15 Small Beauty Tricks That Make French Women So Charming

15 Small Beauty Tricks That Make French Women So Charming

Audrey Tautou, Marion Cotillard, Isabelle
Huppert – all these women look gorgeous and elegant at any age. So they have to know some kind of ultimate
beauty secret, right? Nope, they’re just following a couple of
simple and quick beauty guidelines you can follow too… Say “no” to contouring
Contouring takes over the world these days, but French girls aren’t that into it. French beauty is all about showing the natural
features of the face, not hiding them and drawing new ones. Maybe you should try going contour-free too? A little bronzer on the cheeks for a fresh
and shiny look doesn’t count! Embrace your imperfections
Take a closer look at French women’s style – it’s kinda effortless and even a bit messy,
right? They don’t style their hair that much, choose
unpopular vintage accessories, and don’t make obvious outfit choices. And that’s exactly why you can’t take your
eyes off of them! They don’t care about putting it all together
correctly, they stay natural and free and have one little secret – perfection is boring. Choose red lips
If you’re looking for a quick way to upgrade your look, take it from French women and put
your favorite red lipstick on. There’s nothing this baby can’t fix, and women
from Paris know this pretty well. Whether you wear a pastel dress with an elegant
hat or rock torn jeans with a plain white T, red lipstick will make you look feminine,
chic, and fabulous. Go for a simple manicure
Crazy colored nails or even the style that we, for some reason, call French manicure
are too much for French women. They love to stay natural, remember? So anything that takes way too much time or
money is a no-go. Most women from France prefer to keep their
nails short and use a clear polish or no polish at all to make them look good. The same rule applies to pedicures, by the
way. Stop damaging your hair
All these hair dryers and flat irons destroy the structure of your hair big time. French women know this and choose to splurge
on expensive hair products instead. Nourishing hair mask here, essential oil there,
a great hairbrush made of natural materials, and your hair looks amazing without any styling! Women of France have one hairstyling trick,
though – they wash their hair, let it dry naturally, and style it the next day when
it becomes perfectly smooth. Improve the quality of your sleep
Believe it or not, the pillow you sleep on can really affect your skin and hair. And if you want this effect to be good, follow
French women’s footsteps and buy yourself a silk pillow! It’s completely hypoallergenic, so it helps
your skin keep its natural moisture through the night. Moreover, sleeping on a silk pillow can reduce
your wrinkles and make your skin smooth. Your hair gets its dose of benefits too – silk’s
natural properties can stop the friction of your hair. Say goodbye to split ends! Keep your makeup bag light
Most women’s makeup bags are a mess – numerous lipsticks, contour sticks, highlighters, and
eyeshadow palettes. French women, on the other hand, only carry
the essentials. Of course, a light foundation and a powder
are a must – they make your skin tone perfect. Women from France don’t reapply the powder
every hour, though – they prefer to let their natural skin shine through. French eye makeup means a thin layer of mascara
on the lashes. But you can always spice it up with a quick
smoky eye for the evening. And, finally, two lipsticks – one for the
natural nude look and a red one for a crazy night out. Use your perfume correctly
Coco Chanel once said “A woman should wear perfume wherever she wants to be kissed,”
and French ladies follow this simple tip. Of course, they never forget about the neck
and the wrists, but they know how to get creative with it! For example, you can see a French woman spraying
a little bit of her favorite scent on her pillow or into her suitcase to make sure the
clothes will smell nice after a long trip. Plus, they rarely change their perfume – they
pick the one they like and make it their own signature smell. Splurge on a good haircut
French beauties follow one simple principle – you can wear 10-dollar clothes and nobody
will ever know but get a cheap haircut and your look will instantly be ruined. Most of them are ready to pay a fortune for
a good hairstylist who knows how to make their hair look amazing. Not a bad idea, right? Plus, a skilled hairstylist will give you
a haircut that doesn’t need any special fixing, except for fancy events. Imagine how much time you’ll save! Stick to a simple skincare routine
Another thing French women spend tons of money on is skincare products. “Less is more” is their true motto, so
they don’t need much – just a good face cleanser, sunscreen, and moisturizer. They also enjoy using essential oils for the
face, body, and hair. However, one thing you definitely won’t find
on their nightstand is skin peels. Instead, they use different kinds of masks
before they go to bed to restore and rejuvenate the skin after a long day. Give yourself facial massages
Regular facial massages can completely transform your skin. And you don’t have to go to pricy beauty salons
for that! Here’s what French ladies do: whenever they
apply a moisturizer (and you should do it both in the morning and in the evening), they
gently press the heels of their hands along their jawline and up towards the ears. Then you can go from the apples of your cheeks
right to your temples, using your fingertips. And lastly, draw a line from your eyebrows
to your hairline for a final touch. Leave your eyebrows alone
It’s hard to find a French woman with heavy and unnaturally dark eyebrows. Drawing them for half an hour just isn’t their
thing! They’d much rather spend this time taking
care of them, so they’ll look healthy, big, and thick on their own. A couple of drops of essential oil, regular
homemade masks, consistency, patience, and bam, your brows are perfect! That’s why the only thing French ladies put
on their brows is a styling gel. Forget about strict diets
Women from France have their own opinion about hot new diets. Sure, losing a couple of extra pounds is cool
but the lack of vitamins and minerals can make your system weaker. This doesn’t mean that they eat whatever,
though – their secret to having a beautiful body is eating a little. You want a chocolate bar? Good, but not too much. Your system craves a burger? Buy it but don’t go too crazy with it. According to French eating philosophy, you
can basically eat anything you want, just stop right away when you feel full. The only strong restriction French ladies
follow is less sugar to keep the skin healthy. Try cold showers
Wanna keep your skin fresh and young-looking? French women have an answer for that – cold
showers! First, you have to get in a hot bath. Light some scented candles, relax, and enjoy
yourself. But after that it’s time for a cold shower! This combo will stimulate your blood circulation
and keep your skin toned, instantly taking care of the problem zones on your body. Just don’t forget to use a moisturizer afterwards! Work on your confidence
French women aren’t fans of plastic surgery, so you won’t find many women with fake noses,
cheekbones, or lips on the streets of Paris. They accept themselves as they are, flaws
and all, and let their unique appearance shine. And that’s the main secret of their enigmatic
charm and charisma! After all, if you don’t believe in your own
beauty, who will? Don’t try to follow stupid and unrealistic
beauty standards – create your own! Do you have any helpful beauty hacks of your
own? Tell me in the comments below. Don’t forget to give this video a “like,”
share it with your friends, and click “subscribe.” Stay on the Bright Side!

