15 BROADWAY Halloween Costumes! | DIY Last Minute CHALLENGE

15 BROADWAY Halloween Costumes! | DIY Last Minute CHALLENGE

hey guys what's up if you're new here hi my name is Katherine I really like musicals I wrote an Internet cult and everything I was going to do something different for today's video but everyone was like hey we want Halloween costumes and I was like okay if you guys aren't you were here or if you didn't see the video I did last year basically I came up with a whole bunch of last minute DIY Halloween costumes inspired by musical theater so today I bring you part dude question of the day what were you dressing up as for Halloween let me know in the comments down below I think this is like the first time ever that I actually have my Halloween costume all picked out and ready to go you guys will see that if you follow me on instagram so go follow me everything in this video was found in my closet 10 minutes ago of course if you liked any of these ideas modify them add props add more costume pieces I just did it as quickly as possible because let's be real i procrastinate but without any further ado here are a ton more Broadway inspired DIY Halloween costumes I sure hope my head doesn't blow away but if it does I hope a cute Italian boy catches it whoa theater magic everybody you know I can just tip this hat back a little bit and be Alice from bright star I just need like some suitcases and a plucky attitude that ain't no food baby if flame is was a sitcom hey bonus point your drink counts as a prop with this cost you just make sure to drink straight whiskey all night that sounds like fun and not a bad time at all then when you start crying just tell people that you're crying over James Snyder's character I have several videos on how to do full makeup tutorials and similar costumes like this so go watch those if you want to step into my candy store if you know what I'm saying not an innuendo just Heather's costumes I feel like this is the Halloween of the angsty costume like a lot of these characters are very angry well no the lid came off in my pocket look at that space work thanks improv this is like the most early 2000s thing I could find in my closet okay this sweater is not keeping anyone wore hey check it out another angsty teen Halloween costume do you want to see my sissy spacek impression bonus points if you want to do the whole prom dress covered in blood things but it's gonna be sticky and I don't want to do that so there you guys go I hope you enjoyed the second installment of last minute DIY Broadway Halloween costumes if you like this video go ahead and give it a big thumbs up if you're new here join our cult hit subscribe I have a second channel I'm on other social media platforms hang out with me happy Halloween you guys I think I might have one more Halloween video coming out on my second channel I hope you guys are having a great day I love you so so much break a leg and I'll see you guys next time bye

30 Replies to “15 BROADWAY Halloween Costumes! | DIY Last Minute CHALLENGE”

  1. i’m going as cady next halloween and i’ve never been more excited.

    yes. i’ve already planned my outfit for october even tho its in like 7 months away.

  2. I’m watching this again after the falsettos video and I just noticed that when you made this video you didn’t know much about Falsettos so it’s really nice that you included a costume for Trina anyways

  3. I swear I was so close to wearing a prom dress and dumping blood on myself because carrie is my ultimate dream role!!

    Then I can have an excuse to not talk to anyone and then murder them!

    wait- I-I dont have an excuse to do that?


  4. I dressed as the Phantom of the Opera. And I am a girl and a friend of mine dressed as Christine. It was a coincidence I swear!!!!

  5. ELIZABETH FROM IF/THEN OMG thats one of my favorite musicals and its so unrecognized u don't even know how happy that made me ahhhhhh

  6. I was Heather Chandler (post drano) and I used your makeup tutorial for it and it looked amazing and I also used a blue slushies since I was too lazy to actually make the drink you did

  7. Easy dear Evan Hansen Halloween costume!

    Step 1:tell your friends your coming over
    Step 2:don’t


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