Machine

120 Shirts Per Hour Fully Automatic Shirt Ironing Machine

40 Replies to “120 Shirts Per Hour Fully Automatic Shirt Ironing Machine”

  1. That's a fail.
    Look at the time it takes just to set up in the 1st place and then it's so huge to he put under general use.

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  3. No….obviously not it is not possible….proper ironing can be done only at professional laundries..this is a dam true….

  4. How did you get to 150? It takes about 55s a shirt. At best it'll be 120 an hour if it was ironing both at the same time

  5. Hello I have drycleaners and am interested in knowing the price for one of these machines? Where is it located?

  6. Esas máquinas son geniales pero hay algunas que cuesta y salen bien mal las camisas más si no arreglan las máquinas

  7. في بعض الاحيان اري من يعمل علي هذه الماكينه يحمل رش ويرش القميص ما هذا الرش وفيما يستخدم translate arabic

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