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  19. lip balm, berts bees is great, doesn't feel too greasy or heavy. putting it on after moisturizing in the morning and before lipstick keeps your lips soft and flake free so when you do put lipstick on they are soft and smooth. berts also has lots of lip balms with light colors so you dont need lipstick if you want a softer look.

  20. I travelled to see friends. My first friend is a photographer. . i had a black tank on. . so I thru on a metalic copper skirt. Just powered my face and put on red lipstick and large hoops. Looked great with a messy ponytail. They guys thought thé red lipstick looked amazing! Really red lips is awesome!

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    I'm sorry for my English, just learning it at school is not enough for me so I'm sorry if there are some mistakes.

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    But I've always had a nice red lipstick (rarely used) but for events, its all I throw on..its easy! I've always had one scent.
    I will say I dont need to take care of my hair I got lucky there.I have great long thick straight black Mexican hair. Daily compliments on my hair and people get upset because they think I LIE when I say I dont condition it (I take quick showers) I dont brush it, and no I dont do any oils or any hair regime. Same with my eyebrows..thick and black they need maintenance but nothing tweezers cant fix.. I've never really had a sense of style but I wouldn't consider it horrible. Mostly jeans and plain colored shirts. However as an American I still love the way women here do their makeup. More glamorous and striking. Although I have no interest in it myself..but I see it almost like art on a women's face. I like watching my friends put theirs on.

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