15 Romantic Dresses Haul – Realisation Par, Reformation, Ganni, Mango, Free People

15 Romantic Dresses Haul – Realisation Par, Reformation, Ganni, Mango, Free People

hello everyone welcome back to my
channel today is totally out of my comfort zone and I’ve also realized that
my lens is a lens that I used for filming up close to my face where I’m
normally teaching pronunciation in English so I can’t actually fit the
whole of me in today but I hope you don’t mind I’m looking to acquire
another one I have got loads of pretty dresses to show you today the reason
I’ve acquired so many recently is because my darling fiancé said to me
that I was looking a bit samey meaning I was just wearing the same things over
and over again and this is true I was looking back over the past two three
years of my English with Lucy videos and I wear a lot of the same stuff still and
I’ve always been really proud of being a clever shopper savvy shopper and buying
carefully so that I wear a lot but I think I’ve taken the biscuit recently if
you look at my wardrobe it looks like Homer Simpson’s wardrobe
there’s just loads of plain colored tops and loads of denim skirts I have
actually got three of the same denim skirt because I liked it so much so yeah
I thought I would like to branch out a bit and what I would really like to wear
are some pretty feminine dresses preferably with fruit prints or floral
prints on them so that’s what I’ve tried to do and I’ve got loads from
Realization par I hope I’m pronouncing that correctly
that’s an expensive brand but I’ll tell you some very nice tricks that you can
use with that brand to not spend such a fortune I’ve got a couple from Gani that
is an amazing brand that I’ve discovered again I didn’t pay full price lots from
mango and a couple from Free People as well I guess I should also talk about
this dress this one is from Reformation it’s a dress that I admired for a long
time but I never wanted to pay the price tag and I ended up getting it on eBay
for 50 pounds so I was really pleased with that I think it’s so cute
feminine I might try it with a slightly bigger brass see if that works it’s ever
so slightly too big for me Reformation is a sustainable fashion
brand so that’s really nice it’s always nice I try to be quite
sustainable anyway because I buy a lot of my clothes secondhand from eBay I’d
love to talk to you more about how I shop on eBay because I think I’m quite
good at it now I think the fabric looks expensive it does it feels the way it
falls I just there’s no nasty creasing it flows
slowly doesn’t make my hair static I think it’s really cute and this is in a
cherry print and what what I do for a lot of the brands and especially for
expensive ones like Reformation and realization par both brands which are
based in the US and their return policies can be a little difficult
meaning a lot of people in the UK buy it clothes from these brands and then have
trouble sending them back so what do they do they put them on eBay so what I
do is set up alerts for Reformation and my size or realization part and my size
and you would be amazed at the amount of stuff that goes on brand new staff just
tried on one didn’t fit missed the return date and they sell it for a
really good price so that’s what I do so a lot of this stuff is still in stock on
the original websites I just bought it on eBay because you can either call me a
cheapskate or you can call me a savvy shopper okay so this is the first dress
obviously not available in shops anymore let’s go to some which are available I
think we should go straight to realisation par okay you’re going to
have to excuse the microphone oh no I wanted the audio to be good for you so I
use the clip-on today probably should have used a different one this is the
Valentino dress in purple haze it was 175 it’s now 115 online so I know that
sounds like a lot but it is a silk dress I think it’s absolutely gorgeous
I’ll just give you a little twist it’s really feminine I like the way it shows
some cleavage but not much I’m real funny about showing too much cleavage
I’m always like yeah I’m gonna show some and then I just regret it as soon as I
go out and if I get a look or if I feel like it’s too gay P but no I think this
is really really nice I actually wore this dress in one of my pronunciation
course filming days or on the day yeah really nice I did not buy this on eBay I
did buy this directly from Realization par and very happy I did so yeah I think
that it’s just really pretty it’s really light the only thing you’ve got to bear
in mind is in this color with silk you are likely to get sweat patches so keep
your arms down okay so this is the same dress same size but in the Daisy print
and for some reason it feels way more showy on the cleavage area I don’t know
why maybe it’s just the way it’s made I’ve actually kept the tag on because
when I first got it I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep it because I did feel
like it was just too much around here but then I thought what for a nice party
if I’m with will maybe I would feel okay with it I think it’s such a pretty dress
again I did pay I bought this directly from Realization
par yeah I think it’s extraordinarily pretty I wonder if I were like a
slightly smaller bra if I can make it look less la because I do have a slight
push-up bra going on here which worked perfectly with the VAT of the other
Valentino dress so I don’t know but yes I’m very much like this dress do you
feel a little bit shy in it though okay here is another dress this is again one
bought directly from the website it is it’s the inners dress in black
strawberry yeah in black strawberry I love at the print but I just don’t know
if this style of dress suits me because I have quite broad shoulders
and I just think it kind of accentuates that I bought this dress with Mexico in
mind because I’m going to Mexico for two weeks with will in November and I
thought this would be a great one to wear just over a bikini it’s quite
expensive just to wear but you know this was again 175 pounds I could wear this
without a bra I’m not going to do that on camera it would definitely look
slightly different I just don’t know I’ve always been very
conscious about my muscles here and here and I think this just brings it out a
little bit too far so yeah not sure about this one I love it I would love it
look perfect on me but I don’t think it does okay so this is the first of three
dresses from realization part which I ordered from realization par and then I
found them on eBay the exact same dresses my size because of their return
that all could returns policy I imagine the person said they’d worn it once
it seems brand new to me doesn’t have a tag on but that’s fine this is the
Alexander dress in Navy star I’ll just give you a little twirl it’s a long
sleeve one so it’s better for winter and I think it’s really lovely there are
some butts to this it’s so open here so I can only wear it with a very flat bra
because if I wear it with a bigger bra like a push-up bra to create more
cleavage it doesn’t it shows too much of the bra it’s quite a gay P that’s quite
a gay pshape so I like it but you have to be comfortable with showing a fair
amount of chest because there’s no there’s no way around it you will be
