44 Replies to “13 spring/summer outfit ideas!!”

  1. It’s spring in England but it’s raining so I can’t dress that cute anymore, but thank you for this video I love you😍💞

  2. do you have a link to to the first pair of shorts you wore? I've been looking for something like that! Thank you so much and great video :)))

  3. ahhhhh all of these outfits are so cute omg these are like exactly the vibe i'm trying to go for this summer!
    that denim on denim look has to be my fav tho

  4. I always looooove your fashion videos because you know what you’re talking about and I don’t have to listen to endless “like” and “cute” descriptions 💘💘

  5. I absolutely adore everything about this video. I wish you would get the recognition you deserve girl ❤️❤️

  6. (idk how to say this in not a weird way but i tried lol) but your body type reminds me so much of my own and for a really long time i have struggled trying to find clothes that flatter me/my shape! thank u for being inspiring!! * takes note of all of ur outfits *

  7. Your new style accentuates the fact that you’re an earth sign, and I love it!! 💚🦋🌿

  8. Thank you SO MUCH for this vid, your outfits are absolutely amazing! I love you baby, you make me really happy! 💖💞

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