Today, we’ve explored what famous sharply
dressed ladies wear to look young but not like teenagers. There are no tips to forget about miniskirts
and move to pencil skirts and refreshing colors. After all, it’s up to each of us to decide
what to wear, but there is a win-win combination that will make you look gorgeous in any situation. #13. Handbags and backpacks: strict outlines instead
of shapelessness Formless large backpacks and handbags simplify
your image and make you look more like a teenager. If you need to carry a lot of things with
you, it’s better to choose a large handbag of clear outlines, as Miranda Kerr does. Or try a backpack of geometric shape — without
owls and studs — like Kate Bosworth. #12. Cropped tops: with high waisted skirts
Yes, cropped tops are stylish. We want to wear them. Yet most of us had flat bellies only in early
youth. It’s better when “30-something girls” wear
cropped tops with high waisted skirts so that only a narrow skin line is visible, and the
navel is covered to make the belly look flatter. By the way, this combination creates the right
proportions of the body: it balances the top and bottom and makes the legs look longer. #11. Skinny jeans: with massive boots or heels
Skinny jeans tend to add volume to the bottom and hips and present your body in an unfavorable
light. It’s better to choose a looser top and not
combine such jeans with ballet flats or other minimalistic footwear. You should wear high heels, ankle boots, heavy
boots, or sports shoes. #10. Tight dresses and fitted dresses
Only a young lady can afford a tight knitted dress. It’s better to choose a seductive fitted
dress instead of a tight one. And if there are voluminous details in the
upper part — for example, sleeves — this will give the desired balance of the top and
bottom and make your body look gorgeous. #9. Sports shoes with a dress or a coat
A light dress with a flower print and sports shoes? Definitely not. It’s better to choose a dress with a simple
cut. Also, we recommend choosing shoes in a sporty
style, rather than classic sneakers. If you still decide to wear them, it’s better
to choose something very neutral like a straight coat with no extra details, like Alexa Chang
did. #8. Shorts: loose cut, closed top, quality shoes
Choose loose models from a dense fabric that keeps the form well and doesn’t rumple. Shorts made of lace and other thin fabrics,
looking more like underwear, make the bottom look bigger and suit few people. Of course, the top should be loose and not
too open. Another good idea is to wear shorts with quality
shoes and handbags, like Olivia Palermo. #7. Aggressive sexy style and intelligent sexuality
30-something is the time of intelligent sexuality. Décolleté, lacing, high cut, short skirts
— you shouldn’t combine these things. Victoria Beckham knows how to dress in a way
that is sexy, modest, and gorgeous, so you can safely take her style as an example. #6. Fitted puffy dresses and A-line dresses
Light dresses with an elastic band at the waist are associated only with young ladies. It’s better to choose A-line dresses, fitted
or not. They attract attention to slender legs and
create a sense of fragility of the figure. #5. Miniskirt: dense fabric and loose top
We often hear that women who turned 30 cannot wear mini skirts. Well, we don’t agree! What if someone just discovered this miracle? All you need is to follow a well-known rule:
the top should be closed. One more thing: it’s better to choose a
slightly loose top, hide the belly, and avoid knitted skirts. Instead, choose those that keep their shape. #4. Short bell skirts and A-line skirts
The same thing is true about bell skirts: they’re undoubtedly beautiful, but only
if you’re a teenager. As you can see, they don’t even suit Jessica
Alba. It’s much better to replace them with short
A-line skirts or new look style skirts. And if you don’t have the physique of a
model, the upper part of the skirt should define the hips. In this case, it won’t add a couple of extra
pounds. #3. Experiments: multilayered Asian style
We believe that women who have turned 30 are lucky: they’re more confident in themselves,
less dependent on others’ opinions, and they can afford to experiment. For example, you can explore Japanese and
Korean street styles instead of a deliberately sexy style from Instagram. Multilayered outfits, elegance, loose dresses,
tight pants, and interesting textures. #2. Cool details
Thirty-something ladies can afford to pay more attention to details instead of choosing
showy clothes. It can be an unusual fabric, exquisite lace,
or a fine combination of shades. These details create a polished image, showing
that you understand your advantages. #1. A win-win combination
Jeans + jacket or jacket + accessories. You can endlessly make cool outfits out of
a fitted pair of jeans, several tops, a jacket, a cardigan, or a leather jacket. And if you buy a couple of pairs of sunglasses
and scarves matching your outfits, the problem of “how to dress” is already solved for the
whole spring. Jessica Alba is a great example. Now, don’t forget to hit the like button
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  1. I use a simple trick: I choose an outfit, put it on. Take the phone camera, record myself walking back and forth, to see my front and my back, then stop, and do a side view for each side of my full figure. If anything, i mean ANYTHING, any angle at all looks eeew! when watching the video, I totally record it on my mind to never make the mistake again of wearing such outfit, and change the outfit, record myself again, until something comes up right or at least not so disgusting, and THEN I am ready to go out. Age or fashion has nothing to do with it, everyone is different!