shown a lot of chest it’s nice material that there’s no give
in any of these floaty silk dresses if you like more given your dresses then
the Gani ones you will like the Gani ones a lot they are amazing but yeah I
think this is really nice what did I pay on eBay in the end let me see
so this was online for 185 pounds that I paid for it wait a second I got this for
80 so it’s online for 185 and I got it for 80 and the red one which you’ll see
next as well do I look smug because I feel smug okay
and this is the red version it’s really wrinkled because it came fairly wrinkled
in the face and it’s just an unforgiving material because it’s silk I like it
again it’s very open think I might slightly prefer the navy
blue but you you let me know which one you prefer I’m keeping them both this
one was 80 pounds again and I just think it’s a good one for Christmas because
it’s red and it’s got stars on it and it’s just kind of a flirty feminine
little dress okay so this is the last realization pas dress this is the Aussie
dress in pansy if it is slightly big it’s slightly big but I do kind of like
that because it’s a good dress to go and have a meal in I hate wearing skin tight
dresses when I’m going for a meal I also don’t like the fact that it’s quite open
I wore this for a meal with will and I wore a bigger push-up bra and it was
just too much it was gaping you could see the bra so so I’ve committed so I am
now committed to only wearing a small triangle bra I think the print is
beautiful the cut could be slightly better it’s one one five on the website
I got it on eBay for 57 pounds so I was quite happy with that but yes it’s
slightly big but could be one maybe with a nice belt or would that just be to
Jesse so that brings us to the end of the realisation part
dresses which ones am I going to do net I’m going to show you some Gani dresses
and I’ve got one of these on eBay and one of them from the out net they’re
still floating around online you can get them I think they are amazing and then
we’ll go on to some more high street stuff like the Free People dresses and
mango is perfect okay so this is the first of the two Gani wrap dresses this
is the Tilden mesh it’s such a lovely kind of gray black color with green and
green and yellow flowers I just think the cut is really classy it shows a bit
of cleavage but not too much and I like the tie thing because I hate it when
you’ve got one side that’s really long and one that’s not they’ve obviously
measured it and put a lot of thought into their cut so that it was both
exactly the same length which I really liked
I’ll do a little twirl for you I love it I think it fits beautifully it’s
stretchy it’s got a lot of give I think the arms are really nice with
their kind of mesh more transparent look not transparent that would be weird
translucent yeah I really really like it and I also got this in red and I got
that newb from eBay and it is one size too big so I’m not sure if I like it as
much as I love this one this one is definitely gonna be my go-to dress I
think it’s so pretty yes so this is the other one size too big so it is not
quite as flattering I think especially that under the arms but I think it’s an
amazing color I just love the style and I love the way they’ve cut it and
obviously a lot of thoughts gone into it so the other one that I bought from the
Outernet I got it for 99 pounds but then I got an extra 15% off I think it’s
still up there and on eBay I paid 100 pounds for this as well so pretty even
whether I buy from eBay or the Outernet okay the first of the mango dress is
this beautiful dress was 53 pounds $53.99 I think and it is you can’t see
it so my stupid lens but it’s tasseled all the way down wouldn’t want to wear
it with a bra this is definitely for Mexico and I don’t know I feel like a
senorita in this one I feel like the dancing blonde girl emoji like yeah I
think it’s beautiful I can’t believe it was 53 pounds I would definitely spend a
lot more money on this if I saw it in a kind of higher priced shot yes I think
it’s very beautiful this was $17.99 and again I’m just
thinking Mexico in this one I think the print is so pretty you can wear it
without a bra without it looking too over-the-top
I like it a lot very similar but not quite the same also very wrinkled I’ll
have to definitely iron this is this white version it doesn’t put the back
instead of the side and again just like a really casual easy dress to wear on
holiday so yeah here it is in the beige with the spot well polka dot print I
like that I hope look nice with a bit of a tan if I ever manage to get one which
I never do I like the way it kind of goes in slightly at the waist I don’t
have to wear a belt but it’s not skin tight again comes with a scrunchie I
don’t know why I’m being so weird showing it you like so that’s it for the
mango stuff I’ve just got two dresses from free people that I thought were
really nice you can get on ASOS oh these two dresses were 20 pounds each so
bargain I think okay this dress is from Free People it’s a halter neck it is
completely backless so not normally my comfort zone I’m normally I’m normally
very much wearing a bra but I again this is for Mexico I just wanted something
that I could throw on perhaps over a bikini and I thought the color was
lovely I struggle with Jota necks because I’ve got broad shoulders but I
don’t know why but this one just doesn’t feel too bad but if you think it looks
bad you could tell me and I will put it on eBay and then you can buy it but yeah
no I think it’s really nice and it’s a nice material it’s quite heavy
on the bottoms it’s got a nice sway to it I really like it I’ve got one more
dress from them oh you know what when I tried this on for the first time I loved
it but it feels really bad you know what I haven’t I think I haven’t tied up the
back it’s got an open back you see like that and I think I need to make
these a lot tighter silly Lucy but it just feels like a really nice quality
dress easy to wear the only thing is you can’t wear it with a bra because it’s
backless so not great for cold days and I guess it is quite summery but I’m
hoping to wear a lot of these dresses with tights indoors but yeah I thought
it was a nice material nice print and I like the brand as well
three people seems really nice so that is my first ever clothing haul might
have been terrible I think the fact that you can’t actually see all of the
clothes is embarrassing but I will be getting a new lens immediately I hope
you liked it all of the clothes are asked and available at linked down below
and feel free to give me your feedback and any advice that you have on shopping
on eBay and buying secondhand and saving money and trying to be may be it ever so
slightly more sustainable I know a lot of you will think oh my god she’s bought
so many clothes I cannot tell you how much I needed a wardrobe refresh it was
embarrassing when your fiance says it and he’s like a man who works on a farm
and doesn’t really take that much interest in the female fashion you know
you need to update things a little and I don’t know buying low quality items so
why am i justifying that’s it for today don’t forget to connect with me on my
social media I’ve got my Instagram and my Twitter and I shall see you soon for
another video you

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  1. Thanks alot Lucy….Thanks from bottom of my heart…Really i dont have enough words to express my thanks to you.
    I AM Anuj Jain from India.I am 14 years old…And literally your videos had made me win Best orator 4 times…… Literally A great thanks…

    I would be so glad…If you give me a small shoutout to me..By saying my name in your video…

  2. Today I wanted to try something new. I hope you enjoy it. I'm sorry about the lens and I promise that next time will be much better! Please be aware that this is not an invitation for anyone to make sexual remarks about me or my body. I don't show any skin on my English with Lucy channel because it is a professional environment and I am working. Any nasty comments will result in an immediate ban from my social media manager – I won't even see them…he will just delete them, so you are completely wasting your time….and he is a guy so technically you are flirting with a guy.

  3. Love your style! I always wear the same clothes, too 😂 I really think you shouldn't worry about your shoulders being too broad, I cannot even say 'I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it' because after you did mention it I still couldn't see it. It's also super cool that you have a habit of being sustainable 💪 hope you have a nice holiday in Mexico!

  4. You're a thrifty shopper and those Realisation Par dresses definitely accentuate your figure (I really don't think your shoulders are broad). You shouldn't feel embarrassed or over exposed by the décolletage. You look very beautiful in all of your new dresses.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this video~ Please do more. Love your style! Oh, yea if you are buying some high-quality ones and wear them forever then that's really alright and is a principle of minimalism! Thanks for sharing!

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