  2. Thank God someone finally pointed out that older women (which I define as 40 and above) should not dress like 20 somethings. One time I remember seeing a lady in her late 40s or early 50s with her adopted children with plunging neckline & short tight skirt and I noticed her son kept eyeing her cleavage. My neighbor who is in her 50s has one of those lace underwear shorts and you are right. Her bottom looks huge! It does look ridiculous because our body's change as we get older. Women become more womanly and look silly in 20 something garb. What's the matter with embracing & celebrating your age with more upscale appropriate garb as shown in this video? It's called CLASS.

  3. 3:41 Her last name is "Chung" not "Chang". Also, while the last time I did wear tennis shoes with skinny jeans or anything other than my workout clothes was 10 years ago when I was a 16-year-old teen it is still popular to choose Converse with summer dresses.

  4. I hope ya'll know I'm going to wear teenage style clothes as long as I can get away with it. I'm nearly 30 (according to my mum, nah I'm 26) but according to some people, I look 19 so I still look pretty young, and so I'll wear mini skirts, crop tops and skinny jeans. When I'm in my late 30s and 40s I've decided I'm going to wear elegant dresses and skirts.

  5. Both the bad, good and better look like shut wear..oh well… as for Beckham, if she would just smile once in her life she would look pretty. She's always scowling like that's her sexy look… I don't care what she's wearing … she even was scowling during the royal wedding. Give me a break.

  6. This is for ppl who have a body not somebody like myself who is plus size . Plz !!! I'm sticking with lose jeans and t shirts and gym shoes ty

  7. Ladies please wear what suits you. Wear what you feel comfortable in .. only be good looking n confidence in them.. I wear only sneakers or sport shoes. I don't like heels and I still look fabulous.. all is in ur head. Just look good and presentable at all times😘 regardless of ur age you all are beautiful

  8. πŸ”΄

    Scroll fast you’ll see purple!πŸ’œ

  9. I'm a 13 years old curvy girl but I look in my 18 to 19. generally people think I might be a college student . I really feel so upset whenever I think about it😦😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

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  13. Most of these tips are just gibberish. Sorry to say that. Why not lovingly suggest helpful tips rather than dictate to people what they ought to wear. Would love to see your wardrobe.

  14. I don't think so, it depending the size of a body, the height, body statistically and the occasion or over all the appearance, most of all it depend if you have enough money to buy clothes wanting to wear suits to your age , looks or likes as in comfortable the feeling you are confident. What you want is not you've got when you have no work hahaha! So wear whatever you like to wear as long you are in comfortable. Right!?!

  15. I'm 24 and look like 18 as i don't wear make-up and try to be simple and protect my skin by caring a lot and doing exercises and yogas a lot 😊

  16. People should wear what they think look nice on them even casual dressing can be done that make one's body look smaller larger older or younger the most important thing is to know what look descent and nice for your body not tacky or a Hoochy or call girl unless that is what you want to advertise

  17. But who can fit Asian size clothes except Asians?..I ordered an XL from China and it was actually a small😩😩😩

  18. It is Alexa Chung not Alexa Chang. I actually thought Jessica Alba looked good in that shorter skirt outfit! I think any woman of any age can wear what they want as long as it is appropriate for the occasion and updated in style! That Insta outfit was sexy but much more stylish than the layered up outfits.

  19. I am 39 years old and I always said to my kids and my husband I am old. THEY WERE AGAINST ME. They said Mommy " you are still in your 30's. Mommy ages 60-90's are old people not you Mommy.

  20. This is shallow and uninformed most people think I’m early/mid twenties I’m 36. I can wear anything I want it’s all about coincidence. Clearly this lady believes over a certain age confidence is done?!? Speak for yourself. I’m 5’8 117 and confident and I can slay in whatever πŸ˜™βœŒοΈ

  21. I know I felt very old when I hit 30….
    Now I am 37 and 40 is coming 😱
    But I feel blessed.

    But honestly..this video is bull…

  22. Liked the video and all the tips except for number 3…. I don’t get what they’re trying to say… experiment with β€œasian styles”???🧐

  23. Enjoyed all the tips. Please enjoy the sultry sounds of Angela Burton and Passion – Please like and Share!

  24. The intro about " now we're not telling you what you have to wear…" made me LOL cuz you know there's gonna be a bunch of whiners crying, "You can't tell me what I should wear!!!!". Scroll down a bit and there they are

  25. Well shorts have to be wear only if one is tonic and no curvy, i m 50 just normal but shorts on me are ridiculus

  26. My voice is deep for.my age and im tall i wear glasses so many people thinks im 19/20 but im 14,πŸ˜‘

  27. This video should be viewed not just by thirty somethings but forty and fifties,too. There are a lot of women out there who just can't get beyond the fact that they're aging.

  28. This video is goof and remember thin and skinny people can wear a lot of things that look good no matter what their age is . Your body shape and size should be the main factor when choosing what type of clothed to wear. Obese people with big butts skirts and dresses rise up in the back. An Obese person who is flat bottom can wear short skirts and look better and look neater .

  29. Alexa… Chang! Rofl… Tbf, the content is pretty good. All the tips seem reasonable and approachable.

  30. This was a bit confusing in places. It also rushed through, not giving viewers time to really look at all the photos.

  31. Yes, you can wear whatever you want, but this is exactly what I was looking for because I don't know how to dress.